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  1. james says:

    Hi I enjoyed your Sigurd adventures. I have started the Civil War River brothers books and I can almost smell the lanolin powder and horse sweat.Will you be travelling back to the 17th century to continue the story of Civil War?

    • gileskristian says:

      Brilliant compliment, James. If I can make you smell the world I’m writing about, I’ve done my job and I’m happy. Yes, I’d love to write another Rivers story, but it’s not on the slate at the moment. Although, I do have 40k words of one in a drawer somewhere. Keep reading the tales and I’ll keep writing them. All the best, Giles.

  2. Paige says:

    Hi Giles,

    Just wanted to say that I love your books and writing – Winter’s Fire is incredible and had me gripped from the very first line! I think you’re wonderfully talented and awesome, and a very cool and nice guy! ?

    And I wanted to ask you a silly fan question no-one else will think of, but felt a bit embarassed to do so! I was wondering, what makes you laugh and are you ticklish? If so, where are you the most tickly?

    Sorry for the weirdness and sillinesss, keep writing great books!!!
    Peace and light,

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Paige, thank you for the compliments and your kind words. And thanks for reading my books! You’re right in that nobody has asked me that question, at least not for a long time. What makes me laugh? My friends, because some of them have a brilliant sense of humour. TV shows such as Modern Family really make me laugh, as does Family Guy and American Dad and films like Anchorman, The Hangover and all that silly stuff. I’m not very ticklish anymore. I think I grew out of it? Although, sometimes my feet. :) Hope I’ve answered your questions. All the best, Giles.

  3. Christopher says:


    I have read all of your books and just finished Wings of the Storm. It might be my favorite of not only the series but perhaps of all of your books. You have a real way of transporting me to the battle. This is no easy task either. I know in the comments below you are not planning another book right now with Sigurd, except through the Raven Blood-Eye series. However, you also say so many factors dictate if you will write a certain book or not. Well, I want to throw my voice in with everyone else who WANTS you to consider another Rise of Sigurd book. As a huge fan of Norse stories, tales, and mythology You rate as my number one go-to-author for Viking Adventure. Truly Awesome stuff. Thank you for all of your work. Like I said when I started this “comment” I have read all of your books. I am looking forward to the next book you write, especially anything dealing with Norsemen. Thanks again for letting me have a glimpse into your worlds through your stories.

    • gileskristian says:

      I’m honoured that my sagas are your ‘go to’ Viking books, Christopher. Whilst I have other stories I want to tell, such as my current work-in-progress, LANCELOT, I have no intention of giving up with the Viking tales. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for news of all my projects and I’ll be sure to let you know if another RAVEN or Sigurd book is in the wind. And thanks for reading! Best regards, Giles. https://www.facebook.com/GilesKristian/

  4. Adam Fuller says:

    Would just like to say it’s been a absolute pleasure reading your books I’m totally gripped by the seidr in both Viking trilogy’s I know your probably sick of people asking when the next installments are but hopefully not too far away there’s still loads to play with on both. Iv read many Viking novels and there is truly some great authors out there but I literally struggled to put raven or Sigurd down once I started. The humour in them makes me chuckle to the point that people avoid me on the bus laughing out loud (true story I was reading part where they are ribbing osk ) keep up the amazing work sir and I’ll keep dragging folk on board to be whisked off on rans daughters in search of advwnture…. Once again thanks pal

    • gileskristian says:

      Adam, thanks for your kind words and for spreading the word about my tales. The more the merrier. And as I said below, I’ll certainly be writing more Viking stories, not least a graphic novel about Black Floki. All my best, Giles

  5. Adam Fuller says:

    Dear Giles I’m not the type of person who would normally write in or border line beg you but you do need to keep writing more Viking books there’s many great authors out there as we all know but when it comes to vikings you hit the target like a freyja maiden with her arrows bang on every time there’s easily room for another 2-3 books for both Sigurd and raven. I’d swap those new books for a Fafnir hoard anyday . so come on Mr Kristian weave your seidr with your bic pen and take us all on rans daughters to where the next part(s) await . yours faithfully Adam fuller

    • gileskristian says:

      Well seeing as you put it like that, Adam, how can I refuse? Although maybe you should be writing Viking books of your own ;) But yes, I’m sure I’ll add to the series. My current idea is to write a fourth RAVEN novel, which would continue where Odin’s Wolves left off. It’ll be up to my publisher, but I’d love to do it. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for the latest news. https://www.facebook.com/GilesKristian/ Best, Giles.

  6. Jan Dice says:

    Dear Giles,
    I was just thinking . Have you ever thought of making a movie about Sigurd? I think it would be great.

  7. Jan Dice says:

    What ever happened to Runa, Sigurd’s sister?
    I love all of your books.
    Will you pkease wrute more Sigurd adventure books. i actually get goosebumps when reading yoiur books.
    Thank you, Jan Dice

  8. David Joiner says:

    When will Bleeding land book 3 be published. Loved 1 and 2.

  9. Roberto Villalon says:

    Mr. Kristian,
    First of all, I have to say that I am a huge fan of your books and it has been a pleasure to read them, although I am constantly frustrated since there are a few of them that are impossible to get here in Mexico. I’m currently writing a paper about Vikings (the culture, not the TV series) from the Food Studies’ perspective and it has not been easy, so it’s time to ask the expert. My intention is to analyze a few passages from Odin’s Wolves and that is why I’m now bothering you; do you know any text in which I can seek for some information of the food or eating habits of the Vikings? I know that you have a lot of information that could be useful and I sincerely hope that you read this.

  10. Barbara says:


    I just wanted to say that I’ve read the Raven saga and I’m finishing the last book of the Sigurd saga and all books were brilliant! What will I read now when I finish the Wings of the Storm? Please write more books quickly :)
    It would be great if TV series was made based on your books. Do you think it will ever happen? I’ll write a suggestion to Netflix and BBC haha

    All the best and thank you for great books!

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Barbara, have you read my short Viking tale, THE TERROR, available on Kindle or Kindle app? If so, and if you’ve read all of my stuff, I’m sorry to say you’ll have to wait until summer next year for LANCELOT. I wish I could write faster :) And please DO write to Netflix with your suggestions! I think RAVEN should be a movie, the Sigurd books should be a movie or TV series, and the Civil War books should be a TV mini series. But then I’m somewhat biased. All the best, Giles.

  11. Kristin says:

    I have a school assignment about published writers and i would love to talk about you. Could you say something about your childhood and why you got into writing? I read Raven: Bloodeye and I am wondering weather you feel a connection to Osric, the main character? Is he a reflection of you and your live? I would also appreciate if you could explain how the book is built up. I love your books and the language you use is truly amazing! Thank you for making such powerful stories for everyone to readm and the way you write makes me fele like I am a part of the story. Thank you for responding!

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Kristin, I’m sorry for the lateness of this reply. Have you finished your assignment by now? I wonder if I’ve missed the opportunity to answer your questions. Do you follow me on my Facebook page? If you message me on there I’d be happy to have an online chat so you can ask me whatever you want. https://www.facebook.com/GilesKristian/ Thank you for your kind words about my books, do you read them in English, or Norwegian? All the best, Giles.

  12. Jim Brittain says:

    Hi Giles
    Contacting you to say I have just finished you latest book Wings of the Storm and must say how much I enjoyed the Sidurd Story from start to finish.
    I have read and enjoyed all solo books and enjoyed them all starting with the first Raven Blood Eye.
    The Bleeding Land books is there a following book to follow Brothers Fury or is it put on the shelf by the publishers ?
    Still got to start and read Golden Lion which I have had for a while.
    Anyway must say thanks for a good read.

    Kind Regards Jim Brittain

    • gileskristian says:

      Many thanks for your message, Jim. I’m delighted that you’ve enjoyed the books so far. I hope you’ll enjoy LANCELOT when it launches next year. As for another book in the civil war story, I’d very much like to write one, but it depends on several factors, not least whether or not my publisher thinks there is a sufficient market for it. An author is only as good as his/her last book in terms of securing shelf space, review space, online profile and being stocked in Waterstones and the independents. The Viking books sell more so are more commercially appealing all round. For now. But we’ll see. All my best, Giles.

  13. Jan Dice says:

    I truly have enjoyed all of your books, Giles. They are outstanding. I have become enthralled with all of your Viking books. The Wings of the Storm is the greatest book I have ever read. I am reading it again for the second time.
    Giles, will you be writing more books to extend Sigurd’s saga? Please do. I hope he gets married and has sons to carry his legacy. Thank you for being such a real and truly interesting author.
    From Jan Dice

  14. Erica Park-Warburton says:

    Sorry to send this on your Q&A but did not know how else to say thank you for responding to my message. It’s such a kind thing for you to do – some wouldn’t bother. It’s just what I needed when I logged back in to cheer me up. Thank you. XXX

  15. Debra Spence says:

    Have just now, finished Wings of the storm
    Huge thank you for the best battle scene I’ve read
    You have to love a thumping good bloodletting, none
    of these wishy washy murder mysteries for me!
    I’m so looking forward to our next adventure together
    Kind regards

    • gileskristian says:

      What a lovely message, Debra. I’m honoured to think the battle in Wings of the Storm is the best you’ve read. I happen to think it’s the best I’ve written, so that’s good! (Another favourite of mine is one in Brothers’ Fury, my second Civil War book). Glad to have you along for the adventures. All the best, Giles.

  16. Jan Dice says:

    Dear Giles Kristian,
    My email is jdice711@msn.com
    As I said in a previous comment, please write more Sigurd Haraldson books. They are fantastic.
    Will you be writing more Sigurd Haraldsons books?
    From Jan Dice

  17. Jan Dice says:

    Dear Giles Kristian,
    ‘Please write more books about Sigurd Haraldson’s adventures. I have read God of Vengeance, Winters Fire, Wings of the Storm, and all the Raven Adventure Series books. Every book was outstanding. Wings of the Storm is stupendous. I truly felt that I lived with Sigurd Haraldson and his crew. Will you be writing more books about Sigurd Haraldson? Maybe you could write a book in which he gets married and has sons to carry on his Legacy. I have read all these books 2 or even 3 times. Please write more.
    Jan Dice

    • gileskristian says:

      Dear Jan, I would LOVE to write more Vikings books, in either series. I’m currently thinking a fourth RAVEN book could work very well. After all, I can’t leave what’s left of Sigurd’s crew just lounging around in Miklagard getting lazy and corrupted. One way or another I hope to keep these books going. We’ll see what my publisher thinks. Thanks for reading them all though! Have you read my short Viking story, The Terror? It’s only available for Kindle or Kindle app, but if you need another little Viking fix it’s there for the plundering. See you in the next adventure! All the best, Giles.

  18. Tom says:

    Hi Giles,

    I am a massive fan of your work. The Raven and Rise of Sigurd saga’s were great, but my favourite is your civil war series. The historical context is one that is criminally scarce in the historical fiction genre. Do you have any idea of how many books you ultimately see yourself writing in the series? Do have contact details for your publisher so we can badger them into let you write more? :-)

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Tom, as it stands I get many emails asking for another book about the Rivers family and their struggles during the civil War, and I know I owe everyone another tale. Unfortunately though, I don’t currently have a contract to write it, but I’m hoping to get it sorted at some point. The thing is, the Viking books are more popular/commercial and I can’t write into the void, however much I want to tell a particular story. BUT please feel free to badger my publisher. It can’t hurt to show them how you feel about the books. https://www.penguinrandomhouse.co.uk/publishers/transworld/# Thanks, Tom. Best regards, Giles.

  19. Stuart Rudge says:

    Hi Giles,
    Having bought Odin’s Wolves and realising it is the last in the series, I went back to the very start and am currently reading God of Vengeance, which is fast becoming a favourite of mine. My question relates to your experiences in publishing. Did it take you long to find an agent, and were there many rejection letters along the way? My own novel is being looked at by a couple of agents, and one thing I have learned is that patience is a must! But having someone take an interest certainly banishes the woes from all the rejections dropping in the inbox. And once you had your agent, how long did it take before your manuscript was published? On a final note I am looking forward to the Lancelot novel you are currently writing. I am happy I have Sigurd and Raven to keep me company until that time!
    Best regards,

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Stuart, so glad you’re enjoying the books. My first agent (after many rejections) was Writers House in New York (I lived there), but they struggled to find a publisher over there for my Viking novels. Subsequently I was taken on by A.M. Heath in London and they got me a deal with Transworld (part of Penguin Random House). I wrote RAVEN: Blood Eye in 2004, got a publishing deal in 2007 and the book was published in 2009. It was a long, hard road full of rejection and disappointment – but ultimately it worked out and I’m still so grateful that it did. But in the early days, every time I received a rejection I sent off another submission. This really helped to keep me positive and not dwelling on the bad news. So long as there was a submission in the post, my hope was very much alive. Patience in publishing is a must, as it is of course when you’re writing the novel itself. But so is determination and drive. I really hope you get the result you want, Stuart. Keep going! All the best, Giles.

  20. Tony Pearson says:

    ‘I’m really drawn to ancient Greece and would love to have visited Athens in its heyday.’

    Hhhmmm I smell the beginnings of a novel here…….

  21. gileskristian says:

    I just don’t know, Janet. It depends on so many factors, not least that at present I don’t have a publishing deal to write another Civil War book, meaning I’d have to write it in my own time and for no money, and to the detriment of my paid writing commitments and deals. But I really do hope it works out though, as I’d love to do it. Sorry to keep you waiting. I know how frustrating it is. All the best, Giles.

  22. Tony Pearson says:

    Giles, if you could go back to any point in history in a time machine, what event would you like to witness most?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Tony, not original I know, but I’d have to say Stamford Bridge and Hastings. The ‘what if’ nature of those events for our country, as well as the doomed but courageous last stand element makes both those battles a must on the time machine’s event dial. Although of course in reality who would want to witness such horror in person. But still. Same goes for the Spartans’ last stand at Thermopylae. I’m really drawn to ancient Greece and would love to have visited Athens in its heyday.

  23. Mavis dixon says:

    What is the third book in the Bleeding land trilogy and is it available

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Mavis, at present I don’t have a publishing deal to write another Civil War book. However, I’d love to write one so I really do hope it works out. Sorry to keep you waiting. All the best, Giles.

  24. Joseph Henry says:

    I’ve noticed that you mention several quotes found in Bernard Cornwells books, such as from the Grail Quest trilogy, My Cup Makes Me Drunk, calix meus inebrians. Also a character of his if I’m correct. Are you guys friends? You both are probably my favorite authors as I am a historical novel kind of guy. Wilber Smith is a close tie lol, thanks and keep up the awesome work. Would to have a sequel to the two trilogies . Great likeable characters Sigurd and Raven

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Joseph, regarding the Latin phrase, which book is it in? Anyway, it’s quite a famous phrase and purely coincidental. As for the character, who is that? I haven’t knowingly mentioned one of BC’s characters in my books, though I did mention Captain Stryker from Michael Arnold’s Civil War books in my own Civil War series, which was fun. (Michael and I are pals). But yes, Bernard and I exchange emails now and again. As well as being an extraordinary and brilliant storyteller, he is also a very generous man (and clearly an inspiration). Thanks for reading the books. All the best, Giles.

  25. Nema Rahin says:

    Hi I’m a big fan of the raven books and sigurds saga. At the moment I am reading “winters fire”. On chapter 3, solveijs name (that’s what the old helmsman is called in the previous book “God’s vengeance”) has been changed to solmund, which is an error? And at the same chapter you mention that Loker was dropped over from the ship” reinen” when it was the ship “sea-sow” (if I remember correctly).

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Nema, well spotted. Yes we changed the name when I realised that I’d given the old helmsman a female name. Oops! I didn’t know about the error with the ships though. These things happen. Across a series of 350,000 words, there’s bound to be a mistake or two somewhere. So long as it doesn’t ruin the tale, I hope we can all live with it. All the best, Giles

  26. Frank says:

    Giles, how could you leave raven hanging like that? Will the poor guy never get any justice with Cynethryth?

    • gileskristian says:

      You’re right of course, Frank. Poor Raven. I’d love to write a fourth Novel in the RAVEN saga but we’ll have to see if my publisher is up for it. All the best, Giles

  27. Erica Park-Warburton says:

    Hello Mr. Kristian, Thank you so much for your novels so far. I am just on the verge of reading the 3rd Sigurd book having read all your others (inc. Raven and Civil Wars). I am writing to ask your advice actually. I am a bit of a frustrated writer in that I have my stories written out in my head – perfect prose and everything – but, for various reasons, I cannot seem to settle myself at my computer and get them onto the screen. How do you do it??? I admit it sounds soft – and indeed I think my favourite of your characters, Black Floki, would look on me with contempt too – but I just can’t seem to pin myself down. I’m fighting health issues for one thing but surely that isn’t a good enough excuse. Any advice? I hope you do get round to writing another Civil War book as I feel sorry for your characters hanging around in their varying predicaments (I have a character lying in a hospital bed with half a leg missing that she doesn’t even know about and has been that way for a good 5 years!). Of course another Raven would be wonderful too but I beg you not to kill off Black Floki :-) .
    Best regards,

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Erica, I know there are few things in the creative world more intimidating than the blank page (or screen) but there’s no way around it. Despite the famous catchphrase often employed by writer types, books DO NOT write themselves. Ever. No getting around it. When I start a new book with the very first word and know I’m going to have to follow it with perhaps another 130,000, it’s daunting. Mind you, once you start and get a few thousand words down you’ll hopefully feel the buzz and be inspired to keep going. Perhaps you could set a modest daily target (I say daily because momentum is so important) of, say, 500 words. You might be surprised how the pages start accumulating. Personally, on my current WIP I’m managing 1000 words/day. That’s a pretty low count among my peers, but I edit as I go and those 1000 words tend to still be there at the end of the process. Look, if you’ve got a story to tell, telling that story has to be more important to you than loads of other stuff that you could be doing with the time available. If you’re hungry enough and believe in yourself, just go for it! Otherwise you’ll never know, and that would be sad. Good luck!

  28. sean says:

    sigard is such a great main character going back to blood eye would make me sad. besides you cant let uhtred get 10 books of his own and a tv show… and all sigard gets is 3 books and the girl he loves killed lol

    • gileskristian says:

      Haha! It’s a good point, Sean. But Sigurd would loom large in another RAVEN book – if I wrote one. The trouble with going on with the Sigurd series is that if you’ve read the RAVEN books, you know who can’t die between the end of Wings of the Storm and the beginning of RAVEN: Blood Eye. If I wasn’t careful it might seem obvious that I’d written new characters in just so that I could kill them, the others being untouchable. BUT, after Odin’s Wolves everyone (thats to say the few that are left) is fair game.

  29. Gary Wooden says:

    I read the Rise of Sugurd series first and now just finished the Raven series. I thoroughly enjoyed both of them. I had meant to ask the following…

    “In the epilogue of Odin’s Wolves Raven says that we had just heard the beginning of his tales. Is there any plans to carry forward the story in future books to learn the end of Sigurd, Black Floki and the others.”

    However, I see in the comments below you are mulling over the idea of furthering the tale of the Wolfpack..I look forward to seeing that.


    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks for the message, Gary. But yes I’d love to write another RAVEN story. What I don’t know is if my publisher would pay me to write another RAVEN novel. Hah! Time will tell. Thanks for reading!

  30. Trent says:


    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your Raven series. When can we expect a fourth book? Wish you the best from Texas.



    • gileskristian says:

      IF there was another RAVEN novel, I would expect what remains of the crew to have a little trouble getting out of Miklagard (because we can’t let them stay there getting corrupted and lazy and soft, can we?), but then I’d imagine them yearning for the cold, dark, clear waters of the fjords again. Or perhaps a play for Dublin. Haven’t given it much thought yet, but if I got the green light I’d be all over it :) I’m amazed and thrilled to think of my Viking stories being read in Texas. Very cool indeed. Have you read The Rise of Sigurd series? Thanks for coming on these journeys with me and my motley crew, Trent. I hope there will be many more. All the best, Giles.

  31. tom arkkey says:

    is there a third book after The Bleeding Land and Brother’s fury?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Tom, there’s a third of a third book at the moment but that’s all. Whether it’s ever finished and published will most likely depend on my publisher. Perhaps when more readers are clamouring for another RIVERS book it’ll make sense and I can let loose on it. Would LOVE to do another!

  32. Chris Scargill says:

    Hello Giles.

    As a Civil War enthusiast I,ve read both The Bleeding Land and Bother,s Fury and I reaaly enjoyed them both. I,ve noticed on Amazon Kindle that there is a Bleeding Land trilogy but unfortunately I can,t seem to find a third book in the series. I would be very grateful if you could let me know when the third book is due to be published.
    I look forward to hearing from you in the near future.

    Best wishes Chris Scargill

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Chris, I’m delighted that you, as an enthusiast for the period, enjoyed the books. I’m afraid I don’t know when (or if) there will be a third book. It depends on so many factors, not least the fact that I’ve only written a third of it. As soon as it makes sense (publishing schedule wise, career path, estimated sales etc) I’d love to finish writing it and see it published. Maybe when more people have read The Bleeding Land and Brothers’ Fury, my publisher will be more keen on another book in the RIVERS’ story. I do hope so! Sorry to keep you and others waiting. I know it’s frustrating. All the best, Giles.

  33. Andrew Wright says:

    Hi Giles
    I’m a big fan of your viking books and have just finished the Sigurd series, which was epic. Probably out of order but I have just started the Raven books and was over the moon to see Sigurd and his crew were in it – I had no idea when i started! Its almost like it is a sequel.

    I managed to get a hardback of God of Vengeance, although it was quite pricey. Can I ask why that is? Is it becasue of popularity?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Andrew, yes The Rise of Sigurd series is a prequel of sorts to the RAVEN saga, only there’s a gap of some 17 years between Wings of the Storm and RAVEN: Blood Eye. It doesn’t matter at all which series you read first, which is quite handy really. The hardbacks are printed in relatively small numbers and only have a limited shelf life. If you imagine how many books are published, stock is rotated regularly. So after a while the hardbacks become rarer and the price goes up. Best thing is to snap them up when they come out. EG my latest, Wings of the Storm, was about £9.00 on Amazon when it came out on December 1st. I notice it’s just gone up to £14.88. A hardback of RAVEN Blood Eye will now cost upwards of £80.00 because after all this time it’s a collector’s item. BUT please note, I have no say or influence over pricing. That’s down to Amazon and my publisher. All the best, Giles

  34. Chris Shaw says:


    I was looking for something different to read and picked up Gods of Vengeance. Now I am hooked.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the first two novels and looking forward to the next. I also noticed you have other novels with Sigurd. I have a lot of reading to do.

    I was looking at your transcript from the BBC and noticed the reference to Draken Harald. I was in Toronto last July and got to see it under sail.I also got to go on board. Unfortunately it was very popular and I had to wait in line for over an hour.The wait was worth it. I was amazed at the detail on board the ship and the crews knowledge. Going through the canal created its own saga because of pilot fees. Because of the size they thought (or were told) they were exempt from these fees. Luckily for the Draken donors helped with pilot fees in the Welland Canal which threatened to cut it’s time on the Great Lakes tour in half.

    Is there any chance or talks of any of your work being on the big screen ?


    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Chris, I’m glad you thought the wait was worth it once you’d managed to get aboard Draken. One thing that struck me was the height of the mast, which was from one tree. Mind you, that mast snapped on its way from Norway to Shetland and I haven’t seen the replacement in person. Have you seen the short video of my experience rowing that magnificent ship? It’s here if you get a chance to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rvNyLTsWyLs
      As for the big screen, there’s considerable interest in the RAVEN series, but we’d all grow old waiting for things to happen in TV and movie land. all the best, Giles

  35. James Granger says:

    I’m a huge fan of all your books, I’ve read the Raven series and listened to the Rise of Sigurd series on audiobook. Both of which are fantastic and up there with my favourite stories and I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys historical fiction. I’ve listened to the first book in the Bleeding Land series and really enjoyed that too as the story is set where I live. My question is will Brothers Fury be available on audiobook in the UK anytime soon? I’ve bought the book as I couldn’t wait any longer, it’s just I drive an awful lot for work and like the audiobooks for the long journeys. I just wondered if the audiobook was in the pipeline or if it’s just the book at the moment. All the best for a successful 2017, I look forward to the Lancelot series and the next Raven book.

    Many Thanks, James.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thank you so much for recommending my stories to others, James, that’s the kindest thing you can do for an author (after buying his/her book!) But I’m afraid it’s highly unlikely at this point that Brothers’ Fury will be made into an audiobook. However, it looks likely that the RAVEN saga will be, so that’s something. It’s currently only available on audio in the States but a UK version could be on the way. I’m glad you listened to the Sigurd audiobooks though. I think narrator Philip Stevens did an awesome job. Best regards, Giles.

  36. Kathrin Röhl says:

    I finished Wings of the Storm some days ago. Well done ! The best of the three in my opinion. At last Sigurd has started to make real use of his brain. What will come next ? Vikings again or something else ?
    Best wishes from Germany.

  37. Jett garner says:


    I am new to your work. I was seeking Viking fiction, and you came highly recommended. So I am thoroughly enjoying Blood Eye. My question is are your books published in hardcover? I prefer hard cover books for my collections. If the answer is yes- where to purchase? I am a USA fan and looked high and low on the web. Thanks for your time and talent.


  38. Carl Hawkes says:

    when is bleeding land 3 comming

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Carl, I’m afraid I don’t know. It depends on so many factors, not least the fact that I’ve only written a third of it. As soon as it makes sense (publishing schedule wise, career path, estimated sales etc) I’d love to finish writing it and see it published. Maybe when more people have read The Bleeding Land and Brothers’ Fury, my publisher will be more keen on another book in the RIVERS’ story. I do hope so! Sorry to keep you and others waiting. I know it’s frustrating. All the best, Giles.

  39. Janet Boylan says:

    When will you finish the Bleeding Land series?

  40. jay goacher says:

    good morning,

    love the sigurd series, its the viking banter that makes it for me with a sprinkling of blood lust…. being half way through book two i am yet to start book 3 so i was wondering if you intend to make my year by writing book 4?

    have a great Christmas and a productive book writing season….

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Jay, it’s brilliant to hear how much you’re enjoying the series. Although, at the risk of disappointing, there are no plans for a 4th in the Rise of Sigurd series. However, there has been some talk of another book in the RAVEN saga. But no more than talk at the moment. I’ll keep you posted, either on here or my Facebook page. All the best, Giles.

  41. Steve Crosen says:

    Mr. Kristian,
    I am avid reader of historical Viking fiction and I my wifes father was born in Norway,
    She still has several family members there both In Skien and Stavanger, we took a trip basically from Oslo around the southern coast to Stavanger and then took the ferry a good ways east then drove back to telemark – I love Norway
    I really liked the Raven series, but the rise of Sigurd series was phenomenal.
    My question is will you continue in that series as well? at least another 2 books hopefully?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Steve, I’m delighted to hear how much you’ve enjoyed both sagas, but I can see why the Rise of Sigurd books resonated particularly, what with your ‘Norway connection’. I’d love to write more Viking novels, although there might be more chance that I’ll write a fourth RAVEN book than another Sigurd book. The reason being, the way I left things at the end of Odin’s Wolves, it’s just perfectly set up for another adventure. Anyway, I’ll keep you informed either on here or on my Facebook page GilesKristian https://www.facebook.com/GilesKristian/?ref=bookmarks Thanks for the mail! All the best, Giles.

  42. Andrew Bilverstone says:

    The tide is up as I’ve just finished Wings. Of the Storm. A fantastic finish to the trilogy and a another jewel in your books. Your ECW books got me into your writing and now I’m hooked on the Vickings too now. Many thanks and look forward to your next book.

  43. Davey says:


    I am currently finishing reading Wings of the Storm. I have been reading the series on the first edition of the Kindle which doesn’t replicate images that well.

    There has been a map at the start of each of the three books. Is this map viewable online anywhere?

    Have really enjoyed the saga.


    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Davey, I completely understand why you would find a map useful given how small it is on the ebooks. I’ve looked through my files and I’m sorry to say that I can’t find any but I should be able to get them from my publisher if you still want them? Glad you’ve enjoyed the saga. Regards, Giles.

  44. Alexander says:

    Is Raven Blood Eye available on audiobook?

    • gileskristian says:

      Currently the 3 RAVEN novels are available as audiobooks in the US but not in the UK (though all three in the Rise of Sigurd series are available in the UK). However, there are plans to do the RAVEN saga again for the UK, though it’ll be a little while yet.

  45. james eves says:

    Hi Giles ,I hear you are going to be in Goldsboro on Friday signing Wings of the Storm, do you know what time you will be there , so that I can pop in and get my copy from your good self .

    Best James Eves

  46. Jason Hynes says:

    Will there be another Tom Rivers book.

    • gileskristian says:

      I hope so, Jason. I’ve written some of it, though I don’t know yet when/if/how it’ll be published. If you can keep an eye on my Facebook page you’ll be the first to know. But it’s good to know you’ve read the first two Civil War books. All the best, Giles

  47. Colton says:

    Not so much a question, just wanted to say I really hope you do decide to continue the Raven series. I’ve always been an avid reader, and Raven is one of the best series I’ve ever picked up.

    • gileskristian says:

      I’m thrilled to hear that, Colton, thank you! Have you read the Rise of Sigurd series? There are three books in that (the third coming on December 1st in the UK) Also, there’s a short Viking tale exclusive to Kindle (or Kindle app) called The Terror, if you want more Viking plunder. All the best, Giles.

  48. Lomiah says:

    Dear Giles

    Hi there, just wondering could you please advise what age you recommend your books from please. I’ve read many good reviews about your books. My 13 year old son has exhaused our library’s teen/older teen section and many new books from his favourite authors and series are being anticipated. My son enjoys historical evens and although he is not allowed to view or play content which is violent he has a broad knowledge of war and battles.

    Basically I’m just wondering if you could consider yourself at 13 and whether this would be too disturbing? Unfortunately although I enjoy action I am not keen on excessive gore so do not fancy prereading it. People have mentioned Wilbur Smith and I read all of his book, but feel some are a bit to romanic for my son, can you let me know if/how yours compare.

    Thank you kindly in advance.


    • gileskristian says:

      Dear Lomiah, I’m very sorry that you message seems somehow to have slipped through the net. I suspect you’ve long since moved on, but just in case, I would normally say that my books are suitable for 13 years and above, particularly given what the average 13 year-old is into these days (video games, movies and TV series such as Vikings and Game of Thrones). Nevertheless, my Vikings are not the cuddly, ‘misunderstood’ variety and the books contain quite a bit of violence. If your son is not allowed to ‘view or play content which is violent’, I think perhaps he ought to steer clear of my books for now. As for Golden Lion, which I co-wrote with Wilbur Smith, I wouldn’t say that it was overly romantic, whilst the violence is perhaps not quite as graphic as my solo books. Again, I’m very sorry for the delay in responding to your mail. Best regards, Giles.

  49. Lee Powell says:

    Half-way through God of Vengeance, after just finishing the Raven Series. It seems to me your writing is getting better and better. I’m not a critic or scholar but you’ve improved a lot and the writing in God of Vengeance is just great. I could see your writing improving as the Raven Series went along too. I love the story in God of Vengeance, it’s not the same old thing and I am really enjoying it.

    Some day maybe someone will write about the Angles-Saxons-Jutes prior to their migration to (invasion of) England. (Hint hint). As a half-Saxon, half-Dane I really appreciate stories about our ancestors, our customs and religion.

    You keep the stories coming Skald and I’ll keep the silver flowing. Thank you very much.

    • gileskristian says:

      Many thanks, Lee, and I agree that the books get better. I’m pleased it’s that way round. Imagine if my writing got worse with each one! But I must admit I felt God of Vengeance in my bones, which does make it easier. If I can make the reader feel it too, then I’m happy and I’ve done my job. My next book, after Wings of the Storm, is set during the first Saxon raids on Britain, so a little closer to your suggestion, though as it’s the story of Lancelot, it’s not really historical. Anyway, I’ll keep writing if you keep reading. All the best, Giles

  50. Brian Matthews says:

    I had started to panic after finishing God of Vengeance, thinking that that was the end of the story. Couldn’t understand how you could leave it in mid air so to speak. Then I found, and just purchased, the second book in the Sigurd series. Whew! Not depressed any more. Thank you for a brilliant series of books. The raven saga I couldn’t stop reading.Presumably the third Sigurd book will provide the link between Sigurd and Raven. Definitely need another Raven book though.



    • gileskristian says:

      So glad your panic was averted, Brian! And on December 1st Wings of the Storm will hit, so you should be kept busy for a while. As for the two series linking through Wings, I’m afraid I can’t promise that. But it seems a lot of readers would like to see another RAVEN book, so that might happen in the future. All best, Giles.

  51. Bob Bernique says:

    I would like to know what order your books are in. I’ve read the raven series and now I’ve read about sigurd’s childhood. What’s next?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Bob, so: RAVEN SAGA is Blood Eye, Sons of Thunder, Odin’s Wolves. The Rise of Sigurd series is: God of Vengeance, Winter’s Fire, Wings of the Storm (coming soon!) There’s also a prequel of the prequel, The Terror, which is an exclusive short story for Kindle and Kindle app. And there are the two books (so far) in my story about two brothers fighting on opposing sides during the English Civil War: The Bleeding Land and Brothers’ Fury. Oh, and there’s also the book I co-wrote with Wilbur Smith: Golden Lion. And that’s it for now. :) All the best, Giles.

  52. John Perkins says:

    Hi Giles , thank you so much for the wonderfully stirring and entertaining books to date .I have read them all and eagerly await “Wings of the storm ” but what has happened to Raven blood eye ? Will he and his band be sailing to our shores again ? I really do hope so .
    Best wishes

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi John, thanks for this message and for reading my tales. I was just replying to someone else who wants to see Raven again. I think another book (or two) in that series would be great fun to write. Currently, what’s left of the Wolfpack is getting soft and debauched in Miklagard. I wonder if I can persuade my publisher that we need to get them out before it’s too late. Hmmm…

  53. Danny Dowling says:

    Hi I found Raven blood eye by chance in beeston castle gift shop in north west England and soon as I started reading I was hooked, I’ve finished the Raven series and would love more. I’ve just started the rise of sigurd series and find it hard to put down. I have only just started reading books and I get lost in the stories of the Norse folk and there gods what would you recommend a good book/books to learn more of the Norse gods? I follow no religion and I am looking into reading as much of different books on as many different religions as possible. The Norse gods do catch my mind in a way I’ve never thought. Keep up the good work

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Danny, well I’m honoured and delighted that my books have helped encourage your newfound love of reading. If you find yourself lost in my stories, totally immersed in the tales, then I’ve done my job and I’m a happy man. There are so many good books out there about Norse mythology, but the one that is always on my desk when I’m writing is Cassell’s Dictionary of Norse Myth & Legend. Thanks for reading my books. Look out for Wings of the Storm, coming on December 1st. Best regards, Giles

  54. Colin Burrell says:

    Dear Giles,
    I’m a great fan of Bernard Cornhill, Simon Scarrow, Harry Sidebottom and Anthony Riches I’ve just finished the third book in the Raven series. I really enjoyed them and also the humour. Will your be publishing any more of the adventuresof Raven.
    Many thanks
    Colin Burrell

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Colin, well I’m in wonderful company there. Very flattered. I’d love to write another RAVEN book and get my wolves out of Miklagard, where they’re currently growing soft and debauched and having too good a time. No way for Vikings to live. It’ll be up to my publisher, I guess, and whether they think it’ll sell. In the meantime, haven’t you got the Rise of Sigurd series to read? God of Vengeance, Winter’s Fire, and Wings of the Storm. All the best, Giles.

