The Last Viking

Coming soon THE LAST VIKING, the untold story of  HARALD HARDRADA

950 years ago this 25th September, a desperate, bloody battle changed England’s course forever, at Stamford Bridge, near York. Harold’s Saxon warriors vanquished Harald Hardrada’s Viking invaders in a horrific clash that spelled the end for Viking England.

Feel the heat of battle, hear the song of sword on shield, catch the cunning and the courage and listen to the tale of one of the greatest warriors who ever lived. In Hardrada’s Saga, the last Viking returns to life again on Sunday 25th September 2016. Brought to you by bestselling novelist Giles Kristian and award-winning filmmaker Philip Stevens, this short film blends beautiful balladry with breathtaking cinematic vision to educate and entertain.

Click the link for a PREVIEW of the film:

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