  55. Larry Staton says:

    I am an avid fan of the “Raven Series” and deeply into the Sigurd prequels….

    But, tell me, are there going to be sequels to the current Raven trilogy?

    I would assuredly hope so. I own the three copies of the Raven Series (as well as the first of the Sigurd prequels) and it simply BEGS for sequels – as in multiple sequels!

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Larry, I must admit I’d be very happy to write more RAVEN books. Perhaps starting with the Wolpack in Miklagard getting soft and debauched and Sigurd deciding that it’s no way for wolves to live. Then of course they’d need to get out, which would involve a deal of mayhem. I reckon that would be great fun to write. I guess it’ll be up to my publisher and whether they think it’ll sell. All the best, Giles.

  56. Neal says:

    I just discovered the Raven series and love it. Could not put the books down. Count me as one that hopes you continue Raven’s saga. The stories are great and the relationship between Raven and Cynethryth is so intriguing. I look forward to reading the prequel.


    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks very much, Neal. Kind of you to say, and I’m delighted to have you aboard for the ride. I hope you enjoy the Rise of Sigurd books. All the best, Giles.

  57. Clinton Foakes says:

    Hi, I just wanted to say ‘thank you’.

    I’ve just finished God of Vengeance and Winters Fire, in a self-indulgent back to back sit-in. As a veteran of Cornwell, Iggulden, Lowe and others, I can honestly say that I haven’t enjoyed a series more than I am enjoying this one.

    Glad you do what you do.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Clinton,
      It’s my pleasure! And an honour to be mentioned in such esteemed company. Those three gentlemen are amongst the very best and I admire them enormously. Thank you for the compliment and, most of all, for reading my tales. Make sure you get your order in for WINGS OF THE STORM, which launches December 1st. Best regards, Giles.

  58. Tyler says:

    Hello, I love your books about the sword Norse and I was wondering if you planned on writing a fourth Raven book?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Tyler,
      There were no plans to write a fourth RAVEN novel…but so many people are asking about it that I’m beginning to wonder if I should. It would be great fun! Are you reading The Rise of Sigurd series? The third and final part, WINGS OF THE STORM, will be out in the UK on December 1st, so that’s another sword Norse tale to look forward to. Regards, Giles.

  59. christopher dodd says:


    I have just started reading God of vengeance, it is captivating, well done. Could you please tell me the order I should read the books you wrote around the life of Sigmund.

    Many thanks


    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Chris, wonderful to hear that you are enjoying God of Vengeance. So, next is Winter’s Fire, then Wings of the Storm (out in December). Then you’ve got the RAVEN saga. Blood Eye, Sons of Thunder and Odin’s Wolves. All the best, Giles.

  60. Andy says:

    Hi Giles,

    I’ve been a fan of all of your work since I was given a copy of Raven when it was first published, though my copy of Golden Lion is still on the bookshelf, patiently awaiting its turn.

    I was hoping to ask some advice. This might not be the place to ask so I apologise if that’s the case. I’m attempting to write a book of my own and wondered if you knew of a good website for people who will critique each others work? There are plenty of critiquing websites out there, however all of the sites that I’ve tried have a very small pool of historical fiction writers/readers. It seems that all the cool kids all want to write the next Harry Potter…..usually badly.

    It may not be something that you’ve ever done, but if you have, and you could recommend an online community of historical fiction writers (who would be gentle with a novice!), I would be hugely grateful. I too live in Leicestershire, so any local historical literary clubs you could recommend, if there is such a thing, would be helpful too.

    Thanks for your help,


    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Andy, Firstly, well done for making the decision to sit down and write a book. It takes huge determination to start on what is such a long, fraught and often emotional journey. I hope you stick with it through thick and thin. As for critique/reading groups, I’m sorry to say I don’t know of any. It’s not something I’ve ever done, perhaps because there aren’t that many people whose opinions I would trust ;) However, when you’re ready, and if you’re prepared to pay for it, you can get priceless professional feedback from such companies as The Literary Consultancy. https://literaryconsultancy.co.uk I can personally recommend their critiquing service as they helped me with advice for RAVEN: Blood Eye back in 2005. Locally, there may be writing groups attached to libraries? Sorry not to be more helpful, but I do wish you all the very best with the writing. May the words flow like mead. Regards, Giles.

  61. Bernie MacDonald says:

    Was your sequel to God Of Vengeance originally titled Wings Of the Storm and later changed to Winter’s Fire?

    • gileskristian says:

      Yes, Bernie. The two books became three and the middle book became WINTER’S FIRE. Sorry for the confusion.

  62. Jan Dice says:

    Dear Giles Kristian,
    I did email you yesterday. However, I forgot to tell you how much I truly enjoyed some of your Courtney Books. I read the ones that involved Sir Francis, Hal, Thomas, James Courtney, and Aboli. They were very very exciting. I could not put a book down. Your imagination and creativity are unbelieveable but actually real. So, I also wanted to thank you for those books. I have read the Golden Lion book , too, and that was great!

    Thank you,
    Jan Dice

  63. Jan Dice says:

    Dear Giles,
    I have read all your Viking books with Sigurd Haraldson. I am just finishing up Winter’s Fire, and and I am very much looking forward to Wings of Storm when it comes out. I am telling you, Giles, these books have absolutely mesmerized me. I can’t put the book down. I almost feel like I am living among these Vikings or that I know them. I truly believe you should make a movie or 2 of Sigurd and his Viking warriors. I sure hope there will be more books to come after the Wings of Storm. Hope that is not the last book. I never dreamed Moldof would save Sigurd’s life against the evil Fionn. I thought Floki would save him. You are an astounding and brilliant author. Thank you for writing these great books.

    Jan Dice

  64. Don Richmond says:

    Hi Giles,
    I am an avid reader of your books. I am almost done reading Winter’s Fire and would like to know if there will be a book 3 on the story of Sigurd or does the story continue into the book Blood Eye?
    Looking forward to your response!
    Keep up the great work!

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Don, there will indeed be a third book. WINGS OF THE STORM launches in the UK December 1st. Thanks for reading.

  65. David Joiner says:

    Can you tell me when the next next instalment of the Bleeding Land series will be ready for publication.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi David, I wish I could as I’m very keen to write another book in The Bleeding Land series. However, at the moment it’s not in the schedule. If anything changes, I’ll definitely be shouting about it on here or my Facebook page. Best regards, Giles.

  66. Daniel Dance says:

    When is the final book of the Bleeding Land Trilogy being released?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Daniel, I wish I could tell you! I’m very keen to write another book in The Bleeding Land series. However, at the moment it’s not in the schedule. If anything changes, I’ll definitely be shouting about it on here or my Facebook page. Best regards, Giles.

  67. Justin Strawbridge says:

    G’day Giles.
    Picked up a copy of Gods of Vengeance and loved it.
    I then got your Raven series and devoured those. Re-read Gods of Vengeance before i began reading Winters Fire that i’ve just started. By far my favourite reads.
    In Gods of Vengeance Sigurd’s helmsman is Solveig, in Winters Fire it’s Solmund. Just wondering if its a glitch or is there something i missed? Many many thanks to you for writing. Your work is brilliant. I very eagerly await Wing’s of the Storm.
    Cheers mate,
    Justin. (Big fan from Australia)

    • gileskristian says:

      G’day to you too, Justin,
      Thanks for this message (sorry, I only just caught sight of it) and well done for spotting the inconsistency. I’m somewhat embarrassed to admit that I named the skipper Solveig and then someone kindly pointed out that it’s a girl’s name (which I should have known, being half Norwegian). Fortunately, the time lag between the hardback and paperback publications gives us a welcome opportunity to fix any errors, typos etc and I made the decision to change the skipper’s name to Solmund. Rather than pretending I had given him a girl’s name on purpose (which did cross my mind – but I just couldn’t do that to him). You are the first person to query it. I somehow doubt you’ll be the last. So glad you are enjoying the series though. Now on to Winter’s Fire with you! You’ll need to finish it before WINGS OF THE STORM launches on December 1st. :) Regards, Giles.

  68. adam smith says:

    Hi Giles,
    Just received my copy of Winter’s Fire – great. Then realised it is 100 pages shorter than Gods of Vengeance – not so great. I understand the commercial interest in splitting one book into two, but I do not think it’s right that retailers and/or publishers should then charge the same price. I did not want to come to this website and express disappointment, but I feel it must be said.

  69. Paul Kelleher says:

    Hi Giles,
    I have always been a Wilbur Smith fan and have read all of his books.
    I had never heard of Giles Kristian until I bought Golden Lion.
    Boy am I glad I looked you up.
    The first books I bought were The Bleeding Land and Brothers Fury which I thoroughly enjoyed,I hope you dont leave us hanging on not knowing what is going to happen with Bess and Lord Denton.
    I have since bought all the Viking series and i am just about to order Wings of the Storm.
    I am about half way through the first Raven Bloodeye.Brilliant!
    Thank you,

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Paul, I am very glad indeed that you took the plunge and picked up my books after reading Golden Lion. Yes, I do intend writing a third book about the Rivers family, but I have many other stories to write as well. Delighted to have you along for the ride. Hope you enjoy the rest of the RAVEN trilogy. All my best, Giles.

  70. Al Richter says:

    When is book 3 of Bleeding Land trilogy coming out…? 3 years since last one :-0

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Al, I can’t say yet when the next RIVERS book will come. I’d love to get it out though. Maybe when more readers have enjoyed the first two books? I’m speaking with my publisher about it. All best, Giles.

  71. Kevan Timms says:

    ANY chance at all that you will return to the story of the Rivers family. I know there was some concern about the numbers being bought but with your increasing readership and fantastic writing, perhaps now is the time? I’d be happy to buy several copies if a third was a possibility, they are really GREAT stories!

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Kavan, what a kind message. I’d love to return to the RIVERS’ story but you’re right, we’ve sort of been waiting for more readers to enjoy the first two books. I’m thrilled you like them so much. I like them very much, too, but I’m rather biased. :) I’ll shout about any developments. Meanwhile, I hope you’re giving my other books a go. All my best, Giles.

  72. David says:

    Hi Giles, I have just finished reading Bleeding Land which i have hugely enjoyed. I just wondered where the idea to use Hucknall Torkard in one of the chapters came from? I have lived in Hucknall all my life so i found this really good, is there any evidence that there was any involvement with Hucknall such as is mentioned in your book?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi David, now I’m worried. I hope I haven’t done Hucknall Torkard any injustice. To be honest, I can’t recall why I set some of the book there. I’ll have to re-read to see if I’ve based it on an actual event or simply liked the name. Anything is possible with me! All best, Giles.

  73. Francine Maes says:

    Hello Giles, just finished Winter’s Fire…. Wauw. It’brilliant. What an absorbing tale . I hope there will be more adventures of Sigurd and his wolf pack. I have all your books and never regretted buying them Thank you. Francine Maes-Schalckens (Fan from Belgium)

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Francine, I’m delighted to hear that you enjoyed WINTER’S FIRE. And have no fear, as WINGS OF THE STORM will be coming in November, so not too long to wait. Thanks for reading. All best wishes, Giles.

  74. terence allen says:

    Where in Norway is your family cabin that gets mentioned in the intro to your book Raven Red Eye

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Terence, it’s on the west coast near a town called Os, about 45 mins drive south of Bergen.

  75. Andy Scarboro&York says:

    Brilliant read Winters Fire, but so sad have to wait for the next installment.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks Andy, so glad that you enjoyed Winter’s Fire. Not so long to wait for the next one though. WINGS OF THE STORM will be published in November. You could even pre-order if you wanted.

  76. nate says:

    Hey Giles, I love blood eye and your writing and want to read more about Sigurd but I only like getting hardcovers, are there going to be new prints coming out any time soon?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hey Nate, so which ones are you missing? In the Rise of Sigurd series both God of Vengeance and Winter’s Fire are available in hardback, though GofV will be a little more expensive by now. Try Goldsboro Books. Wings of the Storm will be published in HB in November. Regards, Giles.

  77. Kathrin Röhl says:

    Hi Giles, just finished Winter`s fire and it`s a fine book no doubt about that , thrilling story and beautiful cover. I liked it even better than Gods of Vengeance. By the way I´m glad that you have published in Germany at last and I hope your other books we be translated as well. Now I will be able to talk about your books with other readers. Best regards

  78. john casey says:

    I am just wondering if I sent ur a copy of yoyr new book would u sign it.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi John, so long as an envelope and return postage is included, I’ll happily sign it. Kindly send to FAO Giles Kristian, Upton Steel, Shaw Lane, Markfield, Leicestershire, LE67 9PU.

  79. simon freeman says:

    Thanks for clearing that up Giles. Cant wait for 7th April, Winters Fire. More reads from you are always most welcome.


  80. Pat Murphy says:

    When is the next book for english civil war saga due out ?

  81. Janet Boylan says:

    Giles, So glad I found an interesting and talented author. Accidentally came across your Red Eye books at used book store. Love your books. Looking forward to the next book in the Bleeding Land series. Can’t wait to see what happens next. In the meantime I will continue to look for other books you have written.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thank you, Janet. A happy accident then! Well I’m glad to have you, and thanks for reading. My new book, WINTER’S FIRE, will be published April 7. All best, GK

  82. Andrew Bilverstone says:

    Having met you at History live, where we discussed both the Raven and Bleeding Lands books, I have devoured everything you have written. Bleeding Lands is aching for more books and possibly linking in wth Stryker again. Keep up the great work but please don’t let the Bleeding Lands get forgotten!

    • gileskristian says:

      Andrew, I wish they still ran that festival, it was amazing.Thank you for joining me on the journey and devouring my books. Plenty more where they came from, starting with WINTER’S FIRE on April 7th. I’d love to write the 3rd in the Civil War series. We’ll have to wait and see if it works out. Best, Giles

  83. Kevin Coleman says:

    When is the final book in the Bleeding land trilogy being published and when will it be available to buy on kindle? Your writing is a joy and the book you co wrote with the master Wilbur Smith was fantastic. Being a kindle reader I am somewhat disadvantaged . I’ve read book 1 of the Viking series but book 2 is not available on kindle yet but I have ordered it when it is available. I have read the Raven series which jumps as the book 2 is not out on kindle yet!! Keep up the great writing. You can’t leave the bleeding land series hanging in mid air although we know the outcome of the civil war there are still many battles to come end with the last at Worcester please continue your historical writing and ending it with the last in this trilogy. I know a year out to write a book is a lot but think of the pleasure it brings so many people.
    Regards Kevin Coleman

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Kevin, I’d love to write the 3rd book in that series, but I can’t say when that will be at the moment. It depends on several factors, not least that my publisher needs convincing that there’s a viable market for it. We’re still waiting for readers to catch up with book two (Brothers’ Fury) but I’ll be sure to keep you posted. You can always engage on my Facebook page as well. Lots of chat and info on there. Thank you for the compliment about my writing. It means a lot. And delighted that you enjoyed Golden Lion. By the way, can I ask where you tried to buy book 2 of the RAVEN trilogy (Sons of Thunder)? It should definitely be available. All best, Giles

  84. simon freeman says:

    Hi Giles
    Ive read the Raven series and God of Vengeance, absolutely great reads. Took over all my spare time whilst reading them. I was wondering, did you squeeze Winters fire in before Wings of the storm?, just that the first chapter of Wings follows God of vengeance in your book. Keep up the great Viking escapism with your inspiring characters and storylines.

    Thanks mate

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Simon, sorry for the confusion. I was going to write just one sequel to God of Vengeance, and that would be Wings of the Storm. Then I realised the story needed two more books, so I moved the title to what would become the 3rd and climactic part of the trilogy, and Winter’s Fire became the middle book. Does that make sense? I’ll keep writing them if you (and one or two others) keep reading them ;)

  85. Ray Jones says:

    Giles I first heard your name through the co writing of Golden Lion.
    It was an excellent novel.
    I decided to start with Raven and have since read this trilogy again absolutely superb. Am still very intrigued to find out where Raven (Osiric) came from and what happens in the future.
    Have you thought or have any intentions of a prequel or sequel to these novels? ( I sincerely hope so)
    Anyway am so pleased to find a new author that grips you from the beginning and looking forward to reading your books for many years to come.
    Congratulations and well done for your success.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Ray, wow! I’m thrilled that you have discovered and enjoyed my books. Did you know there is a prequel to the RAVEN saga? This new series begins with God of Vengeance (out now) and will be followed up by WINTER’S FIRE on April 7th. Then WINGS OF THE STORM will come in the Autumn. I also have two novels set during the English Civil War, about a two brothers fighting on opposite sides. I’m very glad to have you aboard. All best wishes, Giles.

  86. Mateo Radačić says:

    Hi Giles.I have just finished reading God of Vengenace in Croatia.I want to ask you when Winters Storm comes out will it be translated into Croatian.Also i wanted to get your Raven series but i couldnt find it anywhere in Croatia.Also me and my friends are really looking forward to winters storm even if its not translated.(sorry for the bad english)

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Mateo, WINTER’S FIRE will come out in the UK on April 7th. I’m afraid I don’t know when it will be published in Croatia. Perhaps you can ask the publisher? Their contact details should be on your copy of God of Vengeance.

  87. Kathrin Röhl says:

    Hi Giles,
    I’ve just preordered Winter’s Fire and I’m already looking forward to lay my hands on it.
    Best regards from Germany.

  88. Janet Halden-Evans says:

    So when are you going to finish The Bleeding Land/Brothers Fury saga or do you only write to please yourself??

    • gileskristian says:

      I certainly don’t do requests. But in answer to your rather rude message, Janet, it’s not as simple as just writing what I feel like. I have to invest a year of my time and effort into a book. But before that, my publisher has to decide whether it’s worth the ivestment and paying me an advance so that I can afford to write the book. (Unless you’re offering?) They have to be sure the book will earn back that advance and, hopefully in the long term make money, as that is the nature of business. I have to hope it’ll sell in sufficient numbers that retailers will still choose to stock whatever I write next. Many authors who have a book that bombs (or simply doesn’t do as well as their previous book) are scuppered because retailers look at the figures for their last publication and think won’t stock that, it won’t sell. Those authors have little choice but to reinvent themselves (often using a pseudonym) so that their next book is taken as a ‘debut’ full of promise. As it happens, my other books are currently more popular than the Civil War ones, but that may change. I like to think of THE BLEEDING LAND series as a sleeping hit. Truthfully, I really hope to publish a sequel to Brother’s Fury. I’d also like to play in goal for Leicester City. We’ll see.

  89. carl king says:

    hi Giles

    can you advise when we will see the final part of the ECW trilogy.

    saw you at History Live 2014, and hoped we would have had news by now.

    please finish this series asap as it is a cracking story and deserves an ending, and maybe even a continuance after this trilogy. let’s hope 2016 is THE year

    best regrds

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Carl, I just saw that this question had somehow slipped through the net. Very sorry! And now I risk disappointig you, as I can’t say at the moment when I’ll get to write another book in the Civil War series. It depends on many factors, and it just has to make sense for my publisher as much as for myself. In truth we’re still waiting for readers to catch up by reading the delayed second novel in that series, Brothers’ Fury. Once they have done, then it might be the time. I wish it were more straight forward. Thanks so much for reading though, and keeping the faith. Maybe try my Viking novels in the meantime, starting with God of Vengeance? All best, Giles

  90. Angryamish says:

    Hello giles…
    Any idea about publishing odin’s wolves in Spanish? I cannot wait more

    • gileskristian says:

      I’m sorry to say I don’t know what is happening with that. Maybe you will have more luck asking the Spanish publisher? Their contact details will be on the Spanish translations of RAVEN Blood Eye and Sons of Thunder. I hope they publish Odin’s Wolves soon!

  91. Ian Muir Martin says:

    I would be obliged if you could advise me whether Giles Kristian will be publishing any more of his Viking Novels?

    I have already read his ‘Raven Trilogy’.

    Thanking you in anticipation



    • gileskristian says:

      Dear Ian, you’re in luck as I have written another Viking trilogy. These books tell the saga of the Rise of Sigurd (the same Sigurd who features in the RAVEN saga) and reveals how he put his first crew together to get revenge on his enemies. The first of these three books is GOD OF VENGEANCE (which is already available). This will be followed by WINTER’S FIRE (in April) and, finally, WINGS OF THE STORM. Also look out for The Bleeding Land and Brothers’ Fury, which tell of two brothers fighting on opposite sides in the Civil War. Happy reading! GK

  92. David Cunningham says:

    Hi Giles,

    I am currently halfway through Golden Lion and loving it, great to read a follow on from Birds of Prey. I have read ALL of Wilbur Smith books and just love his style of writing. I have tried several other Authors along the way but I have not managed to enjoy their books or style of writing as much as Wilbur. To date I have not read any of your books but this will soon change as I am in search of “Blood Eye”, your first book, I like to start at the start. One website states that Blood Eye was first published in January 1998, is this correct? My hope is that I will love reading you books and will follow your publications.
    Best wishes

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi David,
      I’m very pleased to hear that you’re enjoying GOLDEN LION, and I’m delighted that you will be diving in to my own books. My first novel, RAVEN:Blood Eye was published in 2009 (though I wrote it in 2004/5) and this was followed by Sons of Thunder and Odin’s Wolves. I then wrote two novels about a family which is torn apart by the English Civil War. These are perhaps more similar in style to Wilbur Smith’s family saga novels? I then returned to the Vikings with God of Vengeance (my favourite so far) and this is to be followed by WINTER’S FIRE and WINGS OF THE STORM, both coming in 2016. I hope this is helpful, but do shout if you have any further questions, or look into my facebook page which is busy with chat about the books. All the best, Giles.

  93. Adele Marsh says:

    Have read The Bleeding Land and Brothers Fury – when will the 3rd book be released. Great story about the fictitious Rivers family especially interesting as I was born in the area depicted which makes the story so much more “alive”. Hope I don’t have to wait too long !!

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Adele, I’m delighted that you enjoyed The Bleeding Land and Brothers’ Fury, particularly given that the story’s setting is very close to home for you (hope it felt about right as far as you’re concerned!) I’m not sure when the third and final part of the story is coming, Sorry! In the meantime may I suggest you give God of Vengeance a go? There are two more on the way in that series, so lots to go at. :) All the best, Giles

  94. Edward Noel says:

    Drae Mr. Kristian, I have enjoyed the two books of the Rivers Family. Will you be writing a third? I would like to see the brothers and Bess reunited. I am related to Sir Baptist Hicks, who had Campden House in Chipping Camden, burned down rather than let Cromwell get his grubby paws on to it!!
    Edward Noel

    • gileskristian says:

      Hello Edward, what an interesting relative to have! And it’s fairly clear which banner you would’ve marched under ;) I tried to convey both sides equally, or rather I tried to concentrate on the characters themselves rather than either cause. I hope that comes across in the books. Anyway, I very much hope to write and release the third book in the RIVERS’ story, but as yet I’m afraid to say I don’t know when that will be. In the meantime have you considered reading my Viking books? Perhaps God of Vengeance would hit the spot. Thanks for writing. All the best, Giles

  95. chris taylor says:

    dear Giles, just finished Blood Eye and cant wait to read the rest of the Raven saga.I have a few questions
    about historical research -you state somewhere in an interview that the Vikings had no written history, so were the Icelandic sagas passed on orally and not written down til much later? Also you refer all through
    Bloodeye to the ‘English’ – would the Anglo Saxons of the 9th c. have thought of themselves by that name?
    My final question refers to the ‘Welsh’ that give Raven so many problems – were these people the surviving population of Celtic Britons that had been pushed westwards by the previously mentioned Anglo -Saxons or did Wales [Cymru in their own tongue] already exist as a separate nation?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Chris, you are spot on regarding the Icelandic sagas. While they are great stories and useful to an extent (because they had been passed down through the generations long before they were written down) they come at least two hundred years after the Viking Age and so they do not make for good or reliable evidence. As you probably know, the name ‘England’ derives from the name Engla-land after the Angles (Englaland = Land of the Angles) being one of Germanic peoples that settled on this island during the 5th and 6th centuries. I have no idea when the people of this island first thought of themselves as ‘English’ but they were doing it in the time of Alfred, which I admit is a little later (some 60-70 years) than when Blood Eye is set. Still, I thought it would make things a lot easier if I could use the word, so I did! The perks of being a story-teller! At the time the book is set, Wales as we know it today was a loose collection of kingdoms and lordships, but its people were largely descended from the Celtic tribes of Europe who settled these isles alongside the original Iron-Age inhabitants. As I understand it anyway! I hope you enjoy the rest of the books. All the best, Giles

  96. Mike Nielsen says:

    A very big compliment to you about your Book “Götter der Rache” !

    My wife and me are waiting for Nr. 2 and we hope the Raven serie and more Books of you are coming soon written in German!!!

    They are so good as Bernard Cornwells Saxon-Storys, and i am the biggest fan of them!!!

    All the best, Mike

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Mike, thank you very much. After GOD OF VENGEANCE you have WINTER’S FIRE and WINGS OF THE STORM to look forward to because the whole series is coming out in German. If they do well there’s a good chance the publisher, Heyne, will publish the RAVEN books in German too. That would be great. So please help to spread the word over there in Germany and get everyone reading the Viking tales :) All the best, Giles

  97. Michael Routledge says:

    When will Wings of the storm be released ? After reading God of Vengeance I have a constant vigil on bookshops awaiting it !! Fantastic writing and story line !

    • gileskristian says:

      So now the follow-up to God of Vengeance is called WINTER’S FIRE and will be published in the UK on April 7th. After that will come WINGS OF THE STORM in the Autumn. Two Viking books in 2016! :)

  98. Johan Kalvø says:

    Hey, Gudenes Hevn is the first book i have ever read, i struggle With concentration and being relaxed, but i have always loved vikings and When i tried to read your book, i felt calm, relaxed and concentrated for the first time! LOVE your book, i keep Reading it over and over. When is the next book coming in Norway? Greetings from the heart of Norway, Averøy in Møre

    • gileskristian says:

      Hey Johan, thank you so much for taking the time to write. I am thrilled and yet humbled to hear that God of Vengeance meant so much to you. The RAVEN trilogy came out in Norway before that, so you should be able to find it. RAVN: Blodøye, RAVEN: Tordensønnene and RAVN: Odins Ulver. I also hope that the next two books after God of Vengeance get translated into Norwegian. We’ll see. All the best, Giles

  99. Martin Evans says:

    Hi Giles,
    I have read the whole Raven Series of Books & thoroughly enjoyed them. I would say I prefer your style of writing to all other Authors covering similar material particularly as you have written so many. There were a couple of Books (One Off’s) one dating back some years who wrote in a similar fashion to you which I also thoroughly enjoyed.
    I thought that perhaps the Raven Series had come to an end but see from your previous comments that you may re-visit.
    I read God of Vengeance some time ago now & loved it so much that I am going Stir Crazy to see what happens next. You commented earlier that you have two more in the Series in the Pipeline, what it the Time Line on these, I am at my wits end waiting for the next & find myself reading similar material but of a standard far lower than I am used to with your Novels. You do get used to other Authors writing eventually & do enjoy the Novels but I know when I am really enjoying a Book.
    Put down everything else & crack on with the next Sigurd Book please !!!


    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Martin, thank you for the compliments, I’m delighted to hear how much you have enjoyed the books. So I’ll have two books coming out next year; WINTER’S FIRE in April and WINGS OF THE STORM in the Autumn. They continue the story of Sigurd’s quest for Vengeance. I would love to write another RAVEN book at some point, but there’s much to do in the meantime. Thanks for reading! Best regards, Giles

  100. jeremy owen says:

    Hi Giles ,
    just to echo the other views on here , I’ve just finished Brothers’ Fury and am eager to read the sequel . Disappointed to find that there isn’t one !
    I’ve recently departed from my usual reading genre – crime – to try a few historical novels and came across your stuff as a recommendation on my amazon page . I’ll be giving your Viking novels a try soon , keep up the good work , all the best , Jeremy .

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Jeremy, I’m sorry to leave you hanging on the follow-up to BROTHERS’ FURY and I do hope to get the third book out at some point. Meanwhile, thanks for giving my other stuff a go. I would start with either RAVEN Blood Eye or God of Vengeance. As for AMAZON, I can’t fault their recommendations ;) All the best, Giles

  101. Hi Giles I’m a huge fan from the states. I loved the raven series ava ordered god of vengeance from a UK distributor. Can’t wait fire the other two in Rise of Sigurd series. You’ve quickly become my favorite writer but I have a hard time getting your stuff in the states. I hope you can work something out with audible because I like to listen while I’m working. While I’ve read all the Viking books you’ve published so far it’s nice to re hear the story read by someone else to us fellows working long hours. Can you keep us posted if something is in the works. My friends and I have already written to audible asking for all your works. Thanks

  102. Ruth says:

    Hi Giles
    Have just finished reading the first two books in the Bleeding Land series. I couldn’t wait to read the third one.
    Now I find their isn’t one, what happen’s to Bess? Are we never to find out? I have read the Raven series as well they are all brilliant. Look forward to reading more adventures.
    Regards Ruth

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Ruth, Yes I am hoping to finish the RIVERS tale one day. As you say, we can’t leave poor Bess in that position! But first I have two more coming in the Sigurd trilogy which began with God of Vengeance. Look out for that one if you haven’t read it yet. WINTER’S FIRE will be out in April and WINGS OF THE STORM will be published in the Autumn.

  103. Andy says:

    Hi Giles,
    I have all your books signed courtesy of Goldsboro books. I recently bought Wilbur Smiths new book because of his association with you. Would I be able to get my two books signed by you?
    Kind regards, Andy.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Andy, I’m very sorry to say I’m not currently signing copies of Golden Lion. All the best, Giles.

  104. Jan Dice says:

    Dear Mr. Christian,
    Is Winter’s Fire the sequel to God of Vengeance? When can I order that book? Also, is the Wings of Storm book out yet? I actually thought that book was the sequel to God of Vengeance. Where does that book fit? I love reading your books,especially your Viking books. I am now reading the Bleeding Land and then I will read A Brother’s Fury. Very exciting. You are truly a great writer.

    Jan Dice

  105. Ed Wenderoth says:

    Hello Giles,
    sorry, my english ist not the best!
    I am a german and i like to ask you something: Me and a lot of other interested german readers are since a lot of years waiting that we get your books translated in german language, because the rumours gave us the hope to get stuff in the amazing stile of Low, Cornwell and Abercrombie.
    Now happened something strange in Germany: In november 2015 will the publishing house Heyne release the 4. Book “God of Vengeance” (in german “Götter der Rache”) of your five-volume Raven saga. It was impossible to get any informations about that from the publishing house, as well from the big booksellers, because for us in germany ist the big questions: What the hell ist the reason that the publishing ob your Raven saga ist starting with book number 4?
    I guess that not many of the interested readers like to start with number 4, thats why i am afraid that only a few will buy that book. The result will be that your book is not a big succes in germany and only “God of Vengeance” get published in a german translation.
    There are not many good writers in historical fiction, thats why are we german fans of the genre afraid about the strange publishing strategy.
    It would be very kind if you could say something about that.

    Thank you in anticipation!

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Ed, thank you for the enquiry. I hope I can clear up this confusion for you. So, as you say, God Of Vengeance will be published in German in November. The good news is that this is the first of a new Viking series (not part of the RAVEN series). In a way it works as a prequel to Raven: Blood Eye because it is about some of the same characters (though not Raven himself) earlier in their lives. But you don’t need to read the RAVEN books before God of Vengeance – you will be starting at the very beginning. After that will come Winter’s Fire and then Wings of the Storm. Perhaps after this series the German publisher will take the RAVEN books and translate those too. I hope this all makes sense, and please do spread the word so that there’s no more confusion. I hope you enjoy it! All the best, Giles.

  106. Neil Carter says:

    Hello Giles , I have just purchased Golden Lion ,although I have only read a few pages, it seems to be another Wilbur Smith blockbuster.
    Are you going to co write any further books in this vein,or is it a one off,the reason I ask is that I understood that Wilbur was going to write about the Courtney,s Taita,and other wel known characters and would that include you ,with your historical knowledge, if so I look forward to further books.
    I do have in my possession every book written by Wilbur,and will hopefully add more to my collection.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Neil, No I won’t be co-writing any more books with Wilbur Smith. All the best, Giles.

  107. Craig says:

    Hi Giles
    I have just bought Golden Lion and can’t wait to get started. I must finish Island of Sheep first but have left Golden Lion lying by my bedside to keep up the anticipation. I look at it every night! Being a fellow African, Wilbur Smith is one of my favourite writers and I have a deep appreciation and love for his books. I was just wondering, how did you guys hook up and how did you allocate the work on Golden Lion? Just broadly.
    Many thanks.
    Kind regards

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Craig, I love that, when you have a book just waiting, full of promise, and you almost don’t dare to start it. ;) I’m sorry I can’t really talk about the co-writing process. Sorry! All the best, Giles.

  108. Christoffer says:

    Hello Giles, I love god of vengeance. I wonder if your books will be filmed? That would be really wonderful!

    • gileskristian says:

      That would be good, wouldn’t it? We’re working on getting RAVEN: Blood Eye onto the big screen. You never know. I’ll be sure to let you know. Best, Giles

  109. peter mann says:

    Dear giles

    I really enjoyed the raven trilogy and loved God of vengeance. Was just wondering if you are continuing with either of these series.


    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Peter, I am certainly continuing with the Rise of Sigurd, with two more following God of Vengeance. WINTER’S FIRE and WING’S OF THE STORM will both be published in hardback and ebook next year with the paperbacks to follow. WINTER’S FIRE is due out in the UK in April. As for RAVEN saga, it would be great to do another one but we’ll have to wait and see.

  110. Alan Kempner says:

    Hello Kristian.
    I have just finished your two English Civil War books. They were a real thrill, and I became very involved in a deeply personally way with Mum, Tom and Bess. It will be really hard to wait to see what happens with them.
    I agree with you that there is a deficit of historical fiction on the Civil War. I have tried to do my bit to arouse interest in such things among friends, but I confess that sometimes it is like trying to raise the dead. I was a high school history teacher for a time, and I was appalled at the indifference to the past among most of the students. Ignorance can be cured, indifference not so much.
    You have referred to the Civil War books as a projected trilogy. I think you will be hard put do justice to the remainder of the War in just one more book. Better to make it a five or six book series at the least. I’ll read them.
    Do you plan to finish the “God of Vengeance” trilogy before you return to the Civil War?
    Also, without giving any plans away, are there any other periods of history, besides Vikings and the Civil War about which you might write some day?

    Looking forward to whatever you bring out,
    Alan Kempner

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Alan, so you’re the one who has read both books in that series!? ;) Seriously though, I’m thrilled how you seem to have really engaged with Mun, Tom and Bess Rivers. An author couldn’t hope for more (well, apart from huge sales). I agree with you that the series could easily stretch out to cover more of the incredible events of the Civil War. However, I did put the series aside to write another Viking series, which begins with God of Vengeance and will be followed up with WINTER’S FIRE (April) and WINGS OF THE STORM later in the year. Truth is, the Viking stuff is, at the moment at least, much more popular. Still, I do want to write the third book in the tale. Maybe when the readership for the first two is up there, it’ll make sense from a time/financial investment point of view. As you can imagine, it’d be heartbreaking to spend 7 months writing it for it to get no attention, no publicity and consequently rather too modest sales. Each book’s performance determines how the trade stocks his next book. And I rather like this job! Thanks for reading, and all the best, Giles.

  111. mark Andrews says:

    HI Giles
    Love the Raven adventures its been a long time since i have found books the keep my attention good work keep it up i’m thirsty for more ,thanks.

  112. carol says:

    First let me say , like all others , that I just love your books. I checked on amazon.co.uk and your next book seems to be called Winter’s Fire. Amazon has it as Sigurd 2 out April 2016. Is this book going to have two different titles, one for release out of the UK, with one name, and in the UK with another? Im actually in Canada. :) Keep up the good work. Very cool how you got to actually be in and row a Viking Ship!

    • gileskristian says:

      Hey Carol, thank you, I’m delighted to hear that you enjoy the tales. Sorry for any confusion on Amazon. So, the follow-up to God of Vengeance will be called WINTER’S FIRE and it’ll be published in April. That will be followed by the 3rd book in The Rise of Sigurd series, which will be called WINGS OF THE STORM. I hope that helps! p.s. The Viking ship experience was amazing. Keep reading :)

  113. Anshuman says:

    I loved God of Vengence when can I get my hands on the next book

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks! WINTER’S FIRE will be published in the UK in April. That will be followed by WINGS OF THE STORM, also next year.

  114. Audrey Peeblex says:

    Hi, when will the next book in the Bleeding Land series come out?



    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Audrey, thanks for reading my Civil War-based books and following the story of the Rivers family. I’m sorry that I can’t tell you when the third instalment will be coming. It depends on a number of factors, not least whether my publisher will want to publish it. Alas those books aren’t as popular as my others, which is a shame as those how do read them seem to enjoy them very much. I’ll keep you posted. All the best, Giles

  115. Brant Northridge says:

    When will God of vengeance go to audio book?
    Awsome books by the way. I love how close to the gods i feel when i hear how the norse honored them.

    • gileskristian says:

      Wow, thanks Brant! Glad to hear how the books make you feel. Yes I’ve recently heard that God of Vengeance will be released on audio. If you keep an eye on my Facebook page I’ll make sure to keep you updated on progress. GK.

  116. Barbara Jackson says:

    I note in one of your interviews that you said you were writing a 3rd Bleeding Land book but could not say anything about it at the time. Are you able now to let us know when it may be out please? Can’t wait to see the outcome for Bess and her brothers. Love your family saga intertwined with history, and as you say there are not too many books out there about the era of the civil war. Your books has started a curiosity in me to research more about this era. Love your books, keep ’em coming.
    Regards, Barb Jax xx

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Barbara, yes I began writing the 3rd book in the series but then put it aside to start a new Viking series with God of Vengeance. I’d very much like to return to the Rivers family and complete their story, not least because readers such as yourself are eager to know what happens next! I’m so sorry to keep you waiting. For one thing it depends on whether there’s a viable readership for it, and whilst it certainly has an audience, the viking books are more popular. As you can imagine, it’s a huge time investment on my part to write the book, and a financial one on behalf of my publisher to publish it, so it has to make sense all round really. Plus, at the moment I’m deep in other books. However, I really do hope to finish the tale. I really enjoyed writing the first two! I’m also delighted that they aroused your interest in that incredible period of history. Thanks for reading! Best regards, Giles.

  117. John wootton says:

    Is there a third book coming in the bleeding land trilogy

  118. Andreas Azzopardi says:

    God of Vengeance was a great book. Though I read from your interview that there’s no written history on the time period I tried to delve into the history behind the story and ended up on this wiki page. Is King Gorm based on any one of these rulers by any chance. Thanks, keep up the good work!! Looking forward to reading your future books!


    • gileskristian says:

      Hey Andreas, thanks for this link, I’ve found it very interesting. No, King Gorm is not intentionally based on anyone, but when I visited Avaldsnes to row a Viking ship, it was easy to imagine those early warlords and kings sitting up on the hill collecting taxes from anyone who wanted to sail up the Karmsund Strait rather than braving the rough seas to the west. Thanks for sharing this, and for reading my books. Look out for WINGS OF THE STORM next! Regards, Giles

  119. Pat Murphy says:

    When is the next book in the civil war trilogy to be released ?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Pat, sorry to say I don’t know yet. Depends on the market and my publisher and other factors. Very sorry to keep you waiting. Best regards, Giles

  120. mark winter says:

    when is book sequence to GodsOf Vengance being released

  121. James says:


    I was a huge fan of the Raven books and was left wanting more when I finished the trilogy. God of Vengeance was a great read and I was glad to find out there’s a sequel. Do you have any plans to write a 3rd book in that series?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi James, so glad you’ve enjoyed the Viking books so far. WINGS OF THE STORM is coming in the UK on April 7th. We’re not confirmed yet about what comes after that. Stay tuned! Giles

  122. Nathan Magee says:


    Loved your raven trilogy and have just ordered your remaining releases to date, cannot wait to read about a young Sigurd and the forming of what is to become the fellowship.

    I would say at the moment you are one of my favourite authors up there with Gemmell and Wilbur Smith, I find your stories gripping and immersive and I suppose that is what you as an author wanted to achieve.

    What I really want to know is will we be visiting Raven again the ending has been left wide open, I want to know what happened to the fellowship, how did Raven get Sigurds sword? Who is the father in the epilogue, is it Egrith? And who had come to challenge Raven at the end?

    Kind regards

    • gileskristian says:

      A wonderful mail, thank you, and what an honour to be mentioned alongside those two fantastic writers. I suppose you know that I’ve just co-written Wilbur Smith’s new novel Golden Lion, out in September? But yes, I’d love to write another RAVEN book, so we’ll see. After all, we can’t leave the crew lying around getting lazy in Miklagard can we? But first you’ve got Wings of the Storm coming in February. That’s the follow-up to God of Vengeance. Have you downloaded my short story, The Terror? A more light-hearted Viking tale if you’re interested. All the best, Giles

  123. SCT says:

    I’m still remembering the mothers of the staff of ediciones B because I think they will not publish the third book of Raven in Spanish… Any alternative?

    Best, SCT

  124. Lee Adams says:

    Hi Giles

    Having first read ‘God of Vengeance’, I have now just finished reading the Raven Trilogy and was compelled to say how fantastic they all are. Not only did these stories keep me gripped through out, they were a brilliant historical journey back to an age that fascinates so many of us.

    Although it seems Raven’s Trilogy has ended, I can’t wait to read how the ‘Wolf Packs’ wider story progresses. Will Raven discover the origins of his early childhood as I wonder if he and Sigurd could have deeper connections?

    And could there be a prequel to God of Vengeance perhaps, in the tale behind Black Floki? How did he earn his craft for killing before becoming the chained prize fighter that Sigurd discovered?

    Thank you for writing such great work and please keep these super stories coming.


    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Lee, these are all good questions and I’d love to explore them. But I wonder what people would think if I kept going further and further back, prequels to prequels to prequels. A funny thought. ;) I’d also like to write a RAVEN 4, (we can’t just leave the crew getting soft and lazy in Miklagard, can we?) but I have many other books to write too. Look out for Wings of the Storm, coming in Feb. And thanks for reading! All the best, Giles. P.S. have you tried the Civil War books? They’re pretty full-on too.

  125. I started with your Raven books and on to good of vengeance. You’ve quickly became one of if not my favorite writer as of late. Haven’t read the civil war books but look forward to them.I’ve seen that the next in the series is due out in February. Can’t wait although I have a hard time getting your books because I live in the U.S. Had to order a copy from overseas. Can you possibly get the yarls prequel stories on audible or kindle your losing tons of money not offering on those platforms. Thanks so much

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Jacob, thanks for reading my books. I’m sorry that they’re not all so readily available in the USA. It’s all down to which publishers have bought the rights in which countries/territores. Frustratingly, no US publisher has yet bought the rights to publish God of Vengeance over there (or the Civil War books) so there’s nothing I can do about that. (Are they mad? ;) But we’re hoping that will change soon. In the meantime may I suggest the Book Depository, who say they deliver free worldwide. http://www.bookdepository.com/God-Vengeance-Giles-Kristian/9780552162425 All the best, Giles

  126. Ron Monninger says:

    I’ve given up waiting to purchase “God of Vengeance” as an Ebook in the U.S.
    A year is long enough… I just purchased a used copy online.( the first “paper” book i’ve bought in 5 years) Sorry.. You and your publisher must be losing lots of U.S. $

  127. Matthew Phillippi says:

    I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the Raven Saga and look forward to reading God of Vengeance now that I know it is a prequel and found a place to get my hands on it here in the U.S. I finished the trilogy in about a week because each book just left me wanting more. I’ve always been a fan of historical fiction but this was the first “adventure” style I had read, where the setting was not in one place (e.g. Edward Rutherfurd’s works) and this was just the thing to introduce me to it. Whether it is my Germanic blood or my love of Middle Age history in general, these books hit the right chord for me.

    Thanks for doing what you do and may your pen never run dry.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Matthew, I was delighted to read that you enjoyed your first foray into this style/genre and that you chose the RAVEN Saga. Brilliant having you aboard! Sounds like you went through the books quicker than a Norseman in a nunnery. I hope you enjoy Wings of the Storm, which is the sequel to God of Vengeance, out here in the UK in Feb. Dare I say you might also enjoy the Civil War books. Apparently The Book Depository delivers free worldwide. http://www.bookdepository.com/God-Vengeance-Giles-Kristian/9780552162425 All the best, Giles

  128. Mark Andrews says:

    Hi every one,

    What order did the books come out ,i have just read God of vengeance

    • gileskristian says:

      Viking books: RAVEN: Blood Eye, Sons of Thunder, Odin’s Wolves.
      English Civil War: The Bleeding Land, Brothers’ Fury.
      Prequel to RAVEN Saga: God of Vengeance (the Wings of the Storm coining in Feb)

  129. Bo says:

    Hey Giles!

    Just wanted to leave a quick comment! Really love your New book, God of Vengance! Those 400-500 pages went by like winddraft. Love how the story takes place around Where I actually live!

    Keep on the amazing work, and cant wait till feb and the sequal!!

  130. J Desborough says:

    When can I expect next episode after Brothers Fury

    • gileskristian says:

      Sorry but I don’t know yet. It’ll be up to my publisher. But yes I very much want to finish the story.

  131. mary.street says:

    really enjoyed ‘God of Vengenance’ would like to know whenn next book in the saga is out

  132. Jan Dice says:

    How can I buy the book, God of Vengeance?
    Thank you,
    Jan Dice

  133. D ORMSHAW says:

    God of Vengeance.
    Very good.
    Does this book continue in sequel’s if so what is the second book titled.

  134. Geoff Cooper says:

    Just finished book 2 of the Civil War Trilogy. Absolutely fantastic. Cannot wait for book 3. When can we expect this final edition on the book shelves. Cannot wait.

    Geoff Cooper

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks Geoff, I’m delighted you have enjoyed the RIVERS books. I’m afraid I don’t know when the third and final part is coming. It’ll be up to my publisher. All the best, Giles

  135. James Prince says:

    not really a question but a thankyou. Have already finished the Raven series and have just read the last page of God Of Vengeance. Just wanted to say how blooming entertaining they all are. Really looking forward to the future instalment. Going to start Brothers’ Fury tonight. Looking forward to see how you approach this period of history.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks for reading the Viking books, I hope you enjoy The Bleeding Land and Brothers’ Fury too. There’s also a short e-story out there called The Terror, so look out for that.

  136. Peter Sercombe says:

    I’m a member of the English Civil War Society Lord Hopton’s Regiment of Foote and play the role of musketeer and scrivener. I love your Bleeding Land Series when is the third part of the trilogy coming out and what is it called?
    Best wishes Pete

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Peter, sounds like a lot of fun to me. We’re not sure when the next part is coming, I’m afraid. I reckon if you can persuade your regiment (and a few others) to read the books, my publisher will be more keen to get the third and final part of the tale out there! ;)

  137. Phill morgan says:

    Just read God of vengeance, belter book, cant wait to see the characters become who their meant to be, like Blacki floki and svein. Also need to find out what happens with Raven. Class series keep them up

  138. Craig McConnell says:

    Hi Giles,

    I just wanted to thank you for the Raven series and your latest ‘God of Vengeance.’ I took a gamble on the amazon store and decided to give you a blind try. I have devoured all 4 books and the sadness I feel at finishing for the mean time is quite real. I write this line with no flattery and full sincerity, you are as good as, if not better than Bernard Cornwell. I am stunned to admit it. Thank you again, and keep writing!

    • gileskristian says:

      Craig, I’m thrilled to think that you just took a chance and it paid off. To be even mentioned in the same sentence as Bernard Cornwell is more than enough for me, but thank you very much. If you’ve not done my short e-story The Terror then give that a go. It’s a little bit of fun. You might even try the Civil War novels for something different.
      The next Viking novel, Wings of the Storm, is coming in February. Thanks again for the mail. All the best, Giles

  139. Mike Wagoner says:

    I know you get asked this often but I have been patiently waiting for Book 4 of the Raven – Blood-Eye series. Will there be a book 4? I have read about everything concerning the Vikiings (Norsemen) and Saxons and I think this series of three books is about the best. I sure want to see a book four.

    Thank you – Mike Wagoner

    • gileskristian says:

      Thrilled to hear how much you enjoyed the trilogy, Mike. I honestly don’t know if I’ll re-visit the RAVEN saga, but in the meantime my new Viking series in is full swing, the first being God of Vengeance. The next book, Wings of the Storm, will be published in the U.K in Feb. I also have a short story out there for download worldwide, so check that out too. It’s called The Terror. All the best, Giles

  140. Joe Banfi says:

    Thanks for God Of Vengeance Giles, it was definitely my favourite of all your books – just amazing.
    Is it true that the sequel is coming in Feb 2016?

  141. Brian H says:


    I apologize if this is redundant but none of the discussions below are dated. I see Wings of the Storm will be published on 2/25/16 according to Amazon. However, I’ve seen other (earlier) publishing dates on the internet such as 5/26/15. Will there be a pre-release or early edition that we can purchase? I just finished God of Vengeance yesterday on 4/21/15 and I hope I can continue to Wings in a month! If not it will be almost a full year until I can tame the waves with Sigurd again (tearing eyes and sniffles). I love what you’ve done with the Raven series and GoV is a fantastic start to another epic trilogy. I started Viking-lit with Cornwell then moved on to Robert Low and your Raven books. I’ve also read James Nelson’s books as well. I think that you and Robert Low have done the best job so far. Your attention to character details and dialogue are much better than Cornwell for sure. I look forward to Episode II whenever it is released.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Brain, I can confirm that at the moment Wings of the Storm is slated for a Feb release. The reason for the delay is that I’ve written another book in the meantime (a secret at the moment) so sorry about that. *passing you a tissue for your eyes* I love Cornwell (of course) and Rob’s Viking books are just wonderful. I’ve never read any James Nelson though, so will look him up now. All the best, Giles
      p.s. Have you read my short story, The Terror? It’s available for download only. Something different while you wait.

  142. David Clark says:

    I have just finished reading ‘Brothers Fury’ which appears to have no proper ending. Do you have plans to write a sequel or have you already written one?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi David, yes there will be a third and final book but I don’t know when it’ll hit the shelves. You can be sure I’ll shout when the fog of war clears.

  143. Mark Halse says:

    When will God of Vengeance be available for kindle?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Mark, I assume you’re based in the U.S? (as it’s already available for Kindle in the U.K.) We’re waiting for a publisher in the States to come onboard, but until they do I’m sorry to say you’ll have to wait a little longer. I hope it gets snapped up soon.

  144. Paal Dammen says:

    Hi again, Giles!
    Just finished God Of Vengeance now… Very, very good work :) hope that God of Vengeance is the first in a triology?:) Still alot of work to do in Avaldsnes for Sigurd :)

  145. Jim Ryder says:

    Just finished reading God of Vengeance – it is a briliant book, I read the Raven Trilogy a while back and loved them all, I am also watching the Vikings series on Amazon at the moment – i think your books would make excellent films or a TV series – cant wait for the next one!!

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks very much, Jim. Glad you’ve enjoyed the tales. I’d love to see a screen adaptation too. There are stirrings… we’ll see.

  146. Oscar Castro says:

    When if ever your new book “GOD OF VENGEANCE” will be release on digital form?
    Thanks and regards,

    Oscar castro

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Oscar, it’s available for download in the UK but not yet in the U.S. and other territories. I’m hoping that will change soon. Just need more foreign publishers to come aboard. :)

  147. james newman says:

    hi ive been a massive fan of your raven series since I saw you recommended by Bernard cornwell a few years ago and ive just finished odins wolves and would desperately like to see you continue this series will there be another one in the pipeline soon or have you moved on to other things ive just bought god of vengeance so will have that to keep me going but id like to say that the trilogy was utterly brilliant and my kids will truly miss raven and his friends ive read all three to them sumtimes missing some of the darker bits but they lo9ved evry minute of them thank you james

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks for the mail, James. Truth be told, even if I write a fourth book in the RAVEN Saga it won’t be for some time. However, you’ve just embarked on Sigurd’s Saga, which should keep you in the thick of it. I hope you enjoy God of Vengeance and meeting some of the crew in their younger, dare I say wilder, days. Wonderful hearing how you’ve shared the adventures with your son. Mine’s too young yet, but one day…

  148. Liam Stewart says:

    hello, I have just finished the Raven trilogy and the only thing I can say is that it was outstanding a truly great read and I haven’t been able to put them books down. I am just going to start God of vengeance, the only question I would like to ask is will we ever see raven again? Can’t wait for your other books. Thank you.

    • gileskristian says:

      I hope we’ll see Raven again, particularly as it seems another book in his saga is in demand. But in the meantime I hope you enjoy God of Vengeance. It’s a blood and mead-soaked tale if ever there was. Thanks for reading. GK

  149. carl king says:


    might be worth getting dates put on comments as this will stop people (like me!) asking questions that are lower down the page dut unsure as to when they were asked / posted


    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Carl, yes it’s a good point. I’m not sure why there are no dates on the published comments but I’ll look into it. Thanks.

  150. adam smith says:

    Giles! I’ve just completed Brothers’ Fury, and I was gobsmacked by it’s visceral punch and emotion. Just one question – will Mun go back and find Hector?

    • gileskristian says:

      Thrilled to hear your review, Adam, as that’s just what I was hoping the books would deliver. As for Mun and Hector, that just about broke my heart.

  151. Pete says:

    Come on Giles,Raven . ….more Raven please. . Need to know where he came from and where he’s going.. Do’nt leave us hanging

    • gileskristian says:

      RAVEN saga was always meant to be a trilogy, though I would like to add a fourth. Meantime though, there’s Sigurd’s Saga, with two more to follow God of vengeance.

  152. Henry B says:

    I just read the entire raven saga and gov in 2 weeks… Love the pace of the story and really looking forward to the full Sigurd story. Do you already have a release date for the next book?
    Keep up the excellent work.

    • gileskristian says:

      Wings of the Storm, the sequel to GofV, will be published in February. I know it’s quite a wait but I do have something coming before that. (top secret!) Sounds like you devoured the others. Have you done my short Viking story, The Terror? Or the Civil War books? Enough to keep you busy if you’re up for it. G

  153. Eddie Thomas says:

    When will there be a sequel to Brothers Fury. I am dying to know where this is going to end, it is such a compelling story well told.

    Eddie Thomas

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks, Eddie. Sooner rather than later, I hope, but I’m currently in the thick of Viking mayhem. Still, the Civil War trilogy will be completed. I’d like to know what happens myself!

  154. John wootton says:

    When is Giles going to write the sequel to brothers fury

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi John, I think my publisher would like more readers to take on these books before they invest in a third. Though I think we’d all like to see the trilogy completed.Thanks for reading!

  155. Dennis Strickland says:

    Love your Viking novels!

    When can we expect a sequel(s) to ‘God of Vengeance’? I’m dying to know what happens next.



  156. schalckens francine says:

    message in two parts (lol) second part… just thank you francine

  157. schalckens francine says:

    Hello Giles, I tried to get hold of your short story “The terror” but it’s only available in the U.k. and in kindle. Any chance that it will be published? It’s the only story of yours that I don’t have

  158. Jonathan Davis says:

    Thanks for responding to my previous post. I flew threw God of Vengeance. (It was amazing and I’m going to have to read it again) And I have read The Terror. I just read about the possibility of a movie or two made out of the Raven series. That’s so awesome!! I know GOV hasn’t been out too long, but do you have any idea when the next in the series will be out?

  159. Ashley Smith says:

    Hi Giles,

    Love this Q&A, great to be able to contact you directly and that you respond to everyone. Just finished the Raven series and absolutely loved it. I normally stick to Roman era novels, but you cought my eye after my interest was pricked by the Viking tv series. Incase I haven’t already mentioned… Absolutely loved every book. Bit said with the way things went with Cynethryth thought, thought Raven deserved a bit of love and happiness on that front, call me sad and soppy! Moving on to Gods of Venegence next, not sure that I can wait years for another Raven book though.

    Best wishes to you and happy writing

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks, Ashley, I was hoping the Vikings TV series might bring in a few new readers. As for Cynethryth, yes it didn’t turn out wonderfully for them, did it? Sorry about that. I do hope you enjoy God of vengeance. Glad to have led you from the Roman road to the whale’s road. Welcome aboard!

  160. Adam O'Brien says:

    Dear Giles,

    I wanted to drop you a line to say how much I am enjoying ‘Brothers’ Fury’. I did skip ahead to read your Q&A appendix and I nodded in agreement at your observation that, even now, British pubs remain divided in their loyalties! It’s fascinating that, in the 21st century, our perspective on those earth-shaking times often remains resolutely partisan. (A friend of mine, a member of the Sealed Knot, once asked a prospective recruit: ‘So, you’re interested in the civil war. Will you join a Royalist regiment, or would you prefer to sign up with maypole-wrecking, kitten-murdering rebel scum?’)

    Anyway – very much looking forward to finishing the book. Was the reference to ‘Captain Stryker’ a nod to Michael Arnold’s books?

    Thanks and best regards,

    • gileskristian says:

      ‘Maypole-wrecking’? Haha! (sounds dangerous). I’m delighted to hear you enjoyed Brothers’ Fury. That book will be published in paperback in April, which should see many more catching up with the Civil War books, which would be great. And yes, I enjoyed tipping the hat to Captain Stryker. Mike is a friend and I thought it would be rather fun. All the best, Giles

  161. Fred says:

    Loved the Raven series. Can you provide any insight as to if God of Vengeance will be available on the Kindle for readers in the USA? Greatly appreciated.

    • gileskristian says:

      Fred, there’s no US deal as yet but I’m hoping that will change in the near future. Believe it or not, it’s a tough sell over there. All the best, Giles

  162. blaž says:

    Thank you for your quick response! I liked how you included a Wend in your Odin’s wolves story… Glad to see someone include a slavic warrior in their writing! There’s a Slovenian poem of Krst pri Savici, set in the same timeframe, pagans vs christians… I always thought it deserved a good book… thanks again


  163. blaž says:

    dober dan! how come osric speaks norse?

    • gileskristian says:

      I’m not going to tell you that he’s Norse…but…he was found unconscious near a coastal village, with a head injury and a Norse knife hanging round his neck. (he’s Norse)

  164. Scott says:

    Giles, my 16 year old son and I just finished the Raven series. Awesome books. Can’t wait to read what happens next, if there is a next. We’ll have to settle for the Sigurd prequels…

    • gileskristian says:

      Great to think of you and your son sharing the stories. I don’t often hear that. Must be nice to be able to talk about the books and characters, who you like, who you don’t like etc. As for God of Vengeance, what are you waiting for? There will be two more in that series. (there’s also The Terror if you get the chance. :)

  165. Lewis Ford says:

    Could you please advise whether there will there be a further book in the series
    1. The Bleeding Land (2012)
    2. Brothers Fury (2013)

    I like to read an entire series rather than waiting for weeks or months for the next book to be published and therefore do not know whether to start The Bleeding Land


    Lewis Ford

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Lewis, there will be one more book in the Civil War series after Brothers’ Fury, though I can’t tell you yet when it’ll be published. My publisher hasn’t decided yet, as I’m in the thick of the Vikings. Have you read the RAVEN saga? All the best, Giles

  166. Josh Brunt says:

    Hello from a big fan in the U.S. Epic stories from an fantastic author. I find it a better read than Cornwell! One question, is there any way to get an e-book or paper back of God of Vengeance to the States? I tried everyway, even new amazon account with UK address and failed. I’ve been waiting so long now, I would gladly take up an oar and row all the way just to get my hands on it.

  167. Mike Dugan says:

    I am just starting to read your books.Is there a proper sequence that I should follow

    • gileskristian says:

      Yes, Mike there is. Sort of. With the Viking books you can either start with God of Vengeance and then RAVEN: Blood Eye, Sons of Thunder, Odin’s Wolves. OR, go Raven: Blood Eye, Sons of Thunder, Odin’s Wolves, God of Vengeance. The reason this works either way is because God of Vengeance works as a prequel to the RAVEN saga even though it’s my most recent book.
      With the Civil War series it’s The Bleeding Land, Brothers’ Fury and one more to follow. Hope that helps. Happy reading!

  168. Jamie Dunsmuir says:

    Hey Giles.

    Would just like to say that God of Vengeance is phenomenal. I really can’t express how much I enjoyed it! So much so that I have Wings of the Storm on preorder already despite the wait until February 2016. I will read through the Raven saga whilst I await the next release. Is there any way I could purchase/obtain a signed/autographed copy of God of Vengeance?

    Can’t wait to read more of your work and the tales of Sigurd.


    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks for the kind mail, Jamie. I’m delighted that you liked GofV so much. I had a wonderful time writing it. Sorry for the wait for Wings of the Storm. The reason for that is that I have another book coming this year, which is a secret for now. Have you read my short Viking story, The Terror? (not that that will keep you busy until 2016!) As for signed copies, the best place to look (if you can’t make one of my events – see website or Facebook for details of those – is Goldsboro Books. http://www.goldsborobooks.com/books/god-of-vengeance-giles-kristian-signed-first-edition-3898.html All the best, Giles

  169. brian maude says:




    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Brian, Wings of the Storm will hit the shelves 25th Feb 2016. The reason for the delay is that I have something else coming this year (a secret for now ;)
      The mead was a limited batch I’m afraid. Though I’m thinking I ought to sell it!

  170. schalckens francine says:

    although I have all the modcons I love the feeling of having a paper book in hands. I love to have my favourite authors (Con iggulden, bernard cornwell and of course. Giles kristian)in my library. thanks giles for the good moments and I am looking forward to your new book which I pre-ordered. best regards, francine

    • gileskristian says:

      I think we’re the same in that, Francine. And I too must have the latest Conn Iggulden and Bernard Cornwell in book form. Thanks for reading and coming on the journeys with me. All the best, Giles.

  171. Blass says:

    Giles! I just finished reading “Brothers Fury” and I cannot wait for the end of the series! When are you expecting to publish it? I really love your way of weaving tales you should publish at least one book every year maybe two!

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks, I enjoy the ‘weaving’ very much. I’m sorry but I don’t yet know when my publisher will want to release the third book in the Civil War series. At the moment I’m up to my neck in the Viking world. Have you read any of those? Look out of my short story, The Terror. As for my publishing schedule, I DO publish one book a year, though two might be a struggle. ;)

  172. Conor says:

    Hi! Is there going to be a follow up the Brothers Fury? I love the series and can’t wait! Thankyou

  173. Fhaggis says:

    Hi Giles

    I’m 3/4’s through GOV and it’s your best book by far, possibly one of the best books i have read.
    i have 2 questions;
    1. do you have a run down of Sigurds crew from the raven series? it’s been a while since i read them and i’m trying to identify crew mebers that are appearing in GOV that are still in the raven Series. i can remeber the obvious ones but a wee reminder would be great.
    2. you describe alot of events in this book by using Norse mythology which is great, but i want to know do they come naturally or do you need to “double check” or research them before hand?

    keep up the great work!

  174. Ron Monninger says:

    Your publisher is an idiot. Why are you waiting so long to release God of Vengeance as an ebook on Amazon in the US? You don’t like money? You are alienating your fans.. I’m tired of waiting.. People don’t want to buy paper books any more. This is 2015. I would pay $25+ dollars for a new release ebook for an author that I like, but I will never buy a paper book any more. I just bought Bernard Cornwells Empty Throne recently. I gladly paid top dollar for the ebook, and I got it right away . I didn’t have to wait a year. wake up!

    • gileskristian says:

      Ron, this is quite a rude email and I can’t say I enjoyed waking up to it the other morning. Your anger is misplaced. Of course I would love my books to be available all over the world, but it takes time. As for God of Vengeance, my UK publisher doesn’t own the rights to publish it in the US and no U.S. publisher has bought those rights. I could, I suppose, self publish it via Amazon, but I’m hopeful that a traditional publisher will snap it up in due course. I agree it’s a shame when readers have to wait for books by authors they like, but that’s the nature of the foreign rights business.

  175. Christopher S says:

    I have just finished reading the Raven trilogy and what a saga it is but and I am a saddened that it is over. Or is it? I really hope not because I enjoyed every sentence, paragraph and chapter of each of the books which, I can honestly say, are among my favourite books of all time, easily on par with (if not better than in some respects) Bernard Cornwell and Conn Iggulden’s work. I would, however, love to know if a new saga is going to develop after Miklagard, especially as Raven is still a young man with many more years of storytelling to go!

    Your writing is engaging from the onset and utterly engrossing with every action that unfolds. The characters are colourful and bursting with personality, heroism and fantastic fellowship banter, not to mention being so very likeable; Black Floki, Svein the Red, Penda, and of course Raven, have been my favourites.

    I have just bought The Terror, which I am eager to start and then I am on to the ‘The Bleeding Land’, a Christmas present from girlfriend, who, incidentally, also enjoys Raven. ‘Brother’s Fury’ and then ‘God of Vengeance’ will follow soon enough.

    I look forward to reading many more of your books in the future. Do keep up the excellent writing.

    Best regards.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks, Christopher. I’m flattered and thrilled to hear how much you enjoyed the RAVEN Saga. And yes, I’d love to get the crew out of Miklagard before they get soft and flabby and drink and whore themselves into oblivion. First, However, I have two more books to write in Sigurd’s Saga, but it seems you have all the rest to get through first. Let me know what you make of The Terror. That was a fun to write. Oh, and do leave a review on Amazon if you get the time. They all help (well, the good ones anyway;) Thanks for reading and for taking the time to get in touch. Much appreciated. All the best, Giles

  176. Chris says:

    Just finished God of Vengence in 2 days and it’s amazing! Love the prequal as I love the characters Bram, Svien etc

    Absolutely love your work and can’t wait for the rest of the tale, please don’t make us wait too long!

  177. Paal Dammen says:

    Hello Giles,
    I just want to say that your books about Raven is fabelous ! Im 34 years old Norwegian and have always been that guy that waits for the movie instead of reading a book :) but your book about Raven its really worth reading.
    Im soon finished with Odins wolves ( Odins ulver )
    And looking really forward to God of vengeance:)


    • gileskristian says:

      Hi paal, I’m delighted that you’re reading the books rather than waiting for the movies! (because you might have been waiting a long time ;) and great that you’ll soon be reading God of Vengeance. I think the Norwegian translation comes out in February, so not long now. Please spread the word about the books over there. Always good to have new readers aboard pulling at the oars. All the best, Giles

  178. Mike West says:

    When is the Raven saga going to continue? I loved all three books.

    • gileskristian says:

      Yes I would like to take the RAVEN saga further. After all, we can’t leave the Wolfpack lounging around in Byzantium. But first there are two more books coming after God of Vengeance, telling Jarl Sigurd’s story. I hope you’ve read GofV? So many tales to tell…

  179. Andrew Stokes says:

    God of Vengeance brilliant book, will have taken you months to write, and me days to read, brilliant read, now all that’s needed is King Gorm to get what’s due. Thank you for writing such fantastic books. Quick question though….when will the sequel to God of Vengeance be out? Best regards Andrew

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks for the kind words, I’m delighted you enjoyed the book. As for King Gorm, I agree. But we’ll have to wait and see what wyrd the Norns have spun him. Wings of the Storm will be published on 25th Feb, 2016. I’m sorry it’s a long time to wait, but I’ve got something else coming in the meantime. All to be revealed soon…

  180. Jonathan Davis says:

    I’ve already read the Raven Series and I’m halfway through Gods of Vengeance (couldn’t wait for it to be printed in the US so I ordered it from the UK). As with all the others I’ve lost many hours of sleep turning pages of a saga told through a modern day skald. I truly appreciate the thoroughness and research that has gone into the novels. And I must say that I’ve also read Bernard Cornwells novels and the gritty, bloody truth of your storytelling is much better. So as a fan…I have to ask will your next books continue the Raven Saga or Sigurd’s story up to that point. Personally I’d love to see both what happens after Odin’s Wolves and Gods of Vengeance.

    • gileskristian says:

      Wow, I’m truly flattered! BC is one of my heroes. Sorry you had to wait so long, but we haven’t signed a deal for God of Vengeance in the States yet. Hopefully in 2015, but it all comes down to whether the publishers over there feel there’s a readership for such tales. I think there


      but what do I know? So please spread the word so that we can start to get it going over there – then you won’t have to spend a fortune getting your copies from the UK! I do hope to write more in the RAVEN saga at some point. First though, two more to follow God of Vengeance. Keep reading! By the way, have you read The Terror yet? At least that is available worldwide through Amazon.

  181. r barrett says:

    when will book 3 be released of brothers fury & bleeding land

    • gileskristian says:

      I’m sorry but I don’t know yet. We’ll have to wait for the readership to catch up so we can be assured it’ll sell well enough to make it worthwhile writing and publishing it. In short, we need more readers like you! :)

  182. Maximillion says:

    Hello Mr Kristian, I just wanted to thank you for getting me back into reading after so many years. I’m in my late 20s and hadn’t really read anything since school. I picked up Raven in August after overhearing a recommendation and I couldn’t put it down. 3 months later and I’ve read the raven trilogy, god of vengeance and both parts of the bleeding land tale all one after the other and I don’t honestly think I could pick a favourite. You have gotten me through the bleary eyed train commute to and from work every day and it’s been a hell of a journey. I feel like it is the end of something now that I’ve caught up with all your books (although I still have The Terror to read), but I’m also going to take this chance to check out some of your influences and peers, already having read Bernard Cornwells the last kingdom. So again thank you for the adventure it’s been exhilarating and emotional. Keep up the great work.

    • gileskristian says:

      An amazing mail, thank you so much. I’m thrilled to have been a part of your reading renaissance. And it’s brilliant how you’ve torn through my entire back catalog. Looks like I’ll have to get cracking with the next one! Hope you enjoy The Terror. Great having you aboard and thanks for reading.

  183. Phil says:


    Will there be audio versions of your books?


    • gileskristian says:

      There are audio versions for some but not all. It’s frustrating. Unfortunately it’s a relatively small market and so they don’t bother much with it. Shame.

  184. Luke Ives says:

    Hi Giles! Just wanted to say I’ve read Blood Eye and Sons of Thunder and now about to embark on Odins Wolves and I’m very excited to be reading the last in the trilogy! it’s been an absolute thrill ride and some of the best books I’ve ever read so THANKYOU! I’ll also be looking forward to reading about Sigurds journey after this in God of Vengeance!

    • gileskristian says:

      Great having you along for the journey, Luke. There’s plenty more where that came from, so keep reading!

  185. David Seymour says:

    Could you please let me know when the 3rd book in ‘The Bleeding Land’ trilogy will be published.

    Thank you for your time.

    • gileskristian says:

      I’m sorry but I don’t know yet. It’ll be up to my publisher, but I suspect they’re waiting for more readers to take that series on first. Then we’ll hit them with the third and final installment.

  186. maes francine says:

    Hello,, read all your books and enjoyed reading them equally! Thanks ☺ francine

  187. Dave A. says:

    Hi Giles,
    Loved the Raven series so much. Thanks for writing awesome books. Any updates on when God of Vengeance will make it over to the U.S. ? Really hoping to see it over here soon.

    • gileskristian says:

      We’re working on it, Dave! I’ll be sure to shout when it happens. Meantime my short Viking story, THE TERROR, is available worldwide on Amazon if you have a Kindle (or Kindle app)

  188. Colin Burgess says:

    When is the 3rd book in the Civil War trilology published?

    • gileskristian says:

      The paperback of Brothers’Fury will be out early next year but I’m sorry to say I don’t know yet about the 3rd. I’d love to finish that tale though. Maybe when a few more readers have found the first two.

  189. Jimmy Mcintosh says:

    Hi Giles, started reading the raven series a few months back really enjoyed them fantastic read thankyou. Was wondering whether you had any plans to continue the series? Just finished book 3 going to start reading God of vengeance tomorrow

    • gileskristian says:

      I’d love to return to the RAVEN saga at some point, but first there will be another two to follow God of Vengeance. Look out for my new short story though. And I hope you like GofV!

  190. Chris says:

    Morning Giles

    Hurry up and write more books!!!!!

    Loving your work, by far my favourite author

  191. maes francine says:

    Sorry my tablet. has hickups just wanted to say. iP4re-ordered wings of storm ! Can’t wait thanks

  192. maes francine says:


  193. maes francine says:

    Hi giles, I am trying find Hope that helps . Tried amazon uk but without success. Can you help and let me know when it was released. Thank you so much. Regards , francine

  194. Rob Hutton says:

    Hi Giles,
    Looking for the order of publication of your series books, in order that I can read them in sequence.



    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Rob,
      So in the Viking series it goes God of Vengeance (which is a prequel to the RAVEN saga) RAVEN: Blood Eye, Sons of Thunder, Odin’s Wolves.
      In the Civil War books: The Bleeding Land. Brothers’ Fury. Hope that helps.

  195. MANUEL says:


    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Manuel, I’m sorry that the 3rd in the RAVEN saga, Odin’s Wolves, has not been published in Spanish yet. The publisher, Ediciones B, has not bought the translation rights yet. I’m hoping they do, so that you get to finish the story. All the best, Giles.

  196. maes francine says:

    Hi giles, when can the third book ok the bleeding land triology be expected? Can’t wait. Thanks a lot.

  197. Buster the Red says:

    Hello there!

    Big fan of the Raven series! Just finished God of vengeance, bloody great! Turned my dad on to it and he loved it as well. Just an Idea have you ever thought about releasing merchandise such as T shirts? I can imagine the characters would be great for the front of the t shirts. Such as Svein (Personal favorite), Black Floki or Sigurd himself as a young man in God of Vengeance or Sigurd the lucky in the Raven Saga.

    Many Thanks


    • gileskristian says:

      Good of you to spread the saga, Buster. I’d love to do character T-shirts but I’m not convinced there would be enough call for them. Maybe one day. Glad you liked GofV. Check out my short story, THE TERROR, out for download on Amazon. Let me know what you think. GK

  198. Tom says:

    Hi Giles,
    I type this from my the bar hotel in Tunisia having just finished God of Vengeance in a day (I was so engrossed I forgot I was sitting in the sun and I am now rather burnt!) Fantastic read and really good to see the origins of Sigurd come to life and take shape. Makes me want to get home to re-read the Raven trilogy and pick out the crossover points. I am really looking forward to the next one. Can you tell us what book you will be having published next?


    Tom H

    • gileskristian says:

      Don’t look for cross over points – you might come across continuity errors! Ha! But is it wrong that I’m almost pleased you were so into the story that you didn’t realise you were sizzling. There will be another two in the God of Vengeance series but I’m also working on a secret project. Watch this space.Oh, and look out for the short story, THE TERROR.

  199. I can hardly wait for book 4 of the Raven series…….excellent reads. Thank you.

  200. John Arthur says:


    Just finished reading the raven series thoroughly enjoyed it. By far the best books I have ever read. I am delighted to see you have released a new book and can’t wait to read it, especially the fact it is the story of Sigurd!
    I would also love to read your other two books but I am still engulfed in the life of a Viking!
    Keep it up!
    I would also love for you to carry on the raven series!

    • gileskristian says:

      Wow, thanks John. I hope you enjoy God of Vengeance – I loved writing it. I’ve got a short story coming out for Kindle this week too. A Viking tale called THE TERROR. But yes, so give the Civil War books a go if you can. They’re full of action too.

  201. maes francine says:

    When will the 2 other books of the Sigurd saga be released?
    Thank you, Francine Maes

  202. maes francine says:

    Hello Giles,
    Just saw there will be two more books on the Sigurd saga

  203. maes francine says:

    Hello Giles,
    Just saw there will be two more books on the SIgurd’s saga

  204. michael hands says:

    Hi there have you any plans to continue with the raven series

    All three books are excellent , so I want more please


    • gileskristian says:

      I’d like to, yes. But first there are two more books in Sigurd’s Saga (following on from God of Vengeance) so we’ll see after that.

  205. maes francine says:

    Have bought the raven series . Read blood eye . Superb. I just could not stop reading . I also read god of vengance loved it also. Powerful tales …Thank you.

    • gileskristian says:

      You’re very welcome!Thanks for taking the time to tell me you’ve enjoyed the tales.

  206. josh says:

    I know you’ve written Gods of Vengence( I pre-ordered the paperback)
    But will the actual Raven series remain a trilogy or will you write more?
    I really enjoyed it and so was wondering if you planned ot do more or not


    • gileskristian says:

      There will be two more following on from God of Vengeance next. I’d like to re-visit the RAVEN Saga. It’s certainly not written in stone (or in the runes) that it has to remain a trilogy.

  207. maes francine says:

    Your latest book god of vengance is superb. I read it with lots of joy and when I finished it I immediately ordered 5 more of your books. Don’t stop writing please. Thanks from an “old” lady of 70 :)

    • gileskristian says:

      Amazing! Thank you for your faith, for taking the plunge and buying everything I’ve written. I hope you enjoy them all. And don’t worry, I have no intention of stopping. In fact, I’m thinking that when I retire I might write a book. Thanks again for getting in touch. (And as for being 70. Pah, that’s not old :)

  208. Bryan says:

    Hello Giles,

    I was just wondering when we can expect God of Vengeance in the U.S.? Will it be a mass market paperback like the Raven Trilogy?


    • gileskristian says:

      Can you believe it, but there’s no deal in the U.S. for that book yet. I know! What’s wrong with the publishers over there? Don’t they know what’s good for them? I’m hoping this situation is put right soon. One way or another there will be Vengeance in the U.S.

  209. Simon Howard says:

    Hi Giles,

    Loved the Raven series.

    Just finished This Bleeding Land which started very strongly but, for me at least, lacked punch at the end – felt a bit like a book too busy trying to pace itself over a trilogy rather than concentrating on being a great read in itself – I think it would have benefited from some elements of plot resolution to help it stand up as a book in its own right ( who knows – may eat these words when I read the sequel!)

    Main reason for writing, however, is to say PLEASE drop the constant references to all things ‘snot’ – really enjoy all of the gory descriptiveness in your books, as one expects and relishes in any ‘Cornwell’ type historical fiction, but that particular bodily function turns my stomach and, in my opinion, is used way too frequently and graphically in your novels.

    Otherwise, keep it going – you are a very fine writer and one of the best in the genre.

    Cheers, Simon

    • gileskristian says:

      Funny that you’ve no problem with shocking, gruesome violence but can’t deal with a little snot. We all have our Achilles heel. However, if I wrote my books to order I’d never please anyone. Thanks for reading. I hope I’ve not put as much snot in the new one but I can’t be sure.

  210. Evan Corbett says:

    G’day mate,

    I’m reading the Raven series for prob the 4-5 times and i’m picking up new things every time i turn the page, it the mark of a benchmark author well done.
    One thing i just came across but never thought about it before was – Sons Of thunder, Chapter 4 Cyn leads raven to a cove where they become close.
    Why was she crying afterwards? Raven had a brief memory flash back to the Welsh girl he took, did he allow his passion get the better of him or was there something deeper Cyn was holding on to?

    Thanks again for these epic saga novels, my bookcase wouldn’t be complete without them,

  211. Jeff Moss says:

    Loved the story, the characters and the drama. Can I ask you go easy on some of the language. Many newer writers start with great books and very soon think grittier and more corse language helps, it dosnt it turns many of us off.
    Look forward to the next act of vengeance

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks for the mail, Jeff. I do appreciate your feedback. Still, I must admit I do find it quite interesting that you appear to be fine with terrible violence and murder most gruesome, yet language, mere sounds on the air, offend you. Strange lot, aren’t we?

  212. Jon says:

    Are there any plans to release God of Vengeance as an audiobook?

  213. mark says:

    You have produced yet again a brilliant historical fiction story. I have a couple of gripes though. I found it hard to connect with Sigurd initially and would have much preferred to have a longer telling of his child hood and connection to his father and family. Did you also ever consider telling the story in first person?

    The second gripe is really selfish. What am I going to read now to match that? So hurry up Giles, Bernard and Conn!

    PS – and how can you possibly not have a deal for your books in the US….

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Mark, you may have a point about seeing more of Sigurd’s childhood. Perhaps I thought it might come across too similar to the format of the RAVEN books. Or, more likely, I just wanted to get into the thick of it sooner rather than later. With most readers you’re better off striking hard and fast. Character development is all well and good but moving the story forward is even better. Essential really. As for writing it First Person, again, I’d done that with the RAVEN books and although it’s fun (and dare I say it easier) writing 1st person, you are limited in the story telling. Obviously, as you can only see the world through the narrator’s eyes. EG. I wouldn’t have been able to show you the other characters in their own settings before they meet Sigurd. Lastly, the US thing – I agree entirely. How can there not be a readership for this sort of tale?

  214. Diana says:

    Hi, you just can’t leave us waiting for the next book in the civil war!! I Need to find out what happens to Bess Tom and mun, please make your publisher see sense and reason and put us all out of our misery!!! I loved the raven books too and can’t wait to read your new Viking book, but I am not going to until I have finished the civil war trilogy, so I hope I don’t have a long wait.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Diana, I agree with you that we need to know what happens to them all. I’d love to write the next RIVERS book, but alas it’s not as easy as that. We’re still waiting for more readers to find that series in order to make it worth the time (and money) to continue with it. Personally, I think it’s a sleeping hit and that its time will come. And when it does I’ll be ready! I am sorry to keep you waiting though. Meantime, do read God of Vengeance. It’s my favourite so far.

  215. Michael Thompson says:


    I have just finished reading the last of Bernard Cornwell’s Viking novels, and I just can’t get enough of the subject. Now I intend to read all yours, and to make sure I start off on the right foot, could you please advise me of the titles in chronological order.


    Michael Thompson.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Michael, ok, so, start with God of Vengeance. Then RAVEN: Blood Eye. Sons of Thunder and lastly Odin’s Wolves. Happy reading!

  216. Barry Streeting says:

    When can we expect the third book in the Civil War series?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Barry, it all depends on my publisher really. I can’t write it until they want me to. I do want to finish the tale though and I’m sorry to keep you waiting. Get all your friends to buy The Bleeding Land and Brothers’ Fury and then my publisher will think it’s worth doing the third one! ;)

  217. Chris Griffin says:

    Just adding my voice to the pleas from the US! I happened to get lucky and find Raven on Sunday… Sadly, I’ve now burned through Sons and Wolves as well! I’m going into withdrawl! I just signed up for the mailing list, so keep us posted! In the meantime, maybe I’ll go found out what happens if I order from Amazon UK…

    • gileskristian says:

      Yes, Chris, there’s no US deal in place yet for God of Vengeance yet and even if we do get one it may take a while. So do try to get it from Amazon UK if you can.

  218. Keith says:

    Hi.I have just finnished reading God of Vengeance and like all your other books may i say what a great read it has been.I am now on my way back to the start of the Raven trilogy to give them another read.Many thanks.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks for reading, Keith. I couldn’t write them if you didn’t read them. Glad to hear you enjoyed God of Vengeance.

  219. ZAC says:


    • gileskristian says:

      I hope so. We’ll see. If it happens I’ll let you know on here and via my Facebook page.

  220. William says:

    Hello Giles, I have read the Raven series, actually finishing Odin’s Wolves a few days ago, and I need more! So I found out about God of Vengeance and I have been searching for it and I cannot seem to find it. I was wanting to know if the book has been released in the U.S. or when it would be released. I can’t explain how much I love the Raven series and I would love to know about more about the Jarl Siguard the Lucky. He is my favorite character. Thank you from a simple reader. William

    • gileskristian says:

      I’m delighted you enjoyed the RAVEN books so much. As yet there is no publishing deal in the States for God of Vengeance. I am hoping that will change as word spreads. One way or another we’ll get it released over there, but sorry for the wait. And thanks for writing.

  221. Nancey London says:

    I am in the middle of Odin’s Wolves, and already read the previous two, all three as Nook books. I am starting to worry about what will be available to read next. I really must have God of Vengeance, and wonder if you know if it will be out as a Nook book in the future, and if so, when? Once I get hooked into a genre, I don’t want to let go, and I am thoroughly enjoying your books (and yes, I also read all of Bernard Cornwell’s). I started reading all of these prior to discovering the History Channel’s Vikings series and I quickly caught-up on Season 1, and have been right on top of Season 2. I am looking forward to Season 3. I am delighted that there are so many common elements in terms of historical accuracy and portrayal of the culture.

    So, thank you, and will GOD OF VENGEANCE be available as a Nook book soon?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Nancey, I’m afraid I have no idea about the Nook side of things. However, all my books are available as ebooks (for Kindle etc) so I’m hoping you’ll be in luck. The issue is where you are, of course, as there is no deal in place to publish God of Vengeance in the US yet either as physical or an ebook. As for Vikings on TV – great to see them making an impact and spreading the Norse spirit. Thanks for reading.

  222. jim rasmussen says:

    Great book, God of Vengeance, previous Whale Road. Both sides of my family came from Norway, Stavanger & Skanevik.
    Makes me wonder what they were like in Sigurd’s time.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thank you. God of Vengeance is mine but I can’t claim the excellent The Whale Road. That’s by Robert Low, a wonderful writer. Our place over there is about an hour from Bergen. Beautiful. :)

  223. AJ says:

    Hi Giles,
    I’ve just finished reading God of Vengeance and I thoroughly enjoyed it, you capture the spirit of the northmen better than any other writer I’ve come across. I was wondering whether you are planning on writing a sequel to this in the near future? As the ending left a great deal of unfinished business.


    • gileskristian says:

      Thrilled to hear you enjoyed it so much. Well you’re in luck as there are two more coming, making this a trilogy like the RAVEN saga. You’re right of course, Sigurd’s sword song is far from over.

  224. Dennis Sorensen says:

    Hi Giles,

    Being from Denmark, I was thrilled when ‘Raven – Blood Eye’ was first released and I have loved every second of reading the three books in the series. I have just ordered ‘God of Vengeance’ and can’t wait to read that, as well (awesome cover, by the way).

    The reason I am writing to you, though, is to ask is you have a deal in place to have the books translated into Danish, as I know my father would absolutely love to read them. He loves historical fiction but needs them to be in Danish.

    Thanks again for your great work!

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Dennis, at the moment there is no deal in place for a Danish translation. They are all translated into Norwegian, if that is any better than English for your father? If we get a deal in Denmark I will be sure to let you know either on here or on my Facebook page. Really glad you like the God of Vengeance cover. I love it, though the paperback version will look completely different (more commercial).

  225. Óscar Vallés says:

    Hello Giles!!!.
    Will be published in Spain the books “Odin’s Wolves” and “God of Revenge”?. I have “El ojo de Raven” e “Hijos del Trueno”, very good books.


    • gileskristian says:

      Thank you. I really hope so but we’ll see. I think the publishing industry in Spain like many others has been going though a tough time. I would like to see both RAVEN saga and God of Vengeance published there. If anything happens I’ll let you know via my Facebook page.

  226. Darren Green says:

    In the authors note, the bleeding land. You refer to very little fiction being written about the period. I have often thought the same about the wars of the roses and in particular the battle of Towton Moor. Any possibility of you exploring the most brutal battle in English history?

    • gileskristian says:

      Well now you’ve got the mighty Conn Iggulden and a great new novelist called Toby Clements writing about this period and they’re not the only ones. So I don’t think I’ll go there. No intentions to at the moment anyway.

  227. Jim Eves says:

    Hi Giles,just seen your tankard for God of Vengeance and was wondering were if possible to obtain one,it wouldl go well with the book when i get it from Goldsboro on the 24th.Best Jim.

  228. K says:

    (So sorry if this is a duplicate. I believe my last post failed but cannot be certain as the Science Box is not always in my favour.)
    My question was wether you have seen any of the Canadian-Irish produced tv programme curiously titled “Vikings”? (Airs on History Channel in North America & LoveFilm in UK.) The screenwriter is Micheal Hirst who is also set to adapt one of Cornwell’s works. Will you be writing your own adaptation one day? It must be such a challenge to tell the same story in two very different mediums. Like pouring all of the flavours of a four course meal into an energy drink?
    I am glad for the widespread appeal of “Vikings” as it can only mean greater interest in history & more demand for it’s stories. I also loved the Refn film “Valhalla Rising” starring the incomparable Mads Mikkelsen. But, of course, books above all else! Thank you for sharing your sagas with us-you don’t so much read them as become absorbed into the mist of them. (No, that was not a typo.) Cheers!

    • gileskristian says:

      I’ve seen the first series but haven’t started on the second yet. Like you I’m happy to see Vikings making such a successful comeback, particularly as they are being done well for once, unlike almost every Hollywood portrayal EVER. Perhaps you will see an adaptation of my books on screen one day in the not too distant future. There are some very cool people trying to make that happen. But I love your sports drink analogy. Yes, it’s a totally different beast and must be treated as such. Thanks for reading!
      P.s. Loved Valhalla Rising, too. Though it was completely bonkers.

  229. Laura says:

    Hello, I’m from Mexico, and I just have finished at last the Raven sagas (by the way, I bought Odin’s Wolves trough amazon, because I couldn’t find an edition in spanish….but I was dying to know what would happen with the brotherhood), and I need to say that I love it! I am a big fan of Vikings, and I wish someday study a master degree in Viking Archaeology in Scandinavia.
    Here in Mexico is very difficult to find a good book about Vikings, and even more hard to find out a really good novel about them, so find out Bloodeye has been a nice surprise, and share all the way with Raven and company has been a really awesome and marvelous experience that is sometimes even in my dreams, because I had come to get along with the characters: Black Floki, Svein the Res, Sigurd, Bram, Bjarni, Bjorn, Raven….Congrats for create such an awesome story!
    Warm wishes from a far far away land named Mexico

    • gileskristian says:

      It’s wonderful to think of you enjoying my Viking stories over there in Mexico. Thanks for coming along on the journey and well done for getting hold of Odin’s Wolves (good Viking spirit!) as the Spanish publisher has not taken that book yet, though I’m hoping they will. I know what you mean about coming a long way with the characters. They feel like old friends to me, which is partly why I wrote God of Vengeance. I wanted to spend time with them again, and because it’s a prequel I was able to bring some of my favourite characters back from the dead ;)

  230. Matt says:

    I love the raven books I hope we can get the new one. Your books are easily comparable to Caldwell. Also do you know when your other series will be available in the US? Thank you for what you do you make reading for a guy with a reading disability enjoyable instead of a chore.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks so much! But by Caldwell did you mean Bernard Cornwell? If so that’s a huge compliment. He’s an incredible writer and has had over the years the biggest influence on me. I hope the other books make it across there but no signs at the moment. Thanks for reading.

  231. mark says:

    Raven is up there with Halfden Strongbow, Hereward and Uhtred! Keep telling his tales, they’re brilliant! Thank you Sir!

    • gileskristian says:

      Thank you, Mark, that’s great company. I hope you enjoy God of Vengeance. Regards, Giles.

  232. Sharon says:


    I see that your new book God of Vengeance is out on 10th April and available for pre-order. Do you sign the copies that you sell from your website or would I have to wait for one of your signings at Waterstone’s or elswhere?


    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Sharon, sorry this seems to have slipped through the net. I don’t sell signed copies myself I’m afraid. Your best bet is Goldsboro books. Or else one of my talks or signings. I have several coming up around the place.

  233. Cindy Evans says:

    Hello, I just finished Raven Blood Eye. You have made another fan. Excellent book, full of thrills and unexpected surprises. I will buy all your subsequent novels in this series. I think you comparable to Bernard Cornwall. Cindy Evans, Lewisport, KY.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thank you, Cindy. To be compared with the mighty Bernard Cornwell is more than I could hope for. I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed the books so far. Look out for God of Vengeance in April, though I’m not sure how easy it will be for you to get hold of a copy across the pond. Thanks for reading. Best regards, Giles.

  234. John wootton says:

    Giles when is the third book in the civil war series due

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi John, I’m not sure at this point. I’m taking a Viking interlude, with God of Vengeance out in April and maybe more to follow. But I really do want to finish the Rivers’ story, and I have made a start on it. It’s just that, to be honest, there’s more of a market for the Viking stuff. For some reason it’s hard to get folk into the Civil War as a period. I honestly can’t think why. Sorry to keep you waiting. GK

  235. John wootton says:

    The civil war series absolutely fantastic when is the third book due.

  236. Henry Thaler says:

    I had previously commented on the exciting Raven Blood-Eye series, and was hoping for a continuation of that saga. Therefore, I was in no hurry to acquire The Bleeding Land, assuming that it would be a rather “tamer” story and in a different time and setting than the “Vikings”.
    Well, was I ever proven wrong! The story starts off rather “slowly”, and I believe deliberately, although it did establish the principal family and indicated the rising tension between Royalists and Parliament supporters. Suddenly, I was grabbed, and thrown into those turbulently confusing times of political, religious, and power strifes, amid more “action” and gruesome scenes than I had even hoped for!
    The impact of these “revolutionary” events on the principal family’s characters is unbelievably wrenching, and these developments offer a much more multi-layered story line than the “Raven” series, which I thought could not be equalled, much less exceeded. An extra bonus for me was a history lesson of these times, including the excellent postscript explaining source materials, and literary liberties taken when needed.
    Somehow, I believe the author has developed a writing style which is simply addictive, and I found myself re-visiting many of the scenes as I was trying to fall asleep past my bedtime! Okay, enough, now I can’t wait to grab “Brothers’ Fury”.

    Henry Thaler

  237. Gaute says:


    I am from Norway and I love your Raven books. The two first books is translated into norwegian, but not the third one. Do you know if the third one will be translated into norwegian in any near future?

    • gileskristian says:

      I love having Norwegian readers and that was the translation deal I was most excited about, being half Norwegian myself. We’ve done the deal for Odin’s Wolves, the 3rd RAVEN book, but I don’t know when it will hit shelves over there. It’s coming though! Thanks, Gaute. All my best, Giles.

  238. Christine Johnston says:

    Are you going to continue with the Series Raven? Amazing series and would look forward to reading more.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Christine, well the prequel, God of Vengeance, is coming in April. This is Sigurd’s story, about how he became a jarl and a man others will follow. It’s a mead and blood-soaked Norse saga, my best yet.

  239. Hi Giles!
    I really have enjoyed the blood eye raven book one and have almost finished book two. I am bookmarked at chapter 19.
    I need some advice in a writers perspective. I have been writing for a while and find it very enjoyable! my teachers say I am really good and my friends at school enjoy reading my chapters as I finish them. I prefer the classic, dragons, vikings, monsters, warriors, hobbits etc. but I have kind fallen into a rut. I am stuck on the place I am now and can not find inspiration. I have had a lot of trouble focusing on what comes next. anyway, I wanted to ask how do you find inspiration that helps you create such masterpieces!? your stories really reach out to me and I can honestly say, I connect! normally I would go out for a long walk and brain storm. I would take a note pad and sketch ideas for scenery and even base characters off what I see. for example I designed a character based off a tree. strong, hardy, and a bit on the closed up side. This character tuned out rather interesting. though due to my parents going out a lot and the cold weather. I am to stay inside. I fined it harder and harder to get ideas for my short novel. do you have any suggestions on how you get started writing?
    many thanks and warm wishes
    fumblingly sent

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Haley, I know where you are coming from. Sometimes it can be hard to keep the momentum up. When that happens to me I like to watch a great film – something in the right genre – and that often inspires and excites me to get writing again. Everyone is different but that’s one of the things that works for me. The other thing is to read. Read authors who inspire you. Believe it or not, I used to design my own book covers (with the help of designer friends) and put them around Bernard Cornwell books. ;) My advice is to keep going. Also, may I recommend you invest in a copy of the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook 2014. It’s full of great advice and invaluable information. It’s something that should be on every writer’s shelf. Good luck! G

  240. Richard Fisher says:

    Love your books – nearly finished Brothers Fury and wondering when the next book in the series is expected.

    • gileskristian says:

      No plans for the release of the third in the Rivers series yet, Richard, I’m sorry to say. We need more folk to read the first two to make it worthwhile. I’d love to write it though! And the story


      to be finished. Maybe after my current Viking journey with Sigurd and his new crew. God of Vengeance is a stand alone book but fits in as a prequel to the RAVEN books. Look out for it in April – or better yet pre-order to make sure you get a copy. Thanks for reading the Civil War books though. Good man :)

  241. Marcel says:

    Hey Giles,

    I’m not that good at writing long story’s, so don’t expect anything fancy or something ;)
    I’ve read almost all of your books. I really enjoyed the Raven series. I think it was the first English book I read, and that the book Blood Eye actually got me more into reading. And know I know that there will be a new book coming about Sigurd I just can’t wait till it comes.

    I was just as excited when I saw that there was another series. I bought the book immediately and loved it. For some reason I always thought I’d also read the second book, Brothers’ Fury. But when I wanted to check on some updates, I came to the conclusion I haven’t yet read that book. I prefer books in paperback, cause I think it’s easier to hold on to and that it’s just more comfortable. But the problem is, I can’t find the paperback of this book anywhere. I did actually find one page on Waterstones, but it says it will take 132 days until publication. Is that just a fault, or does it really take this long? And if it does, could you explain me why, would really appreciate it :)

    Greetings from the Netherlands,

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Marcel, my books come out in hardback first and then in paperback a year later. So if you miss the hardback you have to be very patient, I’m afraid. That’s the way my publisher does it. The paperback of Brother’s Fury is coming out here on April 10th (same day as my new book God of Vengeance)so do look out for it. As for God of Vengeance, maybe you should get it in beautiful hardback so you don’t have to wait another year to read it.
      Thanks for getting in touch. I’m sorry your mail slipped through the net and I took so long to reply. Best, Giles.

  242. Jason H says:

    Hi Giles!

    I’ve been hooked on your books ever since reading Raven : Blood Eye! I see that in May 2014 God of Vengeance is coming out (can’t wait!) but when will the third book about the Rivers brothers be out? Please let that be 2014 as well!

    • gileskristian says:

      I wish I could tell you that the third Rivers story was coming soon. But I’m back with the Vikings for the time being. Hopefully the Civil War books will whip up their own wind and I’ll come back to it, but they’re more of a slow burn sales-wise. So please recommend to your friends! The story needs to continue. Meantime, if you happen to pre-order God of Vengeance do send the email confirmation to pa@gileskristian.com and you’ll be entered into a prize draw to win some very nice Viking plunder. Thanks for reading the books, Jason. Best regards, Giles

  243. Carlos Falconi says:

    Hi Giles!
    I’m writing from Mexico. I loved Raven Blood Eye and Sons of Thunder, but have not found Odin’s Wolves here in my country and I just wanted to ask if you know if it is for sale here or I have to buy it online.
    I have really wanted to know what happens after the “defeat” of the Wolfpack in Sons of Thunder hehehe

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Carlos,
      I’m just trying to find out if the Spanish publisher, Ediciones B, will be taking Odin’s Wolves. I hope so because it doesn’t seem fair to publish the first two in a series and not the third. You can expect the readers to be upset if that happens. Keep an eye out on my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/GilesKristian and I’ll announce it if they take the book. Regards, Giles

  244. Thomas McAfee says:

    Just finished Raven saga, fantastic!!!

    Just a thought, but have you ever studied Brian Boru High King of Ireland? How he developed as a warrior and marked the expulsion of the Vikings from Ireland after the battle of Clontarf.

    Your the man to bring such a hero to life!!!


    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Tommy, yes I think Brian Boru’s tale would be a brilliant thing to do and I’m flattered you think I’d do a good job of it. But I just have a little too much on my writing plate at the moment. Thanks!

  245. Oscar Carvajal says:

    Has the third part of RAVEN´s trilogy been printed in spanish? Is it available for LATAM countries? I´m writing from Colombia. Unfortunately it is so difficult to find your books here. I can´t wait to finish this trilogy that i satrted more than 3 years ago for the same.

    Best Regards.

    Oscar Carvajal.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Oscar, this is a question I’m getting a lot and I just wish I was able to tell you it’ll be available soon. However, I don’t think the Spanish publisher has bought the translation rights for Odin’s Wolves yet. I really hope they do, as it’s not fair on the readers to leave the tale unfinished. Thanks for being aboard so far though. Best, Giles

  246. Chris Robinson says:

    Hello Giles,

    This isn’t a question as such, just wanted to say thank you twice:
    1 – for the fantastic RAVEN series
    2 – for the great news that there will be further books in this series

    I have a degree in English Literature, and although I know that novels such as those written by yourself and the likes of Cornwell and Scarrow will never be thought of as ‘literary classics’ I must say that I think that writers of your ilk have a wonderful skill in sweeping a reader along in a rousing tale. There are many different definitions of ‘literary classic’ and I wanted you to know that I thought ODIN’S WOLVES was absolutely brilliant. I felt quite downcast when, having reached the end, I realised this was the final book in a planned trilogy. However, I was then delighted to learn that more Viking tales will follow. That’s how much I enjoyed it – I was crestfallen when I thought, ‘That’s it… no more Raven…’

    I will soon purchase THE BLEEDING LAND and I will make sure I set aside some ‘special time’ to read it (possibly as a treat for completing some examination board marking duties.)

    Best wishes,

    Chris R

    • gileskristian says:

      A wonderful email, thank you, Chris. And I’m delighted you’ll be sailing with us again in May when God of Vengeance launches. In the meantime I hope you enjoy The Bleeding Land. All best wishes, Giles.

  247. Coby Palfreyman says:


    I’m writing from Utah right now. I would just like to say that you’ve made an enormous impact on me. I loved reading the Raven trilogy, and read the books in one sitting each, Sons of Thunder on a plane to England and Odin’s Wolves on the way back. Needless to say, I was seeing Norsemen on the streets of London and Edinburgh every time I closed my eyes!

    I loved the books dearly, and really identified with Raven himself; hell, I even had a fan-crush on Cynethryth. They made me want to discover more about where I myself came from. My mother’s side of the family is Scandinavian, and now I’m so immersed in the culture I might as well be drowning, but I’ll die happy!

    Anyway, I don’t really have any questions, but I just wanted to say that you are one of the greatest authors I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading, and keep up the good work!


    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Coby, thanks for getting in touch and taking the time to write such a kind email. I can totally appreciate you ‘seeing Norsemen’ as you put it. Whenever I’m in Norway, walking around Bergen harbour perhaps, I recognize myself in the locals. I feel as though I fit in. I’m so pleased that you have enjoyed the tales as much as you clearly have. If you use Facebook you can keep up with the latest news and goings-on. https://www.facebook.com/GilesKristian?ref=hl
      And Cynethryth eh? (Don’t worry, I have a crush on her too ;)

  248. Shelagh Davison says:

    Dear Giles. What a lovely surprise to receive your signed book and feel privileged that you signed it for me as well as the bookmark. I shall treasure it because of the memories it brings for me of meeting you and your family on holiday in Cyprus. I have begun reading it and it is gripping me as it has action from the beginning, no floundering around with background information.
    The housework is having to take a backseat whilst I read!
    Meeting you and your family was a great pleasure especially as your daughter shared birthday celebrations with myself and my daughter.
    Best wishes to all the family and with many thanks.
    Shelagh Davison

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Shelagh, it was my pleasure to send it, and I’m thrilled you’ve rattled through it by the sounds (waded through the gore more like). As for the housework, that can wait when there are other times and places to be visited! It was a pleasure meeting you both. As you might have guessed, Aksel is tearing around the place now, full of confidence, and Freyja is looking after him wonderfully. They’re the best of friends and we’ll enjoy that while it lasts ;) Wishing you all the very best, Giles.

  249. Mike Loughman says:

    A few notes from Downunder , Loved the Raven series but felt it ended early , What happened between Raven at Milkgaard and the bitter old man waiting for a bloody death in the Northlands. And will the questions of how a Norse speaking lad ended up in Saxon England be answered in the prequel. Hope both these questions will be answered in forth coming books. About to start the Civil war series, i have a leaning for the Royalists from my readings about Prince Rupert and the Marquis of Montrose but will try not to let this effect my reading . Will you ever tour to Australia , Melbourne has a good writers fair and the weather would no doubt be better

    • gileskristian says:

      Mike, you are of course absolutely right in feeling that the saga hasn’t ended. There’s no way we can leave the Wolves lounging around getting soft in Miklagard. Not a chance. But first things first and we’re back to the beginning – actually well before the beginning – with the new book God of Vengeance, which is Sigurd’s saga. So I’m afraid it won’t answer your questions (as Raven isn’t in it) but it is great fun to write. It’ll be out here in May, so make sure you plunder yourself a copy. Leaning towards the Royalists eh? I’m saying nothing, you’ll have to make up your own mind which way I’m leaning. ;) All the best, Giles

  250. maybe i can make you love me
    maybe i can make you need me
    maybe i can make you want me
    and make you change your mind
    love you forever

  251. Diego Dominici says:

    Hi, Giles.
    I’m writting from Argentina. Let me tell you, first of all, it is amazing to be able to communicate directly with such a talented author!! I want to let you know that Blood Eye and Sons of Odin absolutely hipnotized me! However, I can’t find (at least in my country) any version of Odin’s Wolves in spanish. Is already available the translated version of this third book? I have no problems in getting the english version, but I like to have the entire collection in spanish.
    Thank you very much!

    • gileskristian says:

      Hey Diego, thanks so much for writing ‘all the way’ from incredible Argentina. I’m thrilled to hear you have enjoyed sailing the whale’s road with Sigurd, Raven and the rest of that motley crew. However, I’m sorry to say that the publisher Ediciones B has not yet decided to buy the translation rights for the third book, Odin’s Wolves. I receive so many emails asking when the Spanish version will be out and I hate having to tell people that I just don’t know. Perhaps you can email them http://www.edicionesb.com to tell them to get on with it! ;) In the meantime look out for the prequel God of Vengeance in May, all about Sigurd. It’s going to be a helluva tale. Regards, Giles.

  252. Joey Evans says:

    Hey Giles, I just finished reading the Raven trilogy and… WOW! I can hardly put to words how much I love these books. From the salt spray of the seas to the blood letting in the battles, the stink and mire of ancient Paris to the shimmering grandness of Constantinople. Piled on top of feeling all of the emotions of Raven, from a pup to a wolf. The depth of each character from the great and wise Sigurd, to the red haired battle giant Svein, and even the weasel faced sniveling monk becomes a likable character. I have always favored historical fictions and fantasy books but these are extraordinary. I look forward to immersing myself in the brothers series, and hope to see the wolf pack sail again. Thanks for the stories and keep ’em coming :-)

    • gileskristian says:

      Joey, I read this while on holiday in Cyprus and it put a real spring in my step as I returned to my cold beer by the pool. The way you sum up the trilogy is wonderful and, though I don’t often ask, would you mind putting the same thing up on Amazon? Please don’t go to any trouble, but your review really struck a chord. I’m delighted you feel this way about the tales. All the best, Giles.

  253. Jeff Elsom says:

    I have just finished reading Raven book 2 “Sons Of Thunder” , and I must say what a cracking good read! Just the right amount of action,drama, history and humor. I will definitely be obtaining a copy of “Odin’s Wolves”. I was also very pleased to read that you are currently working on a prequel to the Raven series, featuring Sigurd the Lucky.Will this book feature the origin/introductions of the rest of the Wolfpack?I would love to see how Sigurd teamed up with Black Floki( my favourite character), Bram the Bear, Olaf, Svein the Red, Bjarni, Bjorn, etc.Your style of writing is very reminiscent of the great Bernard Cornwell, who I have been a fan of for many years, and privileged to meet a number of times via the sadly now defunct,Sharpe Appreciation Society,. Is it also possible to buy a signed copy of “Odin’s Wolves” via yourself/your PA?It is my 55th birthday in October, and it is something I would treasure. Carry on the good work and the excellent storytelling!

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Jeff,
      Funny you should mention it but God of Vengeance is indeed all about how Sigurd put his first crew together, how he met Black Floki, Bram Bear and the rest of them. It’s enormous fun for me discovering who these guys were as young men and what drew them to Sigurd and vice versa. As for your comment RE my writing reminding you of Bernard Cornwell, I can hope for no greater compliment. Mr Cornwell has inspired (and personally encouraged me) since I began my career, for which I’m eternally grateful. Yes, we should be able to sort you out with a signed Odin’s Wolves. If you drop me a line at info@gileskristian.com we’ll sort it out. I usually give an address to which to send the book (with return postage) and take it from there. Thanks for reading! Regards, Giles.

  254. Juan Carlos Ramos says:

    Hey Giles greetings from México.
    I have just finished reading the raven series and I just wanna thank you for such an amazing trilogy. I love the way you make me feel like if I were among the characters. I’m definitely going to read your other books.
    Anyway, I read that you are writing the RAVEN prequel. Do you already know when is it going to be finished/released?? Thanks

    • gileskristian says:

      Hey Juan, thanks for the mail. It’s so great to hear that you loved the books. The prequel, God of Vengeance, is coming in May. It tells the story of Sigurd and how he became a great jarl. I’m having so much fun writing it and I cannot wait to share it with you all. You had better sharpen your sword!

  255. Jim Cartwright says:

    When will the next Raven book be written , I can’t wait . Brilliant books

    • gileskristian says:

      I’m writing God of Vengeance now! It’s a prequel to the RAVEN Saga and tells Sigurd’s story. Look out for it in May (or even better pre-order it now). Thanks for the compliment.

  256. Lloyd says:

    Hi Giles.

    Would like to say i loved Raven Blood eye and have bought the second one and am looking forward to it arriving.

    I have a question about the first book. On page 84 Raven is rowing Serpent away from land in the storm. He says “i glanced over my shoulder at the distant cliffs” but if he was rowing would the cliffs not be infront of him?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Lloyd, from the look of it you would of course be absolutely correct! I can’t imagine what happened there, or why no one else ever picked up on it. As for myself, I haven’t read that line since I first wrote it some 9 years ago. Funny coming back to it after all this time (and mildly annoying to see that I cocked up). Well spotted, sir.

  257. Mark says:

    Wow! Just read your first 2 books of the Rivers family..I have to say – amazing books! I read your previous Vikings trilogy about Raven Blood-Eye and I didn’t even know you had new releases till I saw it on amazon!

    Any word on when book 3 will come out? And I have to say – you really got me hooked, looking online now about this Civil War. You really bring to life the realism of how it all went down…Toms the man!

  258. Christine Johnston says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Raven series. When will you be adding to it?

  259. Daniel Mata García says:

    Escribo esto, para decir, que me acabo de comprar El ojo de Raven. Solo he leído la dedicatoria inicial, y se me han puesto los bellos de punta. Sin duda alguna empezaré a leerlo de inmediato.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks for writing, Daniel. I guess you might be a little further into the tale by now? I hope you’re enjoying it and that you’ll come aboard for the second adventure, Los Hijos Del Trueno.

  260. Andy Finkel says:

    Hi, Giles. I have just finished reading the whole Raven trilogy and really loved them. (We met after your talk at History Live and you kindly autographed two books for me. I am a wargamer, and one of the games I play is SAGA, a dark ages skirmish game where each players commands a warband of roughly 50 fighters from one of a variety of nationalities, inc Vikings, Anglo-Saxon, Welsh, Byzantine and Carolingian – (i.e most of the scraps that Raven got into). My wargames club is running a Saga tournament in October, and I wonder whether I could ask you to autograph a few copies of the first Raven book to give as prizes. If so, please email me and I’ll give you my contact details. Thanks

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Andy, yes I can do that for you with pleasure. I see we are in contact through my PA too so I’ll mail you with an address to send the books to via that. Thanks for attending my talk at Kelmarsh.
      Best, Giles

  261. Eddie Silverwood says:

    Just like to say love your books, you have the ability to make the reader feel they are actually there…you are an amazing writer! When is the final book of the bleeding land trilogy released? One final thing.. I live in Bottesford in Leicestershire and wondered if you have ever heard the true tale of the witches of Bottesford from the 17th century i believe, i think you could turn the story into another great book.

    All the best Eddie

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks Eddie, that’s very kind of you to say. More than anything in my writing I try to put the reader in the thick of it, so I’m thrilled to hear that that’s the way you feel about it. I’m afraid I don’t yet know when the final book in The Bleeding Land series will be published. I’m currently writing the RAVEN prequel, which I’m having great fun with. It seems like a good time for Vikings at the moment and for now I’m happy to be back aboard my longship.
      Thanks for drawing my attention to the story of the witches of Bottesford. I’ve never heard of it but will look it up. Cheers, Eddie! All the best, Giles.

  262. joshua craze says:

    Hi my name is Josh and I’m from South Wales. I’m an avid history fan and have loved every one of your books.
    The Raven saga really captures the blood and grit of the viking life and the Brothers series is giving a great insight into different peoples characters and motivations.
    Just wanted to say how much i am enjoying your books and can’t wait for the next installment.
    I hope you decide to add another to the Raven ‘trilogy’ and was excited when i read in the authors comments your idea (if not wholly feasible) to take the wolf pack to North America.
    You might think me a little presumptuous but I do have an idea in that region I would like to put to you.

    Good luck and keep up the fantastic work.
    Joshua Craze

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Josh, thanks for reading my books and for taking the leap from the Viking Age to the Civil War. I think that in that one line you’ve summed up both series very well indeed. The next Viking novel will be published next May. God of Vengeance tells the story of Sigurd as a young trouble-maker and how he began to make his fame. Often there is a quest with these sorts of books, a sword or precious object which the hero is searching for. In this tale Sigurd is after something much more important that anything you can hang on a wall or stick in your sea chest. He thirsts for revenge.
      As for taking the Wolfpack to North America, I can’t see it happening for the foreseeable future. But never say never. If you have an idea maybe you should have a go at weaving a tale yourself? All the best, Giles

  263. Gabriel Lovo says:

    Hi Mr.Kristian I enjoyed Raven Blood Eye I write you from Nicaragua in Central América, the book comes to me as a gift from a sweedish friend and I really enjoy it, all the framework is really good, quite realistic. I have a couple of question what is your opinión on the movie Pathfinders? and do you think that in the future you can write about the vikings tales and adventures in this side of the Atlantic? will be amazing. So good luck in the travesy!

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Gabriel,thanks for writing. Pathefinder? That’s the one where the Vikings are portrayed as horned helmet-wearing monsters, isn’t it? I think it’s garbage. I wonder how films like that ever get made. As for setting a Viking tale on your side of the Atlantic? I’ve always quite fancied doing that, but I can’t see it happening for the foreseeable future. I am just now writing the RAVEN prequel, a tale about Sigurd before he became a jarl. It’s a story about something which the Norsemen took very seriously indeed. Revenge. :) It’s out next May. Thanks again for getting in touch, and for reading. It’s wonderful to think of my tales traveling so far.

  264. Elizabeth Mulcahey says:

    I have just finished reading The Bleeding Land which you signed for me at History Live at Kelmarsh Hall. Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the story. Still can’t make my mind up whether to be a Royalist or a Parliamentarian! You really bring the period to life in all of its gory glory. I even stayed in my garden chair during a shower of rain this afternoon as I was so busy at Edgehill!
    Looking forward to getting the next one.
    Liz Mulcahey
    Great cover design by the way!

    • gileskristian says:

      I love that you sat there getting wet because you were ‘in’ the Battle of Edgehill. I couldn’t ask for more! And I’m thrilled that you think I’ve managed to capture some of the sense of it all. Thanks for the mail and for the chat at Kelmarsh. And yes, great cover ;)

  265. Kathrin Röhl says:

    Hello Giles,

    fortunately you can get nearly everything via amazon.

    Nice to hear that you have good memories of your time in Germany. You should absolutely make a try to publish your books in Germany. Perhaps the publisher of Bernhard Cornwell would be a good idea. His books are very popular here and you write about the same stuff.


  266. Kathrin Röhl says:

    Hello Giles,

    I’ve just finished Brothers ‘ fury and just write to tell you that you again managed to fully meet my expectations and produced real good stuff again. My congratulations for such a fine book. I enjoyed to read it even so it -as expected – according to your habit of writing long, interlaced sentences and your fondness for seldom used old fashioned words turned out to be a challenge again because I’m no native english speaker.
    Even more than in The bleeding land I wasn’t able to take sides between the two parties of war, So I ended up beeing on both sides just wishing that everyone may survive and having to endure one death after the other. What bloody times, making cruel bastards out of good men.
    How does the book sells here in Germany ? Your are not so very popular I fear -which is a shame. I wouldn’t have kown your books if I had not stumpled by chance over Raven bloodeye in a bookstore in Scotland. Well I’m looking forward for the next volume of your new series.

    Greetings from Germany

    • gileskristian says:

      I’m delighted that you managed to get hold of the book at all, as I’m not published in Germany. I would have thought the Viking stuff would go down well, but no translation deal there yet. As a singer/songwriter I toured a lot in Germany and have very fond memories of the country. Indeed, I spent so much time recording in Frankfurt and miss the place. Maybe I should come over and persuade a big publisher there to take my books! As for you not taking sides in the Civil War books, I think that’s the best way. Thanks for reading.

  267. Paul Schofield says:

    Hi Giles…..do you have any idea whether ‘Brother’s Fury’ will be available on AudibleUK as an unabridged reading? Do you have any control as to whether your great tales are sold in audiobook format? It was very frustrating to get the first Raven book on cd only to find the other 2 were never made as audiobooks. Hope that you have some influence on this and can get all your stories made available in this format. Cheers Mate.

  268. Tom Rhoads says:

    I just finished reading the Raven series and thought it was fantastic. I now have a deep yearning for more. I am very excited to hear of you writing a prequel to the Raven series. I am looking for a recommendation. I have not read any Bernard Cornwell or Robert Low material yet. I am leaning toward Robert Low because it seems closer to the Raven series and I want to go on another sword norse viking adventure! I actually plan on reading both author’s material. Who do you recommend first and is there any others? Thank you.

    • gileskristian says:

      Great that you enjoyed the saga and that I can count on you taking to your sea chest for the RAVEN prequel. In the meantime you must definitely read Robert Low’s Oathsworn series. He is a wonderful, gifted writer and there aren’t many people alive who ‘get’ the Vikings like he does. You should also read Cornwell’s Last Kingdom series. And his Warlord Chronicles (the first being The Winter King). It’s not Viking stuff but it is stunning. I can’t help with the order. What do the runes say? ;)

  269. george smith says:

    Hello giles,
    I have been meaning to email for a while now but never got round to it. I have not long returned from afghanistan serving in helmand province while i was out there my wife sent me raven bloodeye I was a bit reluctant at first but once started every time I Came off patrol and had down time I was reading it then the next 2 followed. They remain the best books I have ever read and always will once I had finished I refused to read anymore books as I didnt think they would live upto yours and I was right! These books helped me through the toughest part of my life and I just wanted to say thank you for writing such an outstanding trilogy! best, george smith

    • gileskristian says:

      George, you have no idea how much this mail means to me. The fact that you, a modern day warrior, could identify with my motley crew – and the fact that the tales helped you through such a hard time – blows my mind. I think you will like the prequel to the series, Gods of Vengeance, coming out in the spring. Meanwhile you might like to try The Bleeding Land and Brothers’ Fury. You may also enjoy Ben Kane, Anthony Riches, Bernard Cornwell and Robert Low. Thanks for taking the sea road with Sigurd and the Wolves. I’m very glad you came home safely.
      All the best,

  270. Steve says:

    Hi Giles
    I have read raven blood eye and I’m half way through the second book quit frankly I can’t put it down, I have been urging to write my own book for many years and after reading your wiki I’ve finally started . I have two interests one being uk history mainly Vikings and on the other scale fantasy books with dwarves, elves and magic . I’m currently going to uni and doing my history diploma so I can become a teacher. So I’m in two minds wether I will be to much for to do right now but none the less it has been started.
    My question is , can you give me any advise on writing ( I’m obviously going to have my own stile ) but I’m just looking for any small tips .
    You know yourself that being an author in this era is going to be a lot harder there are just so many books out there, any tips would be much appreciated

    Kindest regards

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Steve, I do apologize for being so long in replying to this. I’m not exactly sure what kind of advice you’re after but the best thing you can do is find an author or book that really inspires you and then try to identify what it is about them/it that really does it for you. Then make sure you do all the same things in your own tale. I wouldn’t worry too much about imitating said book, because as you’re writing yours it will have your own unique voice. Another thing I always say is that however tempting it is, don’t show anyone what you’ve done until you’ve gone over and over it and ideally left it alone for a while and come back to it with fresh eyes. You’ll be amazed how what seemed great at the time seems not so great after a couple of weeks away. I do advise using a critique service if you can. There are two I can recommend. http://www.literaryconsultancy.co.uk/ and http://www.writersworkshop.co.uk/literary-agents.html. They will appraise your work-in-progress and give you invaluable feedback on how to make it better and/or more saleable. They may even help try to attract a literary agent if they see the potential. Lastly, plunder yourself a copy of the Writers & Artists’ Yearbook. It is our bible and is chock full of useful information. Good luck and happy writing! Best, Giles

  271. David Shepherd says:

    I am really enjoying reading the Bleeding Land. I have always been interested in the English Civil War since studying it for A Level History. I would probably have been a Parliamentarian. I remember writing a long paper on Sir Thomas Fairfax. It looks as though your book may be televised . Is this the case? Your battle scenes are very vivid and really bring the action to life.

    • gileskristian says:

      There’s no talk of seeing this series on TV yet, though I do think it could work very well. I never studied the period at school so you have one over on me there. But I’m glad you’re enjoying the first. Brothers’ Fury next, and things get messy!

  272. Bryan Moiser says:

    Hi Giles,
    I’m not given to writing to authors but I have just reached the end of Odin’s Wolves and wanted to thank you very much for taking me on such a fantastic voyage. The characters were so believable. I enjoyed every minute in the shieldwall with them and mourn their passing. I also seem to have developed a craving for mead.

    I look forward to reading the Bleeding Land trilogy.

    I learned of your writing when Waterstones in York were promoting your work alongside that of Tim Severin. I had not read much historical fiction before and suddenly I can’t get enough of it. I am now beginning 1356 by Bernard Cornwell to see how Thomas of Hookton is faring and then I am aiming to pick up the rest of Bernard’s Warrior Chronicles having read the first novel in my quest for all things Viking.

    So thank you to Waterstones for the introduction and to you for opening up the road to adventure.

    Best wishes,


    • gileskristian says:

      Bryan, it’s sad when you come to the end of the saga. I miss my old friends. Which is why I’m breathing life into them once again with the RAVEN prequel! It’ll be out in the spring and tells the story of Sigurd. And it’s going to be a real rip-snorter. In the meantime I do hope you give The Bleeding Land and Brothers’ Fury a go. They’re different from the viking stuff but I think you’ll enjoy them. Maybe over a glass (bottle) of mead. May I recommend Moniak Mead. A very tasty drop. http://www.highlandwineries.co.uk/#&panel1-2
      Thanks for the mail.

  273. Jim Eves says:

    Competion: Favourite Character .I can not see beyond Raven,although there are others very close and Brothers`Fury is really picking up the same pace as the Raven series had,great news about the next new Raven , i have my sea-chest is packed and ready to go.

    Best Jim

  274. Ian Wickes says:

    Hi Giles

    I have just finished Odin’s Wolves and thought I would drop you a line to say how much I enjoyed them. Embarassingly I came across them by pure fluke – I recommended a friend of mine Raven: Blood Song and he got the name wrong and ordered your book by accident, but then loved the tale and counter-recommended it back to me. I have absolutely devoured all three of the series, and will look to read your Civil War series just as soon as I get my ‘to read’ pile down to a more manageable level!

    Raven, Sigurd and co were such great company though – I have read Cornwell’s Saxon series and while those were fabulous books in their own right, having Uhtred constantly getting bogged down with Alfred and the christians rather than the far more colourful Vikings always grated. Sigurd’s wolves scratched that itch perfectly! I loved the cameraderie, the banter, it really brought the characters to life, and as a keen participant in creative vulgarity thoroughly enjoyed the similes which peppered the text.

    Thanks for such an enjoyable series, and know that I will be following your future publications with keen interest and a loosened sea-chest.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Ian, there was no fluke in that. It was simply Loki up to his old tricks. But you got there in the end which is what matters. It’s funny what you say about the Uhtred books. As much as I love them (and I really do) I would get so frustrated that Uhtred stuck by Alfred. I too wanted desperately for him to join the other side. But Cornwell knew full well that we’d all feel like that and I’m sure it served to draw many even deeper into the tales as they watched for signs of Uhtred giving in to his true nature ;)
      Creative vulgarity? I love that! And yes it’s so much fun inventing all those insults. Glad you approve. I’m currently writing the prequel to the RAVEN saga, the tale of Sigurd as a young man and how he became the sort of warrior that draws other men to him. It’s so much fun to write and the vulgarity is getting very creative indeed. I hope you come aboard when it launches in the spring. All the best, Giles.

  275. James says:

    Hi Giles, I’m currently reading the Raven series while juggling it with Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon series and the Rome saga by M.C. Scott, a fine trio! I’ll resist picking up your latest series for now or I’ll soon be picturing Raven in Royalist armour.

    As a media student I am interested in learning more about your accompanying short films and trailers. Films for books are something new to me and I was wondering what inspired you to start doing them. Also, how much of a say did you have in the production of these clips? I know the title reads ‘writer’, from your YouTube videos, but did you have the entire idea formed and then approach Urban Apache Films, or did it take a different route?

    From what I have found there are 3 in total. Short and extended versions for Odin’s Wolves and a trailer for TBL. Are there more? Or are there plans in the pipeline?

    Lastly, I hope the little town of Newark makes an appearance in your latest series. It did play some part in the civil war, you know!

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi James, Raven in Royalist armour? No that doesn’t work at all does it? Still, I’m not sure how you manage to immerse yourself in all three books at once – I didn’t think we chaps are supposed to be any good at multi-tasking. As for the book trailers, I met a superb director and we decided to try something a bit different. Odin’s Wolves, the full-length version of something like 12 minutes, was somewhat extravagant for a book trailer. Certainly I don’t think anyone else in the genre had made a trailer to match its production values at the time. Since then, however, some others (including the mighty Cornwell) seem to be taking trailers further too. The trouble is, of course, that film making is incredibly expensive and most book releases simply cannot justify the expense (book royalties are pitiful for the author!) and so what you tend to end up with are poor quality, cheap-looking book trailers. Moreover, we’re so used to movie trailers that we cannot help but compare them at which point, of course, the book trailers come off very badly. As for our trailers, the Odin’s Wolves script is taken from the book’s prologue. I was fortunate in that the director had such a strong vision and what’s more it matched my own brilliantly. Nevertheless, I’m a great believer in collaboration and Phil’s own talent and vision is what made the thing so special. You’ve seen the ones we have out there but we’re currently trying to put a short film together so watch this space.

  276. Patrick says:

    Hi Giles
    I have Just finished Brothers Fury took me three days and it was hard to put down some outstanding work you have done there and its predeccessor I rate as one of the best Historical fiction works I have ever read I was also thrilled that you Included my Regiment In the Bleeding land (The LifeGuards).
    My Question is how far do you plan to go with the series is it to be till the end of the civil war or further to the restoration?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Patrick, it means a lot to me that someone who clearly knows the period and the fighting side of things enjoyed the books. As for the third in the series, I don’t know yet when it’s coming, though in my mind I wasn’t going to go as far as the restoration. Please encourage your regiment to read the books, as without the readers I simply can’t write them. Oh, and I’m glad I got your regiment in there. I hope I did them justice.

  277. david wood says:

    hi, in odins wolves,at the bottom of page 166 there is mention of “mice stuffed with pork and herbs”.was this a real delicacy or did you put this in for a laugh?

    • gileskristian says:

      I wouldn’t put it past myself to have done it for a laugh, but I suspect I found the reference somewhere. Certainly the Romans bred and enjoyed field-mice or door-mice. I believe they fattened them up and ate them covered in honey. Seriously. :)

  278. Niko says:

    Hello Mr. Kristian, Í have thoroughly enjoyed the Raven series and look forward to starting with The Bleeding Land. Problem is that I’ve been e-reading the last years and that Amazon.com doesn’t sell this series (yet?). Being Dutch, I cannot order Kindle content from Amazon.co.uk. I guess all kind of publisher rules and pricing issues will be the cause of this (as usual), but if you see any possibility to get your books as Kindle items to amazon.com, I would be grateful. The 2nd installment is almost there, so time to read the first, wouldn’t you say? Thanks in advance!

  279. Louie Shaw says:

    Hi Giles, I’m about halfway through Bleeding Land and I’m loving every page of it, it’s great to see a historical fiction novel about the English Civil War, which I’ve always felt like is a war that has been somewhat overlooked and treated with the attitude of ‘a ghastly bit of business’ best forgotten about (just look at the lack of commemoration of some of the battle sites) even though for good or ill the war was the foundation of British democracy.

    I’m interested in your opinions on Charles I himself – I had always seen him a lamentable despot who was the chief cause of the misfortunes that befell England, Scotland and Ireland, though I have recently read a biography that put things into better perspective, that Charles’ need for obedience was from a deep insecurity and need to be loved by his subjects, fueled by his physical weakness and his god awful treatment as a child by his admittedly complete oddball of a father James I. How do you see him?

    Also, do you think that this point in time is a sort of renaissance for historical fiction? Never have I seen more shelf space devoted to the genre and enthusiasm with the subject, although admittedly for me for entry point into the world of yourself, Kane, Cornwell etc was George RR Martin’s phenomenal fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones, which although is admittedly fantasy, has a plotline and world that resembles historical fiction.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to Brother’s Fury and will be reading the RAVEN saga too!


    • gileskristian says:

      Louie, I agree with you that the ECW seems to have been somewhat neglected in fiction, at least in terms of action adventure stuff that really puts you in the thick of the fray. As yet I’m not sure there’s really an audience for the subject either, but I’m hoping to help change that. Drip drip drip. I think the issue of Charles is, as you infer, a complicated affair, rather like the ECW itself. He was outrageously stubborn but also very devious. There’s no question that he was largely responsible for a truly abominable number of deaths, but then so was Cromwell in the end. I think he would have infuriated and baffled but I also think he truly believed he was the inheritor of a legacy, a world view that he was not prepared to see utterly wrecked on his watch. No one can deny that for all his apparent physical weakness he had no lack of conviction and he died bloody well. For what it’s worth.
      I hope the genre continues to thrive – though I’d be happy if some of the Roman fiction readers came over to Vikings and ECW. They can be so boringly predictable and afraid to try something different. So come on, you legions, pack your sea chest and take the whale’s road! Thanks for the mail!

  280. Jean Hunt says:

    Just wanted to say that I have just finished the Raven Series. Really enjoyed. Will look forward to your future works. would like to hear more about other characters in more detail.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks, Jean. I’m currently writing the prequel to the RAVEN series. This will be the tale of Sigurd in his young Hell-raising days. It’s so much fun getting to resurrect some of my old crew mates and learn what they were like as younger men. I hope you jump aboard when it launches in the spring.

  281. Heidi says:

    I absolutely love the Raven series. I very much hope to see a sequel. It doesn’t seem as though the story has been told, and I am wondering what comes next. It was such a great read–thank you! I, too, stack the Raven series up there with the Saxon Series.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks, Heidi, I also hope to see a sequel. AND a prequel come to that. I want to write the story of Sigurd as a young hell-raiser and how he met Black Floki, Svein the Red and some of the others. I think that could be great fun.

  282. Stuart says:

    Hi Giles,

    I thought that I would post a comment to say that I just finished reading your Raven Saga and found all three of your books very enjoyable. I work as an archaeologist and read them during my lunch breaks. One of the sites that I was excavating on although not Norse, dated to the period during which the Raven Saga is set. It was great to read your books at the same time as you would often make note of the items that the Vikings carried (i.e amber, whetstones, combs, eating knives, antler, etc). Quite often these finds would be discovered and reading your books on my breaks, reinforced how treasured and useful they must have been to the person who once owned them.

    Whilst carrying out research some time ago I came across an interesting hypothesis (In ‘Readers Digest, The World’s Last Mysteries’) which put forward the theory that ‘Quetzalcoatl’ in Mexico may have been a Viking who was blown off course whilst sailing for America in the 10th century. What would your own opinion of this be and would you ever consider including it in any future Raven novels you may hopefully write.

    Lastly have you ever read Tim Severn’s Viking series, if so what did you think of it. I have read it myself I did not think that I would find another Viking saga that would grip me as much as it had; but after reading your books it was nice to be proved wrong.

    Best Wishes

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Stuart, fascinating to hear of my tales accompanying your real ‘hands on’ archaeology. Seems quite poetic in a way – you digging for the past with you hands and me digging for it with my imagination. Wonderful to think the one can compliment the other to provide a more rounded image of past times. I’ve always secretly hankered to be an archeologist (Time Team has been my fave programme for years!) But as you say, it’s the small personal object that can really give an insight into the lives of those long gone. Those objects help us to realise that in so many ways they were the same as us (or should I say we’re the same as them?). I have heard the Quetzalcoatl theory you mention though I must admit I haven’t really looked into it. Mind you, it would make a great idea for a novel, wouldn’t it? (Wonder if anyone’s already done it). I have not read Tim Severin’s series but I have heard very good things about it. Too many good books, not even nearly enough time! Thanks for writing. All the best, Giles

  283. Maurie Kerr says:

    Thanks Giles for three of the most interesting & entertaining books I have read in a long time. I refer of course to the Raven Trilogy, great books. Haven’t seen your two English based books out here yet, but hope to soon.
    Please get Raven and his brothers out of Miklagard ASAP, before they get too used to the easy life.
    Thanks again
    Maurie Kerr
    Queensland, Australia
    PS: You keep writing them & I’ll keep reading them.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Maurie, I’m always thrilled to see my Fellowship making themselves known in distant lands, and they don’t come much more distant than that. Do look out for The Bleeding Land (just last week published in paperback) as although it’s very different from the viking stuff, I think you’ll enjoy it. The story follows two brothers and their sister as they do what they can to survive the bloody chaos of civil war. As for Sigurd and his reprobates in Miklagard, I couldn’t agree more. They’ll be getting soft and we can’t have that, can we? I think Sigurd will sort this out soon. I’ll keep you informed. Thanks for reading! Best, Giles

  284. John Gomez says:

    Hei Kristian,

    I just finished Odins wolves and boy, did my mouth go as dry as Ravens during those hard fights he had at Miklagard. My own roots lie in Northwest of Spain in a town that lies actually in a ria where Sigurd and his wolves tried to rest untill they were cast out by flying stones and arrows. just 8 km from where my parents live (Galicia NW Spain) there is a town called Catoira where they still celebrate the fact they defended Santiago de compostela from a viking raid. So it was very nice to see something of that old history coming back in your last book (hmm…really hope not the last). Anyway, what I wanted to tell you is that I have been also proud to have joined you at the Sea Serpent to ride the waves in search of silver and glory. I truly hope the Norns are still spinning and allow me be again part of your crew on board of the serpent. Let the war horn sound again as soon as you can for I will be sharpening my blade and jumping aboard sooner then a fart leaves the arse.

    Have a good day!


    • gileskristian says:

      I loved writing Odin’s Wolves. It had so many fun and different elements, situations and locations. Amazing that the tale struck a chord in terms of your own geographical heritage. The Med really wasn’t an environment the Norsemen could thrive in but, as you say, they certainly went there and there are records of raids (most unsuccessful it would seem). There will be another tale so make sure you keep your sea-chest close by. When the horns sounds I will be waiting for you…

  285. Edward Sharman says:

    Hi Giles any chance of you doing a joint book with Joe Abercrombie of the first law trilogy series I think you and him could really tell a tale both your styles would work well together?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Ed, I’ll take that suggestion as a great compliment as I’ve head very good things about JA. But I’m not really sure how such a collaboration would work. I do, however, like the idea of having to only write half a book ;) Hope you’re well, Sheriff. Look out for BROTHERS’ FURY on May 23rd. It’s utterly brutal.

  286. Mig Davies says:

    Hello Giles

    I met you and you kindly signed my books at the Jorvik Viking Festival in February, you said if i emailed, you would send me a DVD copy of all your promo book videos. I would be sooo grateful if you could still do that they are fantastic and so are your books. Hope you are well Mig and Ian. If you send me your email i will send you my address so you can send me the much awaited C.D with all the Raven videos on it.

    many thanks Mig

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Mig, I only have the Odin’s Wolves short film on DVD but I’ve just come across your email again (sorry, I must have misplaced it) and will mail you this DVD this weekend. Thanks again for coming to see me at Jorvik. Regards, Giles

  287. Sofie says:

    God aften Giles!;)

    I have been reading the two first books of The Raven triology, been waiting for Odin’s Wolves to come out in norwegian in April, since september!! I love and have a real facination for my ancestors here in Norway, my bloodlines goes back a 1000 years, my mother is a berserk on family history and have researched where we come from.. I cant tell how proud I am to read your books and feel you have done a incredible job on those “hardbarkede” Vikings, spot On!. I adore Sigurd.. ;)
    I live In the west of Norway, couple of hours from Geiranger. A lot of history along the coast here.
    I love your books, they proudly stands next to Bernard Cornwell (Saxon series) and my favourite norwegian author; Vera Henriksen (Bodvars Saga, recomended!)

    Thank you for writing!

    Farewell, and hope Odin makes you more curios about us Norwegians and all our “Viking”-history..

    Love from Norway <3

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Sofie, so Odin’s Wolves is coming out over there in April? I had no idea.But cool! Thanks for your kind comments, I’m delighted that you feel I’ve done our ancestors proud. As for Sigurd, I adore him too! (in a manly way ;) and the fact that you have my books next to Bernard Cornwell’s is good enough for me. May the Norns weave you a fine wyrd. GK

  288. Matt Phillips says:

    Giles – I live in the United States and would like to read The Bleeding Land. However, no eBook seems available here, and the only options for buying a physical copy seem to be through overpriced re-sellers! Any word on broader availability for that title and its sequels across the pond?


  289. Lee Myring says:

    Hi Giles

    Am a big fan of the Bleeding Land and have already pre-ordered the next book!! As you now live in Leicester (I’m from Anstey) will Leicester be taking a roll in future books at all?? As you know it was a hub of Civil War activity! A little known fact is that there was a skirmish in Bradgate Park at Lady Jane Grey’s House. That would make one hell of a side story!

    Ps, Is there a way to get my books signed at all??



    • gileskristian says:

      Lee, yes we have a rich Civil War history in these parts. Whenever I walk through Bradgate Park I day dream about the house being besieged. I’d love to write that. RE getting the books signed, when BROTHERS’ FURY is released on May 23rd I’ll be doing signings in Loughborough and Leicester so hopefully you’ll make it along to one of those?

  290. Richard Hajjar says:

    Hi Giles,

    I have been searching for quite a while for a great Viking story, and by chance I happened to pick up your Raven series. I am so glad I did! Both you and Bernard Cornwell truly do a great job in depicting the life of a Viking! Have you both ever thought of collaborating together on another Viking series? I find there are not enough authors writing about them, whether historical or fictional. Please tell me that either a new Raven series is coming out soon or at least another Viking story is on the way…….

    P.S. It’s been a while since a good Viking movie was out, what are the chances of seeing Raven on the big screen? Also, History Channel is starting a TV series on Vikings, wondering if you will be watching?


    • gileskristian says:

      Hey Richard,
      I’m glad you happened to stumble across my tale. The RAVEN saga welcomes all newcomers to the oars! I’m sure Bernard Cornwell is rather too busy creating his own wonderful tales to think of collaborating with anyone, but I am grateful that you think such a collusion would be good. As for me, yes I will surely write another Viking novel (it’s in the blood) and regarding RAVEN hitting the screen, I have recently signed a movie deal. So we shall see…:)

  291. Matt B says:

    Hi Giles

    I’ve just finished reading The Bleeding Land and found it a great read.

    I particularly enjoyed your Author’s note and reference to the ‘Sharpe effect’, which notes that the placement of a lead character in many of the key battles of a conflict could seem a bit unrealistic.

    However, I don’t think that it is far fetched at all. I was amazed reading my late Grandfather’s war record to find that he was on the ground with the British Army fighting at the Battle of El Alamein, North Africa, the Invasion of Sicily, Italy and the D-Day Landings – some of the decisive points in WWII. It can happen!

    All the best

    • gileskristian says:

      Matt, your Grandfather’s war record is incredible! The things he must have seen. What can I say? One thing to write it but another thing entirely to live it. That’s the Sharpe Effect in full swing! I hope you enjoy Brothers’ Fury when it’s unleashed. (Nice to know people bother to read the author’s note!)

  292. John R Kenyon says:

    Will “The Bleeding Land” come out in paperback? If so, when? Thanks.

  293. James says:

    I am mid way through The Bleeding Land and am really enjoying it – I do rather like your style; not ‘watering down’ what was a brutal time… so much so, that I came here to see if you have continuations planned, hoping that when I finish the book, that simply won’t be the end. I see the second installment (Brother’s Fury) is planned for a 23rd May release. My question is, with a total lack of pre-order information on Amazon… will this also be available on Kindle from the outset??! PLEASE!!!

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi James, I’m really not interested in a watered-down, tame version of the past. For me if you can’t feel the slap of the blood hitting your face and smell the filth of battle then there’s no point. I’m glad you feel the same. As for Brothers’ Fury yes that will be available as an ebook on May 23rd. Thanks for reading.

  294. SCT says:

    Hi Giles!
    I have read the two first books of Raven’s saga. I am now craving for the third one, Odin’s wolves. The fact is that I am Spaniard and I live in Spain. I have a very good level of English, but I enjoy more a book if I read it in my mother tongue. I have gone to librarys and book shops so as to know when is the third book of Raven’s saga appear in Spanish in the shops, but they have it in English and don’t know when it will appear in Spanish. Maybe you are concerned when it is going to appear written in Spanish, as the same of other languages, are you? If not, I will wait, no problem. :)

    • gileskristian says:

      Hello there! I’m just very pleased that the Spanish version seems to have a very good following. To me that suggests that the translation is good. It’s always a strange thing to see your book set off out there into the world to be translated without you having a clue whether a good job has been done on it. As for Odin’s Wolves, I’m afraid I have no idea yet when it will be released in your mother tongue. Soon I hope! You could always try mailing Edicones B (the Spanish publisher) to ask them. I will check with my agent to see if they have bought the translation rights for that book. Thanks for reading and being part of the saga.

  295. When will the next installment of the Raven series be ready to read? says:

    I fell into the Raven series by accident but was very happy with the series. I can’t wait til the next book.

    • gileskristian says:

      A happy accident – they’re the best kind. I’m not sure when, if ever, there’ll be another RAVEN book, but I do hope there is. I feel there is much more to tell in the saga. Thanks for reading.

  296. Chris says:

    Hi Giles,
    I just wanted to tell you how much I’m loving the Raven series. I’m tearing through Sons Of Thunder like a voracious wolf having just finished Blood Eye!
    I’ve been a practicing Heathen my whole adult life having grown up without a genetic father and looking to my ancestry in my mid teens for a sense of belonging and identity so in that respect I really identify with Raven as a protagonist (and to some degree Old Asgot too!), but what really absorbs me as a reader is how human your characters are. They’re not romanticised, idealised or stereotyped, they have their faults, their doubts and fears but what’s more you really capture the way men whose friendships are forged in hard times interact with and behave around each other – the cruel jibes and vicious banter that in the spur of a moment turn into a fierce loyalty and commitment to each other. You’ve made me laugh out loud many a time as I think of one of my friends uttering the words of one of your characters and it makes me realise that men now (the ones that count anyway) are no different from men 1200 years ago.
    Congratulations on some truly excellent writing.
    Odin be with you!

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Chris, it’s really interesting to me that you found some identification with Raven. That’s very cool. People often ask me where he’s from and what’s his past really. My point is that it’s what he feels stirring in his blood that is the important thing. And thank you for the kind words. In fact, what you say you like about the books is exactly what makes me enjoy writing them. We’re obviously in the same longboat. :) Great having you aboard for the saga and even though you’re a heathen son of a wolf, maybe you’ll enjoy my new series too. It’s very different from the Raven books but I suspect it might have those same hallmarks that you mention above. Certainly there’s no shortage of carnage and banter. May the Norns weave you a fine wyrd. GK

  297. Alberto says:

    Hi Giles!
    I leave you a link for New Post on my Blog, is about a warrior (viking maybe?). I hope you like it!


    Alberto Di Francisco / @DiFranciscoAlb

  298. Lincoln says:

    Hi Giles
    I love the Raven series, I just recently finished the series for the second time. I havn’t picked up The Bleeding Land yet but i mean to do so. I was wondering what your thoughts where for the continuation of the Raven series. I mean will it just be a trilogy or are you planing to write more?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Lincoln, I’m delighted to hear you thought the saga was worthy of another visit. You must know it like a jarl knows his favourite drinking horn. I really want to add to the saga. I feel I can’t leave the Wolfpack living it up and getting soft in Miklagard. They need to get back to the cold dark water where they belong. But I’d also love to tell the tale of Sigurd as a young man and of his first hall burning days with Black Floki. Oh but that would be fun! Hope you enjoy The Bleeding Land. It’s very different from the Viking stuff but I think it contains many of the same elements that get me excited. Let me know what you think.

  299. Harvey Tilden says:

    Giles, I can’t begin to tell you how much I am enjoying the “Odin’s Wolves” series. I know you probably get tired of compliments; but I must say that the attention to detail and the sense of reality I get from the dialogue [and from the vivid description] leaves me limp with admiration for your authorial skill.
    I am from Canada, and am always looking for writers who take me back to the days when English was a proud and beautiful language – thank you for scratching that particular itch! I am a senior citizen, but still love to connect with writing that takes me back to the halcyon days of youth – when great authors told great stories that made me glad to be alive … please accept my heartfelt thanks for that – and best of luck with your future endeavours!

    • gileskristian says:

      You are much too kind, Harvey. But I do appreciate the compliment and I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed the RAVEN saga. If the language is something you get a kick out of then do get yourself a copy of The Bleeding Land, if only to compare and contrast. The writing style and language is really quite different from the Viking stuff – intentionally so I might add – as that’s an element of the craft that interests me too. Clearly I haven’t written in Old Norse any more than I’ve written in 17th century English, but I’ve certainly tried to flavour the language and if this is done right it can only help the reader’s immersion into the period. I guess it’s nothing more than an illusion but it can be very effective. As for my tales taking you back to those halcyon days – I’m honoured and it’s my pleasure. Thanks for getting in touch.

  300. Christopher says:

    Hello giles
    I have read all three Raven books and was completely awed. Your writing and depiction of the novels were stunning. Thank you and i hope to read more about Raven. I have also ordered the Bleeding Land
    Has there been any thought of the Raven series becoming movies on the big screen?

    • gileskristian says:

      Christopher, thank you. I’m very happy that you enjoyed the tales and I very much hope to add to the saga at some point. So don’t drag your sea chest ashore just yet. As for the big screen….we’ll see ;)

  301. Mike Anderson says:

    Hello Giles, I’ve read the first two in the Raven trilogy and just got Odins Wolves yesterday and can’t wait to dive in. I love reading about Norse mythology and was so excited to find such a great adventure. As soon as I’m done I’m gonna tackle your civil war story The Bleeding Land. You’ve become a favorite author of mine and look forward to following you along. I’m sure there will be a seat reserved for you at Odin’s mead table my friend. Keep up the good work.

    • gileskristian says:

      Now then Mike, I hope you’re right about there being room for me on a bench in the Allfather’s hall when my time comes as I reckon I’ll have quite a thirst upon me. I’m honoured to be amongst your favourite authors and I do hope you enjoy the last part of the RAVEN saga (last part for now at least). Odin’s Wolves happens to be my favourite of the three so I’m hopeful it’ll do the trick for you. And do please let me know what you think of The Bleeding Land (unless you hate it ;) All the best, Giles

  302. ryan kolick says:

    hi Giles i just finished Odin’s wolves please tell me there will be another raven book coming down the pipeline you left so many questions how did Raven get Sigurd’s sword and if they’re so hungry for more riches for more glory whats next.? that being said ive loved reading your books and i love that time period so thank you for writing such a great series

    • gileskristian says:

      I can’t tell you for certain that there’ll be another RAVEN book as it’ll be in large part down to my publisher and whether they think there’s a demand for it. But…as far as I’m concerned there has to be more. We can’t leave the Wolfpack getting soft and corrupt in Miklagard, can we? Moreover, I want to write about Sigurd as a young man tearing it up with Black Floki. So if my publisher is reading this, what are you waiting for? Pay me in ale if you want but the Norse are spinning still…

  303. Hi Giles!
    Great book, Rave, Bloodeye.
    A few lines from a reader how I came by your book.
    Imagine a 1997 Harley Davidson springer, with a one wheen trailer navigating the Northumberland plains
    in July this year. Fairly remote. Just fields. Stop. The GPS says we’re there.
    But nothing here. No Hadrian Wall or Roman Fort.
    There’s a gate. Advice not to enter. a track in the dirt with patches of gravel
    and the odd patch of bitumen. Mainly sheep sh_it. Plenty of scared sheep.
    We open the gate and enter, following a steep decline and then rise towards
    some small barn far away. We see a parked car there. The house turns out to be
    quite modern inside and packed as a museum, with a slideshow room, etc.
    After a short tour and viewing of the screen assisted by very friendly people.
    We find your book for sale, Raven, Blood Eye, book 1.
    We then take in the ruins of the Roman fort and the Hadrian wall bit.
    Stonehenge, Jorvik, Lindisfarne, yes we took it all in.
    Today we’re back in Brisbane Australia, both the bike and us,
    after 28150 kilometer (17,500 miles) around Europe, Paris, Barcelona, Sicily,
    bogged in snow in the Alps, Prague, Berlin and up way past the Arctic Circle
    in Lapland and top of Norway.
    I’ve almost read the book and its great. I should try to find the second book too.
    It was just such a nice way of how we acquired it, I thought I’d share it.
    I’m hoping to write a book of our travel
    All the best
    Michael and Ann Ahlberg

    • gileskristian says:

      Michael, thank you for sharing this – it’s quite a tale. In fact, it’s worthy of a band of adventurers from the vik pushing their boat into the breakers and setting off along the whale’s road! I think it’s very cool indeed that Blood Eye my first story-telling outing, played some small part in that journey. Though I’m frankly amazed you found it for sale in what appears to have been the middle of nowhere. Anyway, it’s sounds like one helluva trip and one on which you must have collected a veritable plunder hoard of experiences. You paint a good word picture, too! I’m delighted you took the time to get in touch. Wishing you (and the Harley and trailer) all the best and many more safe travels. Giles

  304. Daryl McCutcheon says:

    I am finished Blood Eye, and it is a very good book with history true to form of the Norsemen without romanticizing it, I have always been facinated with Norse History, about 5 years ago, I went on a cruise thru Northern Europe and Russia, and I was most thrilled on going to Norway and even got to see the Viking Longship Museum in Oslo and have my picture taken in front of a longship, Loved it. I have recently purchased your books and on to the 2nd book of the Raven Series. Thank You for writing these books.

    • gileskristian says:

      Daryl, the Oslo Viking Ship Museum is amazing isn’t it? Seeing with my own eyes the famous Osberg and Gokstad ships, both of them unearthed from ancient royal burial mounds, blew my mind. They are incredible, the Gokstad being the most beautiful expression of boat-building I have ever seen. I based Sigurd’s ship, ‘Serpent’ on the Gokstad. I stood staring at that ship (touched it, too) and the characters from my stories, faint as ghosts then, began to take their places at the row benches, their gruff voices seeping into the seasoned oak strakes. I hope you enjoy the rest of the saga.

  305. Roy Hewitt says:

    THE BLEEDING LAND: Excellent and clearly first instalment for the Rivers family. The next episode is eagerly awaited. Your very thorough Author’s notes explain a lot of the rationale and reasons for the tale and its development and execution. I fully agree that within the rich arsenal of historical fiction to be found on any bookshelf, covering any number of historical periods it is indeed fairly rare to find a choice of novels around the British Wars period. Fully agree that the whole complexity of the subject may be instrumental in other very able historical writers steering clear of this period and you are to be commended for your obviously thorough research.

    I was a bit disappointed to see the story, as usual, be depicted from the Royalist angle. As a devotee of the period (and a ‘Parliament’ reenactor myself) I was slightly disappointed with the focus of the plot being taken from the Royalist angle, apart from Tom’s defection to Parliament, I felt that the constant reference to ‘Rebels’ for the Parliament faction and general demonization of their cause that came across to me in the book would have the effect of giving the historically uninformed reader a biased opinion of the two factions fighting the war.

    Indeed the early part of the conflict the Parliament war cry would be “For God, KING and Parliament”. The early rationale for fighting the war was to get Charles to realise that he was being wrongly advised by an evil cabal of royal councillors (including his wife) and to and create a new order with Charles Stuart still as monarch. I think for the average reader, being uneducated in the period or the conflict will look upon the Parliament cause as something almost akin to us in the present day to fighting the IRA? Possibly a bit extreme in comparison, but I could not help thinking that the tale could have been written with the Rivers family being staunch Parliament and Tom defecting to the Royalist cause. Just a thought.

    I was impressed with the attention to detail for describing the weaponry, detail for use and firing of various pieces and it is clear you have done your time in musket block with a re enactment society as well as studying tactics and deployment. I note that one of my colleagues from Waller’s Horse has commented on rising trot inaccuracies and the only thing I found a bit farfetched was the lynch mob referring to the parson they were to hang as a “crypto catholic”. It didn’t ring true to me that an uneducated mob in 1642 would go around using that sort of vocabulary.

    Lastly, and as stated, I await the next episode eagerly and in the meantime I will getting into your Raven saga series –where my own historical knowledge of that period unlikely to raise any comments as above! From a further research angle for yourself, you have certainly been in very good hands with your association with The Fairfax Battalia, however, if you ever feel the need to broaden you knowledge of the period, feel free to contact the very best in the business for 17th century English Civil War reenactment, The Tower Hamlets Trayned Bandes. http://www.traynedbandes.org.uk/
    Kind regards

    Roy Hewitt

    • gileskristian says:

      Roy, apologies it’s taken me so long to get back to you, but thanks so much for the mail. I’m thrilled you have on the whole enjoyed the tale. I certainly enjoyed writing it though I found it quite a challenge. You make a good point regarding Parliament’s war cry during the early stages of the war. I knew someone would raise this ;) but rightly or wrongly I made a very deliberate decision not to include this. I felt that to the average reader the idea of Parliament cheering ‘for the King’ would be potentially somewhat confusing. As you say, knowledge of the period is generally quite poor, and King v Parliament, though overly simplistic, is something everyone can get their head around. In hindsight I think I may have gone for that particular war cry and then tried to explain it all in the narrative. Mind you, so far you are the only one to bring it up! As for the tale in general, I don’t believe I as the author show any real bias one way or the other. In fact some of the most base and villainous characters in the novel are Royalists and some of the worst behaviour can be attributed to the King’s side. May I suggest that it’s you own bias that colours your reading and interpretation of the tale? Thanks for the compliment regarding the attention to detail. As you well know, it’s important to try to get these things (weapons & equipment etc) right, but I suspect I agree about the ‘crypto Catholic’ thing. The term doesn’t feature in the next book. And very kind of you to suggest The Tower Hamlets Trayned Bands as a resource and potential contact. I’ve looked them up and they really do look like the real deal. Thanks for taking the time, Roy, and for your helpful comments. I do hope you enjoy the RAVEN saga. It’s a very different affair but has its moments I hope. All the best, Giles

  306. Brad says:

    I would love to become a author just like yourself. What goes into planning and how do you plan to write a book, the sequel, plot etc… How many hours a day do you commit to writing? Please help.

    • gileskristian says:

      Gosh, Brad, that’s quite a question! And, I fear, impossible to answer here. May I suggest you purchase a copy of the 2013 Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook which is choc full of essential info and advice. As for me, I write 9-5 really. If you mail me at info@gileskristian.com I will try to advise if I can. Best, Giles

  307. Derek Purvis says:

    hello giles, loved your raven series was disappointed when it finished, but really enjoyed the bleeding land, keep up the good work when is the sequel to bleeding land being released

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Derek, I’m delighted you have enjoyed my books so far. I too miss Sigurd and his motley crew and hope to meet them again one day. We can’t leave them to grow old and mild in the soft bosom of Byzantium, can we? As for the Civil War series, Brothers’ Fury will be unleashed on May 23rd. I hope you enjoy it as much as The Bleeding Land.

  308. Tim Wilson says:

    I just finished Blood Eye and immediately had to get Sons of Thunder. I greatly enjoyed the story and love your depiction of the Norsemen as more than bloodthirsty raiders. Thoughtful, deeply religious and yes thoughtful caring friends. These were the kind of men I served in the army with. Trained for and living a life of imminent violence yet still very much human. I especially like the little references to small details like Black Floki’s boyish smile. The fact that you depict all the work that goes into making someone into a skilled warrior is excellent. I look forward to the rest of Raven’s saga and will surely check out you Civil War tale. Thank you for a great read.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Tim, it always means a great deal when I receive mails from those who are serving or have served in the armed forces. In my books I strive to get across that sense of camaraderie that must be common to all fighting men from all eras of history. The weapons and the wars might change almost beyond recognition, but the banter and the black humour – the sense of fighting for each other (as opposed to the country or the cause) is, I feel, the same now as it ever was. But I’m just a writer so what do I know? However, mails such as yours fill me with the hope that I might be getting some of it right, and that makes me very happy. I do hope you enjoy The Bleeding Land. It’s very different from the Viking stuff, but that sense of brotherhood is still, I hope, strong. Mind you, looks like you still have a way to go with the RAVEN saga yet. Odin’s Wolves is my fave! Best, Giles

  309. Dawn Thornton says:

    Hi Giles
    My father, who is in his eighties, has recently read The Bleeding Land. It is the first time he has finished a novel in over twenty years. He so enjoyed it he asks me every week if I have managed to get book two. He says that at 85 he hopes it won’t be too long! Is book two in the pipeline?

    • gileskristian says:

      Dawn, what an honour. I’m thrilled but humbled by your mail. I can tell you that I’ve just finished the second part of the Civil War series. Brothers’ Fury will be published on May 23rd. After that there will be one more. Please pass on my thanks to your father for reading the tale. If he hasn’t read them, perhaps he’d enjoy my RAVEN Viking series too, although they are quite different. The first of these is RAVEN: Blood Eye. Then Sons of Thunder and lastly Odin’s Wolves. Might be something to keep him going while he waits. Thank you for getting in touch, and wishing you and your father all the very best. Regards, Giles.

  310. Mike Palmer says:

    Hi Giles,
    I’ve recently finished Odin’s Wolves and really enjoyed the journey. All three were amazing. I know I should not like these whoresons but I felt when reading that I was one of them, the sign of a good writer. Now the journey is over I miss them and hope there will be more. Please don’t let them get fat and soft living in the lap of luxury. I have also read The Bleeding Land and loved that as well, I can’t wait on the next instalment. Keep up the great work.

    • gileskristian says:

      Mike, I know what you mean. I miss them too. And the thought of them ‘losing their claws’ in the bosom of Byzantium makes me shudder. I do hope to continue the saga but I’d also love to write a prequel about Sigurd and Black Floki in their young, hall burning days. So we shall see…As for the Civil War series, I’ve just finished the second, Brothers’ Fury, which is due to be unleashed on May 23rd, I believe. Thanks so much for the kind words and for reading. Good having you in the fray. Regards, Giles.

  311. CON MCHUGH says:

    Hi Giles,
    I finished Odins Wolves today. A great series IMO , one that I have recommended to all my fellow readers. If you go back to Raven in the future maybe you could explore the Vikings in North America .Could they have made it to Japan,that would be interesting LOL.
    Whatever you decide ,best of luck.

    PS: if you enjoy reading historical fiction yourself, give “Eagle in the Snow” by Wallace Breem a try.

    • gileskristian says:

      Con, good of you to say and thanks for helping the saga spread its wings. I would like to do the North America thing but I can’t imagine getting round to it for a long time. if I do write another part of the tale I’d like to first tackle a prequel around Sigurd and his young Hel-raising days, and how he became a jarl. I also feel uncomfortable leaving them where they are presently, in the lap of luxury, and must really do something about that. We shall see…
      Thanks for the recommendation – I read it some years ago but am sure it’s worthy of a re-visit.

  312. jesse says:

    Just read the first book of the Raven trilogy and cant wait to read the rest of them. My question for you is since you have norwegian heritage does it make things easier for you to write about the viking heritage that you have? I am also part Norwegian and Swedish and have always found the vikings to be a huge interest and that it is awesome to have that kind of heritage. Keep up the great writing.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Jesse, having Norwegian blood certainly inspires me, and inspiration is half the battle with writing fiction. And yet for all I know my ancestors might have been peaceful farmers who never raised an axe in anger much less owned a sword and helmet. But I don’t think so. ;) As for your own viking mix, you must have an answer to all the Swedes jokes about the Norwegians!

  313. Alun Bailey says:

    Just finished Bleeding Land and enjoyed every word. As usual with your books they are not a sanitised version of the era but deal with all the Blood and Guts as well as a good storyline. I’ll look forward to whatever comes next with anticipation. Long may the creative juices continue to flow.

  314. Ian Webb says:

    Hello Giles

    I have just finished reading Odins Wolves, and have to say it was the best of the three but only just. All of the books kept me going back for more (Ive read Blood eye and Sons of thunder twice and they just keep getting better each time. Hope to read more of the Wolf pack soon.

    Now on to The Bleeding Land

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Ian, I have to agree with you that Odin’s Wolves is the best of the three. To my mind it has all the elements you want in a good Viking romp. I particularly enjoyed being able to put my motley crew in Rome – not seen that before, not Vikings. But I hope you enjoy The Bleeding Land. It’s a different beast entirely but some of the hallmarks (such as a few bone-crunching scraps) should be there. Let me know what you think, and thanks for getting in touch.

  315. leon lambrecht says:

    i am an avid reader the raven books are the best bar none that i have read you need to write more books of the same topic and quality keep up the good work and dont be long in writing your next books on my way to library toget bleeding land HOW OLD ARE AS YOU SEEM VERY YOUNG TO WRITE WITH SUCH FLAIR GOOD LUCK AND HURRYWITH YOUR NEXT SAGA

    • gileskristian says:

      Leon, what a tremendous compliment, thank you. I’m thirty-seven. Is that younger than you expected? To me it feels just about right :)
      Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy The Bleeding Land.

  316. carlos aguillon says:

    hi, Giles :

    do you know where can I get the odines wolves in spanish?


  317. Matthew Hawkins says:

    Hi my names Matt and I’m a teenager from the west midlands I’m an actor and your books helped me while researching for a role in Beowulf with my local youth theatre company, iv just finished reading Odins wolves which has lived up to all the expectations from the previous two entries in the raven series, and has got me interested in writing they’ve held a lot of nostalgia revisiting Norse stories from an early age been frightened of lightning as the sons of thunder clash and rumble and us mortals are but thalls to the behemoth of the thunder gods ever waging battle with the midguard serpent stories about Thor helped me conquer that fear, but nevertheless my question is with the stakes raised high in this series how will you keep that up ? and with the emphasis in Viking culture on a glorious death with sword in hand etc which has not been awarded to your charecters which I think is great to show the reality of warriors in contrast to theire cultural perception of a good death, and now that the prise has been awarded keeping it is another matter and I felt the treachery in the first book kept tensions high and is personally my favourite of the trilogy thank you for your time I look forward too reading bleeding land

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Matt, fantastic that you’ve had the chance to be involved in a production of Beowulf, a story which certainly influenced the RAVEN books, just as it has influenced innumerable stories for over a thousand years. As for the Viking Age and the story-telling culture, this is how I see it: They lived in an illiterate society and the ability to ‘spin a good yarn’ was highly valued. In the evenings, they’d gather in their lord’s hall and listen to the old tales – of heroes and adventure, of far off lands and brave deeds. Even those first Viking raiders (like my own motley crew) would be familiar with the story of Beowulf, which, incredibly and as you well know, still has the power to entertain us today. This story-telling tradition, imbued with the heroic ideal, exerted a powerful influence on society’s young men. Who wouldn’t want to taste the glory of their forebears? Who wouldn’t want to be immortalised in story and song? In a time when life could be nasty, brutish and short, the idea of being remembered after your death must have been a very appealing one. A man’s fame was the only thing that would live after him. After his death, a man’s reputation was his most important residuum. So the premise of the RAVEN books is that of an old man, having stayed alive long enough to earn his bragging rights, embellishing the story of his life. In truth maybe some of his tales didn’t happen quite the way he ‘remembers’ them. But that’s all part of it. Great having you aboard!

  318. Luanne says:

    I just finished The Bleeding Land and I want more ! Will definitely be looking forward to the 2nd book. History is a passion of mine but facts and dates are only a small part of it. What brings it alive are the stories of everyday people caught up in the conflicts of kings. Although, your characters are fictional,
    I could feel the heartache and despair each character experienced as they took up arms against their fellow countrymen.

    • gileskristian says:

      I’m delighted that you ‘felt’ the tale, that you could empathize with the Rivers family and engage with the themes. Mind you, I do hope you didn’t feel Minister Green’s predicament too keenly ;)
      Thanks for reading and taking the time to share your thoughts. Much appreciated.

  319. Kathrin Roehl says:

    Hello Giles
    I really liked your the bleeding land and am looking forward how the story may go on. I think you managed the challange to give your readers an impression just how bloody and cruel this time and war must have been rather good. Are there any plans to puplish your books in Germany too ?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Kathrin, thanks for reading The Bleeding Land. It was important to me to try to give a sense of how awful it must have been to suddenly find yourself having to do such terrible, disgustingly violent things to your fellow countrymen. I wanted to explore the limits of what we might do for the sake of a cause, or hatred, vengeance, love, family etc. In this way it’s very different from the RAVEN books (have you read them?) which are really about men searching for fame, glory and…well…money. Unfortunately, I have not yet found a German publisher who wants to publish my books. It’s a shame as I think there would be a market there for them. Thanks for writing, and all the best, Giles.

  320. peter says:

    I had the pleasure of a short exchange of views some time ago.
    Do you think that at least a part of christianianity was seen as more martial than Odinism about 1500 years ago. Not that of the priests but of the state? Best wishes, Peter

    • gileskristian says:

      Yes, it’s a good point and one that rarely sees the light of day. But just look at Charlemagne’s Saxon wars during which he massacred some 4,500 men who had rebelled against his invasion and his attempts to convert them to Christianity. And yet he was the ‘Light of Christendom.’ History might well be written by the victors, but in this case it’s written simply by those who could write. The good old monks.

  321. CJ Colom says:

    Can We/ I expect to hear your Raven saga in an audio form anytime soon? I truely hope so. One of my best freinds is rescently blind and he cant stop listening to the Bernard Cornwell Saxon Series I got him. I would love to introduce him to your works as well. Thank you for the wonderful books and keep up the good work.

    PS Little side note. If you do go audible stick with one reader lol ….gets confusing sometimes. Thanks again

    • gileskristian says:

      Blood Eye, the first in the RAVEN series, is available on Audio CD but I’d advise getting it from the library as it costs a fortune. I don’t know why it hasn’t been made into a downloadable format yet, or why they haven’t done the next two books in the series. It’s crazy! The good news is that The Bleeding Land is available and read by the brilliant Anthony May. You can download it from itunes (and somewhere else, I think) or buy it as a CD set for £25 from here. http://www.audiogo.com/uk/author-collection/giles-kristian Best regards, Giles. P.S. You’re a good friend – Bernard Cornwell’s Saxon series is superb!

  322. Jim Pringle says:

    Just finished “The Bleeding Land ” and was completely captivated,reading it into the small hours,way past my sleep time ! Incredibly descriptive and a pleasure to read the English Language so beautifully employed.
    There is an absolute dearth of male action adventure writers around. My library seems to be 90% .stocked with female romance novels etc.
    Please keep up the good work,Jim.

    • gileskristian says:

      Jim, what a huge compliment, and very gratefully received. I did have fun with the language in this book as I was able to really open up after the comparative self-imposed limitations of the RAVEN saga books. Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the next tale!

  323. Steve Wirth says:


    The degree of authenticity with which you have portrayed the Viking culture in the Raven Trilogy is astonishing. Having read many of the sagas in the native Old Icelandic, I found that you have a knack for channelling such source materials in not only subject matter but also the demeanor of delivery. It’s rare to find somebody writing about Vikings without sounding too absurd these days.

    Did you do much in the way of research before writing “Raven”? It seems to me that you did your homework, and did it well. Were there any particular sagas that influenced the series? Which sources (and what kind) did you use to keep so rigidly to the Viking tradition?

    Now, I’ll have to pick up The Bleeding Land, and give it a go.

    Tack och hej hej,

    • gileskristian says:

      Steve, many thanks for your kind words. It sounds like you’ve gone further along the sea road than I, having read the sagas in Old Icelandic. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve barely even scratched the surface with the sagas and therefore can only ascribe the ‘channeling’ you mention to a combination of blind luck and gut instinct. Or perhaps the Norns had a hand in it ;) As for research it’s mostly been a lifelong passion rather than a concerted effort to ‘learn’. I spend time in the Norwegian fjords, or stare at the ships in the Oslo Viking ship museum and I let my imagination weave. There are some great non fiction books out there for reference too, one of my favourites being The Vikings by the late Magnus Magnusson.
      Yes, please do give The Bleeding Land a go. It’s very, very different from the RAVEN books, but you might just like it. Thanks again. Best, Giles.

  324. Tod Reed says:


    I just finished The Bleeding Land………BRAVO! When will the second book in the series be available and do you have a title yet? I have been following you and your books since the beginning of your voyage and I am enjoying the ride and your growth as an author. Keep them coming!

    Tod (Indiana/USA
    PS- I just completed a review of TBL on Amazon US giving you some pub here on this side of the pond!

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Tod, thanks so much, I’m glad you managed to get hold of The Bleeding Land and I’m thrilled you enjoyed it. The second in the trilogy will be out here in April, I think, and we’re still between two possible titles. I did have a title but now having almost written the tale I feel another might be more fitting. We shall see. And thank you so much for posting a review on Amazon. You’re right it all helps. Blood Eye has just been released over there, which I’m really excited about. No idea if anyone’s going to buy it, but in theory you’d think Viking books would go down well in the U.S. Wouldn’t you? Anyway, you can follow the blog tour if you’re interested, and feel free to post comments and get involved…if you dare. http://tlcbooktours.com/2012/07/giles-kristian-author-of-blood-eye-raven-book-1-on-tour/ All the best, Giles.

  325. Michael L Wright says:

    Hello Giles
    The Bleeding land novel was bloody good…question..are there any more civil war novels?
    There is an old saying..a big book is an evil but in your case any big book will no doubt be damn good
    and be very welcomed ! :O)
    About time someone wrote about the english civil war !

    good luck

    • gileskristian says:

      Michael, I’m delighted that you enjoyed the tale, and I do hope you’ll saddle up and ride into the fray with me again for the next two novels in the trilogy. As for other novels set in the period may I recommend Michael Arnold’s Civil War Chronicles, the first of which is called Traitor’s Blood.

  326. Ian Pearson says:

    Hi Giles,

    Will you be doing any events or book signings in the Manchester area or anywhere near anytime soon, only i,ve bought every one of your books and you’ve made me want to become a Viking, apart from the ‘Rape and Pillage’ obviously! Ha…
    Hope you are,


  327. Adam Chambers says:

    Hello Giles. Just wanted to say that the website here is very handy indeed! But the main reason i’m here is to give you the well deserved approval you need for the Raven trilogy. The books are fantastic, combining the early viking mythology with the intensity of how the world functioned during those times was not an easy thing for you to do, but you managed to piece the books together so masterfully! Rân attacking the hulls of Serpent and the others, Loki’s low cunning schemes, the ease the wolfpack would wind the gods into there everyday conversations… It’s fantastic!
    You add so much imagery int your work as well with the fine points of detail never going awry. The way you describe people throughout is masterful, especially when in comes down to the biggest part of the books… The fighting!
    Sigurd and Mauger battling in the holmgang was one of the best images in my mind i could have gotten from the books, it was intense… Then you stepped it up with the duels in the arena, with Raven and the Wend, that was brutal! But my favorite has to be the final battle when the remains of the wolfpack charge the bucoleon. Svein roaring like a monster, plowing through the Greeks still sticks in my head to this day, along with Sigurd breaking his own shieldwall, charging forward, bloodlust setting in… absolutely superb!

    So i can write a few paragraphs in general about the 3 books, but i’m begging you, please if your not already, write a 4th! Raven smiled at Raven when Sigurd asked if it was enough having his wolfs living in Miklagard, because he knew it was never enough, a keen invitation for there to be a 4th book, so please, by the powers that be… write it!

    Thanks for giving this the time to read over and again, i seriously appreciate your work and writing skills.

    Yours sincerely or faithfully as i can never remember which to use…

    Adam. =)

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Adam, well what can I say? Thank you very much for your incredibly kind words and for taking the time to share your thoughts on the RAVEN saga. I can see in the way you have written your message that you were all but re-living those passages as you described them. You were seeing the blood fly, feeling it spatter up your face as the battle-thrill filled you. I couldn’t agree with you more about those fight scenes; I had thought the holmgang between Sigurd and Mauger to be the best scrap I had ever written…until the third book, Odin’s Wolves, in which I really went to town. As far as I know, no one has ever put Vikings in the Colosseum, but I couldn’t resist. Vikings certainly would have visited Rome even though we never read about it. Anyway, it was enormous fun to write. And you picked up on that last line ‘…it is never enough.’ Well, I have every intention of writing another part to the saga – I just don’t know when. Meanwhile, have you tried my new one, The Bleeding Land? Thanks again for getting in touch, and keep reading. GK

  328. Sue Dudley says:

    I have just finished reading The Bleeding Land and must compliment you one a gripping and well-researched book – definitely a cut above othe ECW novels I have read. Well done for spending time with the excellent Fairfax Battalia , but as your characters are all cavalry, have you spent time with a cavalry unit? I have to mention it as I ride with Sir William Waller’s Lifeguard of Horse, the Parliamentarian cavalry of the Sealed Knot, and the one thing that kept jumping out at me when reading the book was that rising trot was not used in the C17th century and has never been used by cavalry. In fact it is almost impossible to rise in an ECW saddle as you have to ride with an almost straight leg.

    As a lowly Corporal of Horse I can’t just extend an invitation for you to visit Waller’s, but I am sure that if it is something you would be interested in I could have a word with our CO on your behalf.

    Thanks again for an excellent novel, and keep up the good work!

    • gileskristian says:

      Sue, thank you so much for your kind words. I’m delighted that you, as someone who spends time ‘living’ the period, enjoyed the tale and believe I’ve done a half decent job with my research. (No easy task, I can tell you!). As for your insight into the rising trot issue, I very much appreciate it. And how interesting! I took the reference from Charles Spencer’s excellent book Prince Rupert: The Last Cavalier page 71 in which he talks about the beginning stages of the Battle of Edgehill. He writes: ‘Rupert led the front line in an orderly advance that progressed from walk, to rising trot, to full-blooded charge, swords drawn, firearms tucked away, spurs digging into their horses’ flanks.’ I’m sure you are right and we are wrong, but you can see how easy it is for us mere writers to get these things wrong. The secret is to not do it too often! ;) Thanks again for the mail and the offer of putting a word in with your CO. I will be sure to take you up on it if the occasion arises. And please spread word of The Bleeding Land within your company. All the best, Giles.

  329. tom haslett says:

    Hi Giles. I have just finished The Bleeding Land and loved it. During your author’s note you talk about the “Sharpe effect” which I think is a fantastic description of a system employed in writing starting with Bernard Cornwell and employed by most authors today. I would like to know if u have made a homage to Bernard Cornwell and Sharpe in some of your characters names and personalities. My main evidence for this would be Daniel Bard (Daniel Hagman) and Sgt O’Brien (Sgt Harper) perhaps? I couldn’t. This may be a tenuous link at best on my part! But if not a wonderful idea and one that I am sure many fans will delight in.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Tom, ah yes, ‘The Sharpe effect’ my term for a character’s unfortunate (well, fortunate for the reader) ability to somehow always find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time – in the proverbial, so to speak. As for paying homage to Bernard Cornwell, I’m sure I do. For me he is the master and I devour every book he releases. There’s no doubt that his work has influenced me enormously. I must admit I hadn’t considered the Daniel Bard – Daniel Hagman connection, but the Sgt Harper – O’Brien thing has crossed my mind. I guess sidekicks in these martial arenas (which although differ in era, yet share a great deal) will always strike chords with readers. Either way, I’ll take your likening my books to his as a great compliment if I may. If I can be half as good as BC I will be happy. Thanks for the mail. All the best, Giles.

  330. Dean Hoadley says:


    I hope this finds you well. I am a huge fan of your work.

    I recently bought a hardback first edition/first printing of Raven:Odin’s Wolf (which I have to say is amazing!), when looking through it I found that pages 22-34 were missing, it looked like they were never there, I am so upset about this as the book was fairly pricey for a unsigned book, I tried contacting the publishers but with no luck at all. I know this isn’t anything to do with you but just thought it should be brought to your attention, is there anything you can do to help? It was my hope to eventually get this book signed but as I no longer have it and it was ruined anyway that’s not possible.

    Anyway, thank-you for taking the time to read this, I hope to hear from you soon, but appreciate that you must get a lot of fan mail.

    Kind regards,

    Dean Hoadley

    • gileskristian says:

      Dean, firstly, thank you for your kind words. Secondly, I’m so sorry you got a ‘faulty’ book! I have spoken with my publisher about this and they have no idea how it has happened. However, we are going to try to sort this out for you, so stay tuned. If you’ve not heard anything in the next few days please drop me a line at info@gileskristian.com and we’ll take it from there. You must have been ready to go viking berserk when you found those pages missing! Then again, bring it to one of my signings if you can – you’ve got a rare book there! ;) Thanks for reading, and I sincerely hope every page in The Bleeding Land is accounted for when you get your hands on it. GK

  331. Gabriel says:

    Hola Giles!, no sé si entiendas este mensajes pues es en español, pero quiero decirte que la saga de RAVEN es incríble! tengo los hijos del trueno (Sons of thunder) y estoy emocionado leyéndolo y estoy e la lucha de encontrar, El ojo de REAVEN ( Blood eye ) y los lobos de Odín (Odin’s Wolves) pero es muy difícil porque, aquí en venezuela sólo se distribuyó Sons of thunder : ( pero aún sigo investigando, y pues…Eso es todo.

    Saludos desde Venezuela!


  332. Erling says:

    Just finished the two first books of Raven and just bought the third. I enjoyed them very much. Your writing makes the story come alive and I love that! I hope you will write more stories from that time period. Thank you!

    Erling, Tysnes Norway

    • gileskristian says:

      Hey Erling, I assume you have read the first two books in English? My Norwegian publisher has so far released Blood Eye in Norwegian and has recently bought Sons of Thunder too. Anyway, I look forward to your thoughts about Odin’s Wolves. It is my favourite of the three. Thank you for taking the whale’s road with me!

  333. John Morreira says:

    I have read and greatly enjoyed all your Raven books and am awaiting delivery of The Bleeding Land with high expectation.
    My question is: Can we expect more Raven books in the future, and if so when?
    Kind regards
    John Morreira

    • gileskristian says:

      I’d love to write more about Raven and Sigurd and the Wolfpack. I’d also love to write a prequel about Sigurd and Black Floki and Bram and Svein, about them tearing it up as young men. However, I cannot say for sure that there will be another. It depends on lots of things, not least whether my publisher thinks there’s enough of an appetite out there for more of the RAVEN saga. We’ll have to wait and see. Meanwhile though, thanks for riding into the fray with The Bleeding Land. I do hope you enjoy the tale!

  334. philippe says:

    Hello , Giles just a short note to say i enjoyed “The Bleeding land” immensley, just as with the ”
    Raven” series and looking forward to the next part, it is finely poised all the best .

  335. Tim Hodkinson says:

    Hello. I am really enjoying The Bleeding Land. Its a really great book and I’ve waited a long time for a book about the English Civil War to come along. Maybe I’m reading it wrong but is it fair to say you don’t really “take sides” in the book in terms of the two conflicting armies? It seems there are bastards on both sides, as well as men of integrity. No one seems to hold any form of “high moral ground” (unless the readers own beliefs happen to correspond with one of them). Is this just what I read into it or was it a part of your plan?

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Tim, thanks for the mail. I believe, from the subject you discuss, that I may have read your review on Amazon? If so can I say what a pleasure it was to read. Obviously I was thrilled that it was favourable ;) but beyond that I found it entertaining, insightful and beautifully written. As for your question, you’re absolutely correct. I really wanted to avoid getting bogged down in the politics and religious ins and outs – it’s too damned messy. What I tried to focus on was the individuals rather than The Cause. After all, nothing, not even war, is ever really black and white. Furthermore, on a personal level no one is all bad or all good (even Hitler was probably kind to his dog!) so the broad brush strokes of Good and Bad just wouldn’t have worked – whichever side I think I might have been on back then. It is funny though, how even now folk have some idea about which side they’d have fought for. The other thing of course, and this will sound very cynical, is that if I’d have really taken sides I would probably have pissed off half my readership. You know how people can be (just look at some of the naive, bitter, ignorant and crazily biased reviews authors sometimes get on Amazon) and you know that there would be a lot of axe grinding if I’d have come down on one side or the other. I’m delighted you have enjoyed the tale. And thanks for taking the time to write (and for the in-depth review) it is much appreciated. All the best, Giles

  336. Jason Phillips says:

    Hi Giles,

    I love Bernard Cornwell and Robert Low, I have only just discovered you now (sorry) I love Viking fiction and was wondering why some hardcovers are limited (numbered) and some are not?


    • gileskristian says:

      Take a shop/business like Goldsboro Books http://www.goldsborobooks.com/ They specialise in signed first edition hardbacks. What could make a better gift than a hardback signed by the author? Well I’m biased, of course, but that’s what I think, and such things will become even more precious with the prevalence of ebooks. Sometimes Goldsboro will do something to make the books more unique, such as stamp them with a design and get the author to sign, line (write a line from the book on the inside cover), date and number a certain amount of books. So you might get no. 20 of 100 stamped editions. It’s just a way of creating added value. As for first editions themselves, they’re collectible for the simple reason that there can never be another ‘first edition’ however many times the publisher may have to print more copies to meet demand. Does this help answer your question?

  337. Geoff says:

    The Bleeding Land is an excellent story, could not put it down, now looking forward to next installment.
    Just one note:- on page 269 3rd line down should “Radcliffe” not be “Downing” ?
    Keep penning.

    • gileskristian says:

      Delighted you enjoyed the tale, and thanks for the note. I can’t recall off hand but will grab my book and look into it. Oh, and I will indeed keep penning!

  338. Geraint says:

    Hi Giles Just wanted to say I have read the Bleeding Land and thought it really good and really look foward to more books in the series and you certainly are as enjoyable to read as both Cornwell and Iggulden. I am also glad somone is writing about the civil war as walking round the walls of Chester and standing where King Charles was almost shot by a sniper it makes you think.
    I wonder do you think you will get to Montrose and his year of miracles campaign in Scotland ??
    Yours sincerely
    P.S If you have not read them but if you are interested in Military history I can reccomend two works by Frank Kitson Two excellent and readable military biographys one on Cromwell ( called old Ironsides) and a duology on Prince Rupert the first on his career on land and the 2nd on his career at sea.

    • gileskristian says:

      As someone who admires and enjoys the books of Cornwell and Iggulden I take your comment as a huge compliment, so thank you. As for the Civil War as a setting for the series, I’m hoping it catches the popular imagination. It bloody well should in my opinion. After all, it was a fairly big deal! Furthermore, you couldn’t make up half the incredible events of those years. So thanks for taking the plunge and getting your hands on a copy. As for Montrose, I’m not yet sure if I’ll cover that. That’s one of the problems; the subject is massive so one has to pick and choose which bits to do. Thanks for the reading tips, I will look into them. All the best, Giles.

  339. Alberto says:

    Hi, Giles!
    Always a pleasure to read and re read your work, so full of action and adventure, in this context as real at the time that you know so well described. The last time I sent a picture of Odin, now I have given color, so I wanted to share with you.
    I hope you like it! I leave here the link

    ODÍN´S DRAW: http://albertodifrancisco.blogspot.com.ar/2012/05/odin-woden-padre-de-thor.html


    Alberto Di Francisco

  340. Jim Eves says:

    Hi Giles,just to say how much i enjoyed The Bleeding Land,as you know how much i am a Raven fan,but i had great hopes for Bleeding Land and i was not disappointed.I have yet to make up my mind which camp that i am in,so for the moment i rise my banner for Lady Mary,good to have strong women in the ranks,we do not have enough of them,i keep telling Mike Arnold that Lisette should get her own book in the Stryker series.I have since 2009 read 5 novels on the civil war and i must say that Bleeding Land is top of the list along with Mike Arnold Stryker who is now on his 3rd book,but Bleeding Land comes from a different angle then Stryker,in fact it is more like Claire Letemendia Best of Men with the effect on the familes in the war,but still not the same,which is the way it should be,the other two by Lindsey Davis :Rebles and Traitors very disapointing from some one so good and Peter Ransley: Plague Child not good .So great start and now for the next one,so not only do i have my sea chest packed i now have to have my snapback at the ready,keep them coming.Best Jim

    • gileskristian says:

      Jim, it’s always a pleasure to hear from you and again I’m grateful for your kind words. The Bleeding Land really is a departure from the RAVEN saga, isn’t it? But I really wanted to try something different come what may, and so I’m delighted that you think the tale works and that you enjoyed it. Also that you think it’s up there amongst stuff from the great authors you mention. The only one of those I’ve read is Mike’s first, which I thought was great. I haven’t read any more though as I didn’t want to be influenced by any other books. When I’ve finished my series I’ll probably pick them up. Good seeing you at Goldsboro and I hope to catch you at the next event. Cheers!

  341. Lou says:


    I have just finished reading the Raven trilogy (I would have finished them sooner, but studying got in the way… those books have become my little treat at the end of each study marathon!) and I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed them. I have mentioned my love for the books to you on Twitter, but I thought I’d write something here too. Will we be seeing any more of Raven? I feel a bit sad now that the trilogy is over! Will we ever find out where Raven’s roots lie?

    Anyway, I am now very much looking forward to reading The Bleeding Land! Will you be having any book signings in London? Or have I already missed them…


    • gileskristian says:

      Hey Lou, I’m glad to hear you want to read some more of the RAVEN saga, as I want to write it! I can’t leave my motley crew growing soft and spoilt in Miklagard, can I? Need to get them back to the hard north and the cold water. I’d also love to write a prequel based on Sigurd which would give me a chance to bring some of my favourite characters back from Odin’s mead hall. As for signings, the best place to keep up with all that is probably on my FB page. http://www.facebook.com/GilesKristian Thanks for the mail and do keep in touch on Twitter!

  342. John Newton says:

    Hi Giles
    By gum..you can write a good exciting tale..thoroughly enjoyed The Bleeding Land and I am looking forward to book 2..or book 4 in the Raven series.
    You have a rare talent and I am delighted to be able to enjoy it.
    John Newton

  343. chris says:

    Hi Giles ,iam off to buy your new book The bleeding land and lookin forward to it,Just past on the Raven series to my 15 year old son James,who is lovin the adventures of Raven and the boys .He is also passing his views on to his buddys at school who i understand are trying to get the school to get the series in the library.Great stuff,Keep up the good work.

    • gileskristian says:

      Brilliant to hear you’re doing your bit and spreading word of the saga. Always good to have fresh arms come to the oars. Do let me know how you get on with The Bleeding Land, it’s very different from the Viking books but I’m happy with it. And let me know how the library campaign goes. Who wouldn’t want to read the tales of Sigurd and his motley crew? :) Thanks for the mail.

  344. Steven Croft says:

    Ive just finished the three raven books thankyou Giles for a great adventure,i loved the interaction between the characters,just like a rugby team down the pub lots of laughs and male humour. Had you thought about writing a prequel about Sigurds early days and how the wolfpack got together resurecting Bram and Svein ? i do have a thirst for another adventure. Many thahks all the best Steven.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks, Steven, the banter is such fun to write. As for a prequel, that was what I had in mind. I think it’s a really exciting idea and would love to write about how Sigurd became a jarl. But then I also want to take the tale as it stands, further. Plus I’ve got two more books to release in The Bleeding Land series. Oh, so much to do! Great having you aboard.

  345. Simon Hoare says:

    Hi Giles what a Skald you have become! I have just put down Odins Wolves it is an absolute corker. Living in the Danelaw I’d love to see how the Wolfpack would fare against a determined Saxon Thegn!
    For me you really get a sense of fellowship in this saga, I think Penda or Black Floki are two belting characters.
    You also get a tremendous sense of journey in some of your passages which seems to be lacking in other Norse stories. Superbly written and hugely enjoyable. The Wife won’t let me read it to our 6 year old son yet, so it’s still Harry Potter for him.
    Look forward to reading The Bleeding Land, and the next Raven stuff.

    • gileskristian says:

      Simon, I appreciate your kind words and I’m delighted you enjoyed Odin’s Wolves. I must admit it’s my favourite of the three. Interesting that you like Penda. Often people say Black Floki (folk clearly like a dark, mean and nasty piece of work) but rarely do I hear mention of Penda. I have to say I’m with your wife on that! The saga will be waiting for your son when he’s ready to grip an oar and take his place in the shield wall. I have a boy on the way and look forward to one day telling him of Raven. Now what are you waiting for? Get your hands on The Bleeding Land!

  346. Mike Smith says:

    Just finished The Bleeding Land after buying it on Monday at Amazon for the Kindle app on my iPad. What a page-turner. I read it too fast! I felt myself really empathising with the characters and getting completely sucked in to the story. Please tell me your next book in the series will be out before too long. I enjoyed it more than any other book you have written – and those were all very good reads as well. As an American living in the UK, and a history buff, I find historical fiction as a wonderful way to learn about British history. It also helps give context to our own history in America as America was only newly settled by English colonists around the time of the English Civil War. Thanks for writing books like these!

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks, Mike, it’s great getting some early feedback on the new book and I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed it so much. However, I’m sorry to say the next part of the tale won’t be out until this time next year, so quite a wait. You’re right about historical fiction being a great way of getting involved in the past, though you’d be amazed (or probably you wouldn’t) at how little most Brits know about this country’s civil war. Which is crazy given how influential the period was in our history. The ECW was our revolution, and as you infer, its consequences reached far beyond these shores. Perhaps The Bleeding Land and books like it will help ignite interest in the period. I hope so. But more importantly for me, I hope folk simply enjoy the tale.

  347. P Maher says:

    there seem to be 4 raven books in the trilogy–could you tell wich order they come in, and wheter there are actually now 4?? want to put them on my kindle in correct order! PM

    • gileskristian says:

      There are just three books in the Raven saga: RAVEN Blood Eye. Sons of Thunder. Odin’s Wolves. My new book, The Bleeding Land, is the first in a brand new series (not Vikings at all). I hope that helps.

  348. Owen Phillips says:

    Awesome Raven books. I can’t say more than that! I think what sets them apart from a lot of other similar books is the banter between the Fellowship. Banter is central to my relationship with my buddies, and you’ve captured the essence of taking the piss out of your friends in the Raven books!
    Has the Raven saga ended?

    Owen Phillips

    • gileskristian says:

      Owen, thank you. I admit the banter is fun to write. I’ve long held that the camaraderie between fighting men hasn’t changed for millenia. Everything else might change, not least the technology employed, but I’m convinced that the banter and black humour, the ‘taking the piss out of your friends’ as you put it (no doubt in part a coping mechanism) never changes. The Raven saga has ended for now but hopefully not for ever.

  349. john hall says:

    Hi Giles, i have just finished reading your Raven book ODINS WOLVES and i really enjoyed it,i am having to backtrack the previous two ,would make a good film, or tv series like Game of Thrones!
    I often visit the ISLE OF MAN with it’s Celtic/Viking Heraitage and visit sites of interest in ancient history ,your books make them come alive! The house of Mannanan in PEEL has a replica longship as it’s central display! Here in LIVERPOOL there are many Norse named areas Kirkby.Crosby,etc
    also watching KIRK DOUGLAS in the VIKINGS over the weekend .great batle sequence at the finale!
    look forward to reading your other novels
    regards John H.

    • gileskristian says:

      I’d love to see the RAVEN saga adapted for screen but perhaps my new one, The Bleeding Land is more suitable with it being a real family saga and told from three different POVs. Have you seen the short film we made as a book trailer for Odin’s Wolves? It was so much fun making that, as was the new trailer for the new book, getting to fire matchlock muskets and generally making a lot of noise. I’m glad you feel the tales bring to life their settings – that’s so important in historical fiction, and as for Liverpool, I’ll be rowing the Viking longship Harald Fairhair into your fine city next year! http://den.vikingkings.com/ Well, thanks for the mail and remember to get yourself a copy of The Bleeding Land tomorrow!

  350. Caroline Lewis says:

    Hi Giles, hope you are well. I happened to pick up your Raven book in a charity shop 4 days ago and ive already finished it. Amazing. I couldnt put it down and Ive just been online and ordered the next two and am also eagerly awaiting The Bleeding Land. Thank you so much for your stories, I currently have 2 shelves full of Bernard Cornwell and I have a feeling that I will be needing to put a few Giles Kristian shelves up very soon!

    Take care and happy writing.


    • gileskristian says:

      If my books end up sharing your shelf with Bernard Cornwell I will be deeply honoured. He is the greatest influence on my writing and it was his Warlord series that really inspired me to ‘put pen to paper’ as it were. Thrilled to hear you stumbled across my books and are now fully immersed in the tales. That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it? Discovering new writers with whom you hope to journey on through the years. I’m thrilled to have you aboard, Caroline, and I do so hope you enjoy The Bleeding Land. It’s out tomorrow and I can’t blooming wait!

  351. Hi, i have the follow question:

    When is avalible the odin’s wolves in spanish?

    Waiting your answer.

    Gustavo B.S.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Gustavo, I’m sorry to say I just don’t know the answer to your question. I don’t really have much contact with Edicones B, my Spanish publisher. Perhaps you could ask them? Sorry not to be more helpful. All the best, Giles

  352. Peadar says:

    hello giles ,Im a huge fan of the raven books,Any chance of them be turned into film or tv series as in Game of thrones anytime soon.Please dont leave us waiting to long for another book in the series hopefully with the wolfpack visiting Dublin/Dubh linn iit would be great to read about them wandering around my home town(which was a viking city) and the rest of ireland thanks so much for hours and hours of enjoyment reading your books..Peadar

  353. Peadar says:

    Hello Giles huge fan of the raven series.Wondering any chance of them being turned into a tv series like game of thrones or a movie would do???? Plus any hope in their next adventure the wolf pack could visit viking Dublin/ Dubh Li would be gcraic seeing themrampaging around my home tiwn. Thanks for the great stories

    • gileskristian says:

      Well I think a screen adaptation could be awesome if it was done right. But I’m biased of course. As for the wolves visiting Dublin, you’re in luck as that’s the plan for the next one! However, not entirely sure when that will be as I’m currently caught in the bloody fray of the English Civil War! Glad you enjoyed the series, and hope you like The Bleeding Land. By the way, I watched Game of Thrones on blu-ray and LOVED it.

  354. Andy says:

    Love your books mate, im also a big fan of audiobooks was wondering if you plan to publish any of your books in audio or if u already have were do i find them

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks, Andy. This very day I am expecting the audio version of my new book, The Bleeding Land. I’m really looking forward to hearing what the reader, the brilliant Anthony May, has done with it. Keep an eye on this site and my Facebook page for news and links. As for the RAVEN saga, only the first one, Blood Eye, is available in audio and only as a 10 CD set. For some stupid reason.

  355. Pete Widdows says:

    Only recently got to know your books- but I’ll put them up alongside Bernard Cornwell’s and Simon Scarrow’s. Trouble is, they share the common problem with them- they don’t last long enough! I know the Raven stories were planned as a trilogy- so it said in your interview, I believe- but you can’t just leave Raven and Sigurd adrift in the eastern Mediterranean. When do we get the next episode?

    • gileskristian says:

      Deeply honoured that you’d put my tales up there with Cornwell and Scarrow. As for the word count I believe my new one, The Bleeding Land, is my longest so far, so that’s something I suppose. Believe me, I don’t want to see my wolves lounging around in the sun and growing soft! Will have to see what I can do about that. Meanwhile though, I hope you give the new one a go. Thanks for the mail, Pete.

  356. beth gentle says:

    Pre-ordered the bleeding land and gave in to the temptation to read the first few pages at the back of odins wolves.wish I hadnt now because ive got to wait till may for the postman to bring the rest of it.grrr.sounding really good, cant wait to get stuck in.keep up the good work :-)

    Yours still in suspense


  357. beth gentle says:

    Giles….what can I say……how could you leave us hanging like that!?!I bought raven blood eye after developing a bit of an obsession with Norse mythology and anything to do with the Vikings. I was no more than four chapters in to raven blood eye before I ordered the next two books because I knew I’d HAVE to read them.ive literally just put down odins wolves and am now at a bit of a loss.I dont want to read anything else.I actually miss the characters already.I feel like I know them.you are one hell of a writer mate and….yes im actually going to BEG you to write another raven saga……pleasssssse…I dont care if it takes a year or 10 years …I’ll be waiting :-D

    yours in constant suspense

    p.s please dont take 10 years …..:-)

    • gileskristian says:

      Beth, wonderful mail, thank you! And the p.s. made me chuckle. I too want to write another part of the RAVEN saga but it won’t be for a while yet, I’m afraid, as I’m in the thick of the English Civil War. I know what you mean about missing that motley lot. I can’t help but wonder what mischief they’re up to whilst my back is turned. In the meantime though, please pick up The Bleeding Land when it lands on April 26th. It’s very different from the RAVEN tales but you might just like it. All the best, Giles.

  358. ali wasati says:

    Hi Giles

    Hope your ok, I’m one of your many fans, I have already pre-ordered your The bleeding land, but it has been nearly a couple of years since you followed up with a new book for the raven series, last book was when they placed the ex emperor back on his throne.

    have you any plans to continue it?

    Thanks and keep them coming


    • gileskristian says:

      Great to hear you’ve pre-order the new one! I hope you enjoy the change of scenery and era. As for the last RAVEN book, it was Odin’s Wolves last April, so only a year, and the paperback of that was just out at the end of Jan. Still, I appreciate that these things seem to move very slowly, don’t they? Specially when you’re waiting for an author’s new one. You can expect one a year from me. Some of my esteemed colleagues are almost doing two a year, but that won’t be me for a while (too many other things going on and personally I fear quality would slip if I tried to get ’em out any faster). Nevertheless, I’d love to write another part of the RAVEN saga. If enough readers want it then I’ll do it. We’ll have to see how everything goes. Thanks for being one of those who does want it! But for now there’s The Bleeding Land (and it kicks backside ;)

  359. Jules says:

    What a cracking read this has been, I to served in the armed forces and the way you have caught the sense of brotherhood and do or die for the fighting group reminded me of my brothers in arms thank you for that,I can not wait for some more of raven and the war band don’t take to long!!!


    • gileskristian says:

      Jules, I’m always very excited (and slightly amazed) when folk such as yourself, who have served in the armed forces, tell me that I have in some way captured part of the essence of what it is to be a band of brothers, a fellowship of warriors. Amazed because obviously I have never been part of such a group. All I can tell you is that I feel, and have always felt, that a warrior’s heart beats inside my chest. I like to think that the camaraderie of fighting men has remained the same across thousands of years and countless wars. Much of the rest would be unrecognizable to folk across the ages, but sacrifice, honour, fear, courage, black humour, brotherhood – these ingredients remain. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, they humble me.

  360. Giles

    This is not a question. I just want to let you know that you are, in my humble opinion, one of the best authors in the world.

    Your Raven trilogy is brilliant.

    Thank you so very much for keeping me enthralled.

    • gileskristian says:

      And you are very kind. As for keeping you enthralled, it’s my greatest pleasure. :-)

  361. adrian warren says:

    g’day giles,i have read the raven series, and have thoroughly enjoyed them,i don’t know if you are familiar with the david gemmell novels,but i have discovered you have a very similar way of creating great character’s and storylines,sadly david passed away a couple of year’s back and i was extreemly sad at loosing one of my favorite author’s ,but thing’s are much better now i have discovered you it would be great if you could take on the same style as david gemmell in a couple of books,keep up the great work brother

    • gileskristian says:

      Adrian, I’m enormously flattered that you mention my books in the same sentence as the late David Gemmell’s, who like his hero Druss is himself a legend. I had never considered if our styles are similar (I’ve not read his stuff for years) but now you’ve mentioned it I may pick up another of his and get amongst it. I can also imagine how bereft you must feel at losing such a favourite author and knowing that there’s no more coming from them. I can’t help you in the immediate future though, as my new series is firmly rooted in the historical (you still may want to give it a go) though after that who knows? Thanks for reading and for taking the time to get in touch. Look out for the Facebook group and Twitter for online banter about my books and various nonsense! http://www.facebook.com/GilesKristian

  362. Evie Sanderson says:

    My comment is simple Giles, you are the author of three of the best books I have ever read [and I am an avid reader!].

    Many many thanks.

    • gileskristian says:

      Evie, a simple comment maybe, but a very kind one and much appreciated. Thank you. I hope you enjoy The Bleeding Land which is out April 26th.

  363. Evie Sanderson says:


    I can’t best the comments below, so I’ll just say that you are the author of three of the finest books I have ever read.

    Thank you!

    • gileskristian says:

      What an incredible compliment. I’m delighted you feel that way, Evie, and thanks for dropping me a line.

  364. Chris says:

    At last found another good series to read. Discovered at my local library, I could not put the books down. Raven’s time in Rome was so well written. Your name is on my Wish List at Amazon now. Next Raven book please. Waiting for Bleeding Land in April. It was sad when Bram was killed, glad the old godi got it in the end though.



    • gileskristian says:

      It’s always good to hear of my books being discovered at a library as it often means someone has recommended them, which is particularly gratifying. Without recommendations you wonder how on earth a potential reader picks out your book amongst a million others. The odds are not good! But one way or another, you found them and that’s all that matters. Welcome aboard! I’m glad you enjoyed the scenes in Rome. For me it was interesting to think of my characters experiencing a place that was already ancient and complete (incomplete?) with ruins, and thinking about it in historical terms as we would today. Does that makes sense? We don’t tend to think of our ancestors inhabiting an historic environment and considering it in those terms, yet of course they must have done so. It was also fun trying to imagine what my motley pagans, who only built out of wood, would make of Rome in all its faded glory. The mind boggles at the thought. And as for old Asgot, you could say he had it coming. Thanks for the mail.

  365. John Newton says:

    What a brilliant read the Raven series has been.
    Will there be more tales about Raven’s adventures?

  366. Tony says:

    The Raven series is a really cracking read and I’ve enjoyed all three books, great plots and many likeable if somewhat ruthless characters. I cannot believe for one minute that this lot are going to make it back with their loot and no mishaps and maybe the clue is that Raven is waving Sigurd’s sword around at the end of Odins Wolves ? I do hope so.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks for reading, Tony, and I’m thrilled you’ve enjoyed the saga. My ambition is to take the Wolfpack north again, back to the cold, dark water. But I have a new series coming first. The Bleeding Land tells the story of a family caught up in the maelstrom of the English Civil War and though it’s a far cry from the Viking world, it is brutal and hits like a musket ball. Look out for it next month!

  367. Rusty says:

    I loved this trilogy almost as much as Egils saga.I returned from operations last year and you have captured the deep bond that a body of fighting men have within the unit and the way blokes interact with eachother.many of the characters in the saga i can relate to men i’ve known.warriors dont change,time changes around them.Thanks for the great read,i look forward to your next release.

    • gileskristian says:

      Rusty, your mail means a lot to me. The bond between fighting men is something I’ve always appreciated and I’m with you that it is something that has remained constant for millennia no matter how other aspects of war may have changed. I do get quite a few emails from men and women of the armed forces and I really do appreciate them. In fact, for a couple of years now I have wanted to send my books to those serving overseas but have not yet found a way of doing it. Anyway, that you can relate my characters to men you’ve known is a wonderful endorsement, so thank you very much. Honoured to have you aboard.

  368. Alex says:

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the series and the short film. Now I wondering if you were going to come out with another one. And by Thor’s beard hope that the series will get turned into movies. Odin be with you

    • gileskristian says:

      We loved making the short film. Who wouldn’t get a kick out of spending a couple of days in mail and waving a sword about at any given opportunity? We’ve just made the book trailer for my new series, The Bleeding Land during which I got to play with a matchlock musket. Great fun, but then again give me an axe any day. As for the RAVEN saga being turned into movies. Now wouldn’t that be something. You never know. May the Norns spin you a golden wyrd.

  369. Franny Aitken says:

    Hi Giles

    i have just read your trilogy, the last 2 back to back and i had to say they where excellent.

    i have already read Robert Low’s viking series and doubted anyone could have done any better, but I might just have to say that you did.

    I say might, but we can’t have you Vikings beat us Scots, even at writing, but i suppose Largs must still rankle eh?

    Keep up the good work and I am looking forward to your next book!

    • gileskristian says:

      Rob’s series is seriously good, so I’m delighted you have put mine in the same longboat. As for the no score draw of Largs, I’m more upset about Stamford Bridge! But then, with an English father I can safely play both sides if necessary…so then I get upset about Hastings. Damn it! Thanks for the mail and do give my new series a go in April if you can.

  370. Ian Pearson says:

    Dear Giles,

    Your Raven saga has been three of the best books I have ever read. As a huge fan of Bernard Cornwell’s Warlord Trilogy I am hoping that yours will not end at three. Will there be another Raven story?


    • gileskristian says:

      Ian, you mention me in some very grand company there! BC is the master. I am merely learning the craft, but I’m thrilled you’re enjoying the tales so far! Will there be another RAVEN novel? I hope so.

  371. Mika says:

    Over the years I’ve read fantasy books back and forth. The thing I really like in the Raven-books is that with a larger group of characters you can surprise the reader with killing of some characters that are true reader favorites. The problem I have with some book series is that the authors are great in getting the characters to a big mess but need basicly all the people to survive. Sigurd’s Fellowship is constantly losing people and getting replacements in. Some of the replacements are colourfull and become new favorites while some older favorites might bite the dust.

    All in all I think the series is nicely written with a more earthly tone then some other series that show a bit more of the authors university education with “bigger” words but your style is perfectly suited for the rough heathens that star in your pages.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks, Mika, you make a couple of interesting points. I do ‘kill off’ characters and some of them don’t end up getting the kinds of deaths I had planned for them, which can be almost upsetting for me. But then, if I don’t know where it’s going then I’m fairly certain the reader doesn’t either, which can only be a good thing. As for the way they’re written and the deliberate use of language and terms that at least ‘feel’ Old Norse and thus right for the period, yes that’s the idea. There’s a bit about that in my Author’s Note at the end of my forthcoming tale, The Bleeding Land. You’ll see a marked difference in the language in that novel, but hopefully that works just as well in its way. Regards, Giles

  372. John Newton says:

    Good evening Giles
    Two books in..and I am hooked….starting the third (Odin’s Wolves) tonight..You have made me want to be-friend people I should be afraid of. More of these stirring tales..please..pure unadulterated escapism.

  373. peter worrall says:

    Tried to watch video prologue but in HD and I presume streamed?Am one of 21% in UK who cannot really stream.Had a look at first bit-to my knowledge men of this era did not have shiny lustorus hair as in a commercial.Most of your fighters of that time would have scars or tattoos on show-just a point re film !!
    Loved books but second one Sons of Thunder took some time to get going explaining what had happened before-could you not do a brief prologue or list of charactures?Just a thought

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Peter. Sorry you haven’t been able to watch the book trailer properly by the sounds of it. It’s on Vimeo in HD http://vimeo.com/22998659 and youtube at lower res. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VSMV4GjzYRE&feature=related but apart from those sources I don’t know what you could do to avoid problems. As for the lustrous hair thing, I think it’s a mistake to assume that people of that period were not vain when it came to their appearance. Yes, staying clean and beautiful was for the most part harder then than now, but I’m sure the intentions were there and they did what they could when they could. After all, some of the most common archaeological finds from the Viking Age are bone or antler combs! Moreover, Vikings who settled in England were known for their “excessive cleanliness” because of their habit of bathing every week. RE the ‘what happened before’ reminder, it’s a very hard balance to strike. Too much ‘reminding’ really annoys some readers and the general rule of thumb is to assume the reader knows what happened in the last book. You will find a list of characters at the front of all the books.

  374. Richard Tanner says:

    Just giving you a shout expressing my praise after reading the most recent tale of the Wolfpack! As a keen history student I am pleased to read such bloody tales brought crashing into life. You must pick up the story again at some point as you have created something very special and unique. I have especially enjoyed the idea that these books include a large collection of characters, all of whom could be the protagonist. Thank you and may you continue to create such inspiring historical fiction. May I add that Odin’s Wolves held me in as much (if not more) captivation as the best of Mr Cornwell.

    • gileskristian says:

      A wonderful compliment indeed, as I hold BC’s work as a touchstone and always strive by his example. Thanks for taking the time to write, and I very much hope you enjoy the new tale out April 26th. It’s a family saga set against the tumultuous and bloody backcloth of the English Civil War.

  375. Chris says:

    Hi Giles,

    I have finished reading the trilogy for a second time and i have to say i still love it, i have read Robert Lows Oathsworn books (on your reccomendation) and the saxon stories and still think Raven is my favourite read, without saying to much a couple of deaths are still sad as i wouldve liked them in the next Raven book. Please write another Trilogy on this character maybe with Raven becoming the Jarl, or even a prequal on how Raven ended up in Abbotsend. Love your books and hope to read more


    • gileskristian says:

      I’m honourd you’ve taken another swing at the Saga. You probably know that motley crew better than I do! Look out for the new series, The Bleeding Land, in April. As for another RAVEN novel, I do hope so.

  376. Graham Martin says:

    Hi Giles,
    Will you be writing any more books in the Raven series ?. I must say I really enjoyed reading them. All I would like to add I very much hope you do.


    • gileskristian says:

      Glad to have you aboard, Graham. As I’ve told other readers, I’d love to write more tales in the RAVEN saga. I feel that it will soon be time for the Fellowship to head northwards again, back to the cold dark water. We’ll see…

  377. Lily says:

    The most amazing books ever! Im only 16 and these are the first adult books ive read. Im reading the third book now and i can’t put it down. Thank you and can’t wait to read you new series :D

    • gileskristian says:

      Lily, I’m delighted to hear that you’re enjoying the tales. Thanks for taking the time to let me know. I’m looking forward to the new series too! The Bleeding Land will be published on April 26th!

  378. Mark Leach says:

    Just finished the trilogy, fabulous story. I see in the epilogue that you hint at a continuation of the story, bring it on. Many of us will be waiting.
    Best Wishes
    Mark Leach

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks, Mark. I’d love to continue the story. There is still much glory (and hardship) awaiting Sigurd’s motley crew. We shall see…

  379. philippe says:

    Hello, Giles i finished the trilogy this week, “sons of thunder” and “odin’s wolves” one week after the other in 4 days coul’nt put them down once i got started an absolute pure joy i also enjoyed the snippet of “the bleeding land” between the brothers “Tom and Mun Rivers, the royalists and the round heads i presume there will proberbly be roundheads in there at some point it is exiting already . Henry denton seems a real nasty piece of work can’t wait for the rest .Hardrada’s poem at the back of “odin’s wolves” was very interesting, also very profound anyway, i do realise you are busy and this ,is’nt my first comment but if you could possibly find out for me , if “raven” will be published in french because i have some family members who are interested, who are only French speakers, i do realise, i presume priority which is normal would proberbly be for first time comments, ps “Raven” is better than the tv you are right depending what’s on of course, because you would’nt believe me if i said it was permanently better than the tv would you? thanks again Philippe.

  380. Mick says:

    The best series ive ever read. Loved it!! Cant wait for #4 and beyond. If you get bored perhaps the tales of Asgots life would be a good read. All the best, keep up the good work.

    • gileskristian says:

      That’s high praise indeed, thank you. Tales of Asgot’s life would indeed make a good, if bloody, read! I’ve been thinking about a sort of prequel for a while. I’ll let you know. All the best, Mick. Giles

  381. Alun Bailey says:

    No question but thanks for a great series of books. Raven grows with each new book may he never grow too old and may you always have another tale to tell . Thank You Alun

    • gileskristian says:

      Alun, if you keep reading ’em, I’ll keep writing ’em! That seems fair to me. All the best, Giles

  382. Alberto says:

    Hi, Giles!
    Still waiting to come to Argentina your other books (only came “Sons of Thunder”) will leave the link where I made ​​a drawing of ODIN (Marvel style). I hope you like it, buddy! Someday you have to plan to do a graphic novel with your books! Would be sensational.

    LINK TO ODIN´S DRAW : http://albertodifrancisco.blogspot.com/2012/01/odin-padre-de-thor.html

    A hug!
    Alberto Di Francisco

  383. Neil M says:

    Trilogy? The Raven series is too good to finish at book 3!
    I have loved being on the journey with Raven, you are a great skald Giles… Please do not allow the tale to end here…

    • gileskristian says:

      At the risk of sounding boastful, I agree with you that the saga shouldn’t finish there. There’s still so much more to tell. We shall see…

  384. Paula Calderón says:

    Hi Giles!
    I’m Paula from México, I have to say I’m a big fan of your Raven’s trilogy, I felt in love since the very first word and now I’m waiting for the spanish version of Odin’s wolves, hope you can finish that deal with your publisher :).

    I was wondering, I would love do some drawings of the characters of these wonderful books, but I don’t have enough information of each one, it would be great if you could make a description list of the characters, so I can do it :). If yes, then I’ll really apreciate you could send me to my e-mail.

    Wish the best of the best and lot of success on your comming works!

    Excuse my bad english.

    • gileskristian says:

      Paula, I’m delighted that you’re such a fan of the stories, and like you I very much hope my Spanish publisher decides to go with Odin’s Wolves. I know there are a lot of readers waiting for the Spanish translation. As for drawing some of the characters, I’d love to see your interpretations (so would other readers, I’m sure) but I’m so sorry to say I don’t have the time to put together character descriptions for you at the moment. Maybe if I can find a little more time I’ll see what I can do, but meantime perhaps you could use the books themselves and send me your interpretation of, say, Sigurd. :-)

  385. pauline schoenemann says:

    Wow Giles, you have got talent – over the recent holiday break, I have read the three Raven books – I only wish there was a fourth ! Can’t wait to read the next of your creations – keep ’em coming.


    PS – I hope that was good mead in the drinking horn!

    • gileskristian says:

      You are are very kind, Pauline. Some might call it talent – others might call it a lifelong avoidance of real work. As for a fourth chunk of the RAVEN saga, I do hope I get the chance to write one. Look out for The Bleeding Land in April.

  386. philippe says:

    Hello again Giles, something i forgot to mention in my earlier message” bloodeye”, reminded me very much of the “Harry Potter” series which i enjoyed immensley , but obviously with much darker tones and The “sharpe” television series with Sean Bean as “colonel Richard Sharpe” which were based on the books by Bernard Cornwell which you say was the writer who inspired you to write in the first place , i aught to read the books sometime, after i have finnished the raven series to see if the books, are similar better or as good as the tv series was; i mean after the “bleeding line” obviously. thanks again all the best.

  387. philippe says:

    Hello, Giles first of all a happy new year to you i am definitely aboard i engoyed “Bloodeye” immensley it was as good as Tom Woolfe , lord of the rings and great expectations i literally couldin’t put the book down i finnished it in a week, i felt as if, i was there observing Raven’s (osric), journey from his beginning in Abbotsend to his aventure in wessex. i enjoyed also his different relationships an ideal p urpose and father figure found with sigurd and the norsemen, for Raven finds a purpose with them after at the beginning not knowing what he is not christian,but not norse ,either when he does finally become a norsemam he is different to them in keeping a certain morality, that they don’t have in his relationship with cynethryth which because he is a norseman ,and she being christian he cannot pursue he also cared alot for eahlstan and was devastated when he was murdered finally i can’t wait to get “sonsof thunder” all the best ps do you know if or could you tell me if bloodeye is available in french because in my family there are members who are french speakers only who are interested?

  388. John Lewis says:

    Hi, have just finished reading ODIN’S WOLVES – fantastic – but amazed to see that you say this is the end of the trilogy, and by implication, the end of Raven. You can’t leave your faithful crew (readers) without an ending, the brotherhood at the ‘wrong’ end of the earth.
    Reading your e-mails it seems that you intend to write of the English Civil War next but hint that Raven may not be finished – please, please, please don’t leave it too long before the whale road is once again the way of the Raven. (Bernard Cornwell left some 2 years between books in his SAXON series and the wait was agony!)

    Thanks for the journey and please don’t let it end.


    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks, John, I’m always thrilled to hear from folk who feel the Wolfpack’s journey is not yet over. I agree with you, there’s still so much more to tell. But if I do write another RAVEN novel (I really hope to) then I’m afraid it will be quite a wait because I have two more in my Bleeding Land series to write first (The first of this trilogy is coming in April). If after that my publisher is happy for me to return to my motley crew then I’ll jump at the chance. We shall see what the Norns weave…

  389. Stephen Manning says:

    Is the Raven series available as a audio book?

    • gileskristian says:

      Currently only Blood Eye is available as a box set of 10 CDs (expensive too!) from Oakhill Publishing. But I’m hoping the whole RAVEN saga makes it onto i-tunes for download soon. I’ll keep you informed.

  390. adrian tuck says:

    mate without a doubt this trilogy is the best iv ever read keep it up !!!

    • gileskristian says:

      I’m honoured, Adrian. Thank you very much. As for keeping it up, I’ll certainly do my best. Look out for The Bleeding Land in April!

  391. CARLOS says:

    hi Giles, do you know if ODIN´S WOLVES book has traslated to spanish lenguages? if yes please tell me where can I get it, I had read the first 2 books and I like them.


    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Carlos, as far as I’m aware there is no deal yet for the Spanish translation of Odin’s Wolves. I very much hope the publisher, Edicones B, decides to take it soon so that you can finish the trilogy. All the best, Giles.

  392. Gustavo Bonilla says:


    I live in Colombia and been a loyal reader of your works, I want to ask about the wolves of odin book if it is available in Spanish.

    You want to congratulate you for your excellent work.

    stay alert to your answer!

    • gileskristian says:

      Gustavo, thanks for your mail. I’m afraid I don’t think we’ve done a deal yet for Odin’s Wolves with our Spanish publisher. But I hope it happens soon as it’s not really very fair releasing the first two and then leaving the readers not knowing. If it happens I’ll be sure to announce it.

  393. Giles;
    Thank you for your response and suggestion. No, Austin has not read Cornwell’s King Arthur books. I’m on my way to get them now. Thank you again. An additional note, Austin took the High School Placement test last week to enter one of our all-boys Catholic Schools in San Antonio. As part of the test, he had to write an essay. He was given four topics from which to choose his essay subject. One of the choices was “write about a favorite fictional character.” He chose this option and wrote about a character from your books. Of particular interest to his Dad and me is the fact that he could have selected to write about “an influential person” in his life. As his mother and homeschool teacher, I thought I was a shoe-in! But your books trumped me. ha! Thanks again and Merry Christmas. Karol

  394. philippe says:

    Dear Giles, i just wanted to say as a fan of history it is great that although i haven’t read one of your books yet i hope to soon, was intrigued immediatly after reading the synopsis of “bloodeye” that a young writer such as yourself is making history more appealing to a great number of people , and more younger people such as myself , as someone who has enjoyed history since my schooldays although i have a preferance for the second world war, i have always enjoyed a good sword and adventure story one where you feel as if your’e living the story as from having read some previous people’s comments who have read your books have clearl;y felt and i’m sure when i read “bloodeye” i will feel the same all the best for your future novels.

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Philippe, thank you for your mail. I’ll be glad to have you aboard! Please come back and let me know what you thought of the tale.

  395. Pryce Goulding says:

    Is there another Raven book coming out?

    • gileskristian says:

      I do hope so! But first The Bleeding Land series set against the savagery and mayhem of the English Civil War. First one coming in April.

  396. Karol Sweitzer says:

    Dear Mr. Kristian:
    My thirteen year old son, Austin, just finished Odin’s Wolves. He enjoyed it very much. I understand from your responses to others that book 4 is not in the immediate future. He is terribly disappointed, of course. I homeschool him and in the early years, found it difficult to get him to read. And then I discovered books about Vikings and his reading habits changed immediately. He has read every series we can find (Robert Lowe, Judson Roberts, and Tim Severin). I thought perhaps you would have a recommendation or two that he could move to next, while he waits your 4th book. Would you be so kind as to recommend something for him to read? He is enthralled with Vikings (my husband’s ancestors are from Norway) and thinks he is one! As he was reading your book, he kept saying, “I wish I was there”. So thank you for sharing your talents. Any book a boy will read is a good book. Yours have been exceedingly enjoyable for him.

    • gileskristian says:

      Dear Karol, I can honestly say your mail made my day when I read it. To think that my books have in some small way whet your son’s appetite to read is something I find very humbling. I’m pleased to hear he’s read Robert Low’s series (new one coming soon) as Rob is a writer of rare talent and knows his subject absolutely intimately. As for other recommendations, has he read Bernard Cornwell’s The Warlord Chronicles about King Arthur? These books blew my mind and inspired me to write my own. Oh, and I love that Austin says “I wish I was there,” as he reads my books. I say the same thing and my wife must be sick of hearing it. Thank you for your lovely email and please give my very best to Austin.

  397. Jeff Harrison says:

    Hello Giles,

    Just finished Blood Eye, great characters, spot on mate. Roll on Sons of Thunder.
    Keep them coming pal.

  398. Anthony Opie Ward says:

    Hi Giles
    I have read the first two books in the Raven Series and found them to be an enchanting and thrilling use of escapism. Personally being of Icelandic descent with a strong nordic sense of family in my home from our fair red and blonde hair to our tattoo’s. I just wanted to ask how you manage to balance so many main characters while still using the other characters effecitvely?

    • gileskristian says:

      I’m not sure how to answer this, Anthony. I guess like any rugby or football team there are a core handful of dominating characters (the noisy, brash ones in the dressing room) and then there’s everyone else who have their roles to play but rarely get the spotlight. Sigurd, Svein, Black Floki, Bram Bear, Asgot and of course Raven – these I suppose are my hardcore characters, but I do enjoy bringing other personalities into the mix (even if many of them do end up sitting at the high end of Odin’s hall rather sooner than they’d have liked). I’m aware I still haven’t answered your question, but I’ll just take it as a compliment that you think I get it right – however that actually happens. Thanks for the mail, and good to hear the Norse blood whispers to you still.

  399. Paul Gainford says:

    I couldnt put the books down & read them back to back a number of times, each time the experience became better & better. Do you intend writing further about Viking Newfoundland? I remember a book from my youth Vikings sunset by Henry Theece which has influenced my interest in historical books since. Well that and by been born in Jorvik ! Keep up the good work & cheers

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Paul, interesting to hear that you find new things to plunder with each reading. I never read books twice but maybe I should pick one of my old favourites and give it another pass. I’ve heard good things about the Henry Theece books but have never read them. Seems like there are thousands of books I ought to have read! As for me writing a new tale involving Newfoundland – no plans as yet. If and when the Wolfpack do set sail again I’d like to take them back to the North. We’ll see…

  400. Alex Ryan says:

    Hi Giles
    Being of Swedish/Irish decent I identify strongly with the Raven books. Having just finished reading Odins Wolves I can truly relate to these stories and my Scandinavian heritage which has always been a big part of my life.
    I enjoyed the balance which you have found between the savagery of the Wolf Pack but also their camaradery, humour and some would say almost fatalistic approach to their destinies. Reading the novels you become closely attached to characters like Sigurd, Bram Bear, Bjarni and Svein the Red and this is a true testament to your skill as an author.
    All I can say Giles is keep the novels coming because it is a great thing to read about these remarkable stories so skillfully told. So please keep them coming and do not make this the last in the series. Please let me know if you have another planned?

    • gileskristian says:

      Alex, your kind mail is very much appreciated. I’m always humbled when readers take the time to share their thoughts and let me know they’ve enjoyed one of my books. Sounds to me like these tales are in your blood as much as they are in mine, which is great to hear. And I’m glad you felt close to the characters, as though you were pulling the oar or standing shoulder to shoulder in the shieldwall. If you feel like that, it means I’ve done what I came here to do. But I do require your imagination – it’s a joint effort, so thanks! No more in the RAVEN saga for a while, I’m sorry to say. But maybe after my new series, The Bleeding Land.

  401. Jeff Gale says:

    Thanks so mush for writing such wonderful books. I’m 65. For years. I’ve read 2 or 3 books a month. Mostly history & historical fiction including most of everyone you mentioned in your acknowledgements. Love all three of the Raven series. Never read a better book than Odin’s Wolves. Perfect balance of action, dialogue, description, & humor. Your details of Paris, Rome, and Constantinople are amazing. I’ll be reading and recommending what ever you write next. Thanks soooooooo much!

    • gileskristian says:

      Jeff, thank you very much, especially for your compliment about Odin’s Wolves. Personally, I think that was the best Viking book I could write and I felt it was quite a ride. As for my portrayal of those iconic cities, I enjoyed the challenge of trying to see them through my Viking’s eyes, wondering how incredible such places must have seemed to them. There’s also something interesting, I think, in considering how our ancestors experienced ruins and places that were historical to them, just as they still are to us. I hope that makes sense? Anyway, thanks again, and please feel free to share your thoughts on Amazon.co.uk as it all helps. Look out for The Bleeding Land in the Spring, about a family torn apart in the maelstrom of civil war.

  402. Chris Meleck says:

    Awesome books man. Loved how beliefs in gods ands magic controlled most of what they did but you never saw any of it. Nice change from the stuff I normally read. More raven please !

    • gileskristian says:

      Thank you, I wanted their beliefs to be at times almost simmering beneath the surface, and yet at other times worn loosely. It’s hard to know how structured their pagan belief system actually was, but one assumes not very, seeing as almost nothing was written down and much must have been transmitted orally through story-telling. I suspect the main reason the Christian Church wrote and disseminated its doctrine was to gain and keep control of people. Don’t think the Norse thought like this. It was likely more individualistic, which is the way I’ve tried to portray it.

  403. James cotton says:

    Love your books mate cant wait till the next 1 !! wish u cud write em 24/7 as it takes months 2 write an 1 day to read !! keep up the good work and if u run out of ideas just ask me an il help lol !! cheers !!

    • gileskristian says:

      I wish I could write them quicker, too! Glad to have you aboard though, and hope you enjoy The Bleeding Land in the Spring (assuming you’ve done the RAVEN saga).

  404. Francis Stanley says:

    I came across Raven only about a month ago, since then I have read both blood eye and sons of thunder, I cant wait for Odins wolves to become a paperback.
    Coming from the Isle of Man I have grown up with Viking influences, I do hope you dont end the saga with just 3 books, more please! (any chance the IOM could get a mention in future)
    Wishing you a fair wind and following seas
    All the best

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks for the kind words, Francis. I too am excited about the pb release of Odin’s Wolves as it will give us a good opportunity to raise the profile of the RAVEN saga as a whole and maybe pick up a few more crews of readers along the way. As for mentioning IOM, that seems likely if I follow my ambition of bringing Raven and his motley crew back to the grey seas. I would like to see them in Norway and Dublin and with the latter they wouldn’t be too far away, although the Norse Kingdom of Mann came about almost 300 years after the beginning of Blood Eye. However, first The Bleeding Land series set against the backcloth of this nation’s Civil War. The first of these will be out in the Spring. I hope you give it a try. Thanks again.

  405. Chris Oliver says:

    My wife bought me all 3 books as a present from my children. I too am a huge fan of Bernard Cornwell and especially Ragnor. I have, however, become addicted to the Raven series. Great stories and fantastic characters. i wondered if there was any historic evidence that Norsemen travelled into Charlemagne’s empire and into the Med ? Not that it matters, just intrigued. Are there any more books in this series planned ?

    • gileskristian says:

      Thanks for the mail, Chris. And thanks to your wise and thoughtful wife for choosing the RAVEN saga. :-) There have been several novels in which Vikings have taken the river routes east through Russia – the trade routes connecting Scandinavia, Kievan Rus and the Byzantine Empire, (including the Baltic Sea and the Dnieper River systems) but I wanted to do something different and take my crews into the Med. I’d never read of Viking visiting Rome, but they must have done. They certainly harassed Charlemagne’s empire and undoubtedly struck deep into the Mediterranean. For example, a scribe called Duald Mac-Fuirbis records that in AD859 several crews came to the place where the Med goes into the outer ocean and reached Africa, where they gave battle to the Moors, and a great slaughter was made. They even took a great host of Moorish slaves back home to Ireland. Several other Viking raids are recorded, but the truth is that the Vikings were out of their comfort zone in the Med. Resistance to them was well-organized and they were no match for the powerful Muslim state. May I suggest the Penguin Historical Atlas of the Vikings for useful maps and info? As for more in the RAVEN SAGA, nothing planned yet but I would like to sail with my motley crew again.

  406. Marjorie says:

    Thank you to your reply to my question,as my Reading Group is held monthly at the Libbrary, I shall have to reserve the two previous books. It will be interesting to hear what the Group Members think of it when it comes up for discussion in mid November. I am currently half way through your book – it is not what I would have chosen for myself to read, but now I am ‘into it’ it is begining to ‘grab’ me. Will recommend your site to group members to have a look at.

  407. Myles Green says:

    Do you listen to music whilst writing? If so what do you listen to?

    • gileskristian says:

      Sometimes. Often if I’m writing a battle scene I’ll listen to movie scores. Some favourites include: Braveheart, Last of the Mohicans, Gladiator, The Lord of The Rings, and Kingdom of Heaven. I suspect the drama of what I’m listening to can influence the writing. At the very least, it puts me in the right mood for the scene.

  408. Steve Butler says:

    I have just finished Odin’s Wolves, fantastic read. I have enjoyed all 3 books. I really liked the ending of Odin’s Wolves.
    Until next time.

  409. Bruno Oliveira says:

    Any chance of your books coming for Brazil ?

    • gileskristian says:

      Honestly, I’ve no idea. I suspect Viking novels are not all that popular in Brazil (are they?), but I’ll let you know if a publisher there does take the RAVEN saga.

  410. neal says:

    Hi Giles! Just wondering if you ever sign books? Is there somewhere I can send my book to you for signing?
    Just got the 2nd Raven story on my Kindle…..Loved the first!!!

  411. Paul Nesbo says:

    Hi Giles I to am a halfblood like yourself except it was my father who was the Norwegian. I was wondering, in your historical note to Blood Eye you mention your cottage that overlooks the fjord with Folgefonn in the distance. My family also lives in the same area infact on Bjornafjord Looking across to Folgefonn also. In your novel you mention Haralds Fjord, is this a fictional arm of Hardanger or some other fjord in the ares

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Paul, aren’t we lucky to be connected to such a stunningly beautiful place! I’m hoping to get out there after Christmas. But the Harald’s Fjord mentioned in the RAVEN Saga is, I’m afraid, purely fictional. Though I’m sure you can picture it perfectly. ;-) All the best, Giles

  412. Marjorie says:

    Your book Odin’s Wolves is the October Choice of our Book Group – I have relised it is part three of a Trilogy – is it a stand alone story, or do I need to read the two earlier books first?

    • gileskristian says:

      Funny to think of Odin’s Wolves being discussed in a book club – would love to be a fly on the wall for that! But yes, I think it’ll make more sense to have read the first two. Sorry.

  413. leigh tomlinson says:

    more raven please please please…

  414. Henry Thaler says:

    I have just finished reading, or rather, experiencing “Odin’s Wolves”, after your first two Raven books, of course. Along with, perhaps, B. Cornwell’s “Uthred/Alfred” series, I have never been so involved in these adventures as with any other stories, and feel emotionally drained at the end! You manage to drag the reader screaming and kicking into the Viking longboats, and make me cringe, laugh, weep, howl with pain and terror along with those unbelievably hardened warriors. You have managed to build the momentum from the first book on, and I simply can’t wait until your next saga!
    Thank you, Henry Thaler

    • gileskristian says:

      Henry, thank you. I’m delighted to hear that you’ve been at your oar bench pulling with the rest of the Wolves, standing in the shieldwall as the blood flies, and sharing an ale horn by the fire. Clearly you feel it all, and that makes me very happy, satisfied too, as that’s the ultimate response we writers can hope for. I have always felt that way about Bernard Cornwell’s books, indeed he is the man who really inspired me to tell my own tales, so I am honoured you’ve mentioned us both in the same sentence. Look out for my next offering, The Bleeding Land, coming next April. It’s about a family’s struggle to survive amidst the savage turmoil of the English Civil War. Thanks again for taking the time to write.

  415. judith guy says:

    neither can I. As to the change lets just say my religious outlook.
    very best wishes Judith

  416. Darren MacKay says:

    Done all three now and like I suspected its a Thrillogy.

  417. judith guy says:

    i have just this minute finished Odin’s Wolves and am so disapointed that i have to wait for you to write some more!!! What a great series, i enjoyed the books as much as Ben Kane and Manda Scotts. Between you all you have changed my whole outlook on life and that is no mean feat at the age of sixty.
    many thanks for a great read
    kind regards Judith

    • gileskristian says:

      Dear Judith, no mean feat at all! And I’m honoured to share your bookshelf with the likes of MC Scott and Ben Kane – both wonderfully talented writers (and good friends of mine, too, I’m proud to say). I must admit I’m intrigued to know how your outlook on life has changed since reading the books. Interesting…
      Well, keep reading. My new one, The Bleeding Land, is coming early next year…I can’t wait!

  418. Alan Walker says:

    Hi Giles having listened to the excellent Raven Blood eye as i walked in the Scottish mountains the west highland way and felt like Raven treking across the country side to save a maiden. can you tell me when the next two will be released in audio form as I intend to do more long distance walks and would really like Raven to tell me more of his life saga

    • gileskristian says:

      Hi Alan, I was excited to read your mail as you’re the first person I’ve heard from who has listened to RAVEN: Blood Eye as an audiobook! I’m delighted to hear that the story kept you company on your trek – what a fantastic idea. As far as I know, the next two books in the series are still waiting to be turned into audio format, but I’ll see what I can find out via my agent. Thanks for listening.

  419. Batu Oguz says:

    Hi Giles
    I’d just like to give you a huge thank you from the bottom of my heart. Raven caught my eye in waterstones immediately, and I have to say, although I’ve yet to read Odin’s Wolves, the series is absolutely brilliant. As someone who adores the vikings and the anglo-saxons, and the Norse Gods and tales, I have to say that the storytelling, the plot, everything is brilliant. Everything is so believable, to the tiniest detail, that you don’t have to put any effort to convince me of the factual nature of the story, if you get my meaning. In other words what you’ve written is so in depth and real, living and breathing with each character, that it’s so easy to forget that the tale is little more than a tale, an amazingly told tale, but a tale nonetheless, which is in itself very saddening.
    Still, after all my rambling, you have my humble thanks as a bookworm, and a lover of the Old Gods and their Wolves.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thank you for your kind words, I very much appreciate you having taken the time to get in touch with your thoughts about the RAVEN saga. From the sound of it, you have played your part and really immersed yourself in the tale, and for that I am grateful. I too have always been fascinated with the period and my imagination spends perhaps a little too much time ‘back then’. Glad the series caught your eye, but keep rowing – we still have far to go!

  420. Darren MacKay says:

    In the past 20 years I have read only 3 books. Since being introduced to the works of Cornwall, Gemmel, Igullden, Pressfield, Sidebottom, Scott an others I have read 46. 24 hours ago I purchased Raven Blood Eye, it has since been consumed leaving me wanting more. I suspect a more apt description for your series could be referred to as a Thrillogy and in the morning I will confirm this by reading Sons of Thunder. In conclusion I say OUTSTANDING

    • gileskristian says:

      A ‘thrillogy’ I like it! Welcome aboard, Darren, glad to have you at the oars. We’re all very lucky that there are some fantastic historical fiction writers out there at the moment, authors that bring the past to life and in whose tales we can completely immerse ourselves. The only trouble being that there are too many great books and not enough time. I hope you enjoy Sons of Thunder. As for Odin’s Wolves, it’ll knock your socks off! Thanks for getting in touch.

  421. stephan Thomason says:

    Giles just to say i absolutely adore these books just about to start odins wolves , a shame i didnt read the spoiler alert . Penda has now become my favourite personality in the books , being of french origin i loved the last book set in france and meeting Karalous ( has paris changed so much over the years im not too sure ) with a heavy heart at the thought of losing Bram i read on . thank you giles probably the best non fiction i have read in a long time one word SUPERB

    • gileskristian says:

      I like Penda too. I’ve often wondered what would happen if he and Black Floki went head to head, as they’re both born killers. As for Paris, one of the things that seemed strange to some people was me using the name ‘Paris’ in the book. They thought the name sounded too modern. But as you probably know, it was named after the Parisii, the Gaulish tribe that lived there and had been called Paris for more than 400 years before the start of Sons of Thunder. Sorry about Bram! Thanks for the mail.

  422. Willem Louw says:

    -spoiler alert-
    Hello again Giles,
    I wrote I believe a year or so back..and have decided to let you know i’m still sailing the whales road with the wolfpack..having read ALL THREE BOOKS, THREE times each and everytime I enjoy it more and more..I admit i teared up with the deaths of Bram, Svein, Bjorn, Aslak and even though he didn’t have a big story in…Bothvar and even Yrsa. I am still awaiting the days, that the wolfpack takes to the big screen..as I am sort of looking into maybe going for the characters of either Osk or Osten..to top this comment of thank you so much for this series and i’m excited for what journeys lie next for me and the wolfpack..i could honestly say i might be one of the biggest Raven adventure…hell Giles Kristian fans..
    again thank you so so much,
    Willem Louw.

    • gileskristian says:

      You’ve read them three times? Then you probably know my wolfpack better than I do! Delighted though, that you feel you can take something new from them with each reading, and yet I’m sorry to put you through the pain of the loss of some good oarmates over and over. I miss them, too – lived with them for a long time. But there will be time for other warriors to make their fame. With Sigurd as a their jarl, you know there’ll be more glory to come. Thanks for rowing!

  423. Edward Thorpe says:

    Hi Giles, just read Raven Blood Eye and really enjoyed it – the characters, the action, the pace of the story telling. I think you could say that you worthily stand shoulder to shoulder in a shield wall of fantastic writers – Bernard Cornwell, Simon Scarrow, Robyn Young and others. Thanks very much for the enjoyment you have given me.

    • gileskristian says:

      That’s quite a roll call! Esteemed company indeed, with whom I’m thrilled to share your shelf. As for the enjoyment the books have given you, it’s my absolute pleasure. Thanks for reading.

  424. Jason Handy says:

    I have never felt compelled to write a comment/email a writer before but after reading the Raven trilogy I just had to! As soon as I read the first book I instantly purchased both book 2 and 3 for my kindle. The only problem with the 3rd book was when it came to an end as Raven 4 is yet to exist! Please, please, please write another Raven book as I’d like to know about Ravens history before he was found and how he was able to pick up Norse so quickly, I’m sure he has a interesting secret past! Thanks once again for writing a utterly brilliant trilogy. :)

    • gileskristian says:

      Jason, thank you. What an honour that my books inspired you to get in touch. And good to know that my motley crew are embracing new technologies and ransacking your Kindle! I do hope to write another RAVEN book, but first is a new series set during the bloody chaos of the English Civil War. Look out for it next year.

  425. John Hammond says:

    I have just finished Odin’s Wolves having read Raven and Sons of Thunder earlier this year. I had read all of Bernard Cornwell’s historical novels and was desperate to find a source of works that equalled his. Your Raven books certainly exceeded what I had hoped for and look forward to your next instalment. Using your wonderful descriptions of the places the Brotherhood travelled, I used Google Earth to follow their journey along the coastlines, rivers and even some of the buildings, particularly in Rome and Istanbul which added to the realism you have worked into your writing. Thanks for three great books, hopefully the first of many more to follow.

    • gileskristian says:

      To be mentioned in the same paragraph as Mr Cornwell is more than enough for me, John, so thank you. I’m actually a little blown away that you went to the efforts of tracking the Wolfpack’s progress on Google Earth (and slightly worried now about my own geography!). But you know the funny thing about it? I used Google Earth to plot their route in the first place. Amazing! Thanks for the mail, and look out for the first of the new series coming next year.

  426. Alan Fuller says:

    Fantastic series of books, great battle scenes but it is the charcters personal traits that bring the tales alive….hope it is not too long till Sigurd and Raven set sail again

    • gileskristian says:

      It will be a while, Alan, but in the meantime how are you set for a little Roundheads Vs Cavaliers? New series beginning next year (and it’s going to be a belter!)

  427. Simon Williams says:

    Just read all three books back to back, and you’re responsible for lots of late nights and struggling to get up for work, but what can I say apart from many thanks. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the bloody romp across Europe, just like brits on tour really, and am really looking forward to the next instalment though it looks like I’m going to have to wait a while.

  428. simon williams says:

    Just finished reading all three books, one after the next. You’re responsible for some very late nights and me struggling to get up for work in the morning, but huge thanks for keeping me up. I can’t wait for the next instalment – Raven obviously lives to a ripe old age, but it’s going to be fun finding out how he does it.

    • gileskristian says:

      Thank you, I take it as a tremendous compliment that my stories could keep you from a comfortable bed and a good night’s sleep. I hope to keep you snoozing at your place of work for years to come!

  429. Alberto says:

    Giles, regards!
    For some time I left you a comment and an invitation to my blog by a drawing of Bor, I leave you now link to a picture of Thor, the God of Thunder.
    Meanwhile, here in Argentina I keep waiting for someone to bring “The Raven’s eye” or “Odin’s Wolves”
    A hug!

    Alberto Di Francisco

  430. Erik Boxall says:

    Just a big thank you for the most entertaining of adventures. I have just finished Odin’s Wolves after really enjoying both previos books but the storming of the Bucoleon most go down as one of the the best battle sequences I have read. Keep up the good work — Erik–

    • gileskristian says:

      So glad you enjoyed that scene, Erik. It was quite a fight, wasn’t it? I remember being pretty exhausted after writing it! It’s brutal stuff, I’ll admit, but your comment honestly makes my day. So thanks!

  431. Katie Hughes-Gulliver says:

    I know it is not a question but thank you for being so nice at the festival of history, for giving a wonderful talk, for introducing me to the work of Robert Low and for once again producing such an absolutely wonderful book. I look forward to the new project which I am hoping might awaken an interest in me for that historical period that has sadly been lacking. If anyone can you can.

    • gileskristian says:

      Katie, what a wonderfully kind and touching mail. All of the things you mention were my pleasure. I thought the festival, particularly the books/authors side of things was wonderful and I certainly had a great deal of fun, though was exhausted at the end of the two days. As for the next series, it’s my intention that the story itself (of a family being torn apart by circumstances beyond their control) will be the thing that keeps you turning the pages, almost regardless of the period it’s set in. Having said that, I do think the 17th century makes for fiction gold and screams to be plundered. Thank you for your confidence. I hope to do you proud!

  432. Steve Butler says:

    I am reading Blood Eye, nearly finished it. Its the fastest i have ever read a book, its fantastic. I am really looking forward to the following two books.

    • gileskristian says:

      That’s great to hear, Steve. I’m glad it’s the kind of book you feel you can tear through. That’s one of the effects I was hoping for by writing the tale in pretty much real time (no big time leaps in the story). The next two parts of the saga are waiting to be plundered. Keep rowing!

  433. Harry Hastings says:

    Hi Giles
    Hope all’s well
    I was very sorry to miss you at the Festival of History- I couldn’t get up there- all too complicated with the family and all that!

    I have been teaching History si