The Last Viking

Here is our short film, THE LAST VIKING, celebrating the life of Harald Haradrada. Click to watch

The Last Viking

Coming soon THE LAST VIKING, the untold story of  HARALD HARDRADA

950 years ago this 25th September, a desperate, bloody battle changed England’s course forever, at Stamford Bridge, near York. Harold’s Saxon warriors vanquished Harald Hardrada’s Viking invaders in a horrific clash that spelled the end for Viking England.

Feel the heat of battle, hear the song of sword on shield, catch the cunning and the courage and listen to the tale of one of the greatest warriors who ever lived. In Hardrada’s Saga, the last Viking returns to life again on Sunday 25th September 2016. Brought to you by bestselling novelist Giles Kristian and award-winning filmmaker Philip Stevens, this short film blends beautiful balladry with breathtaking cinematic vision to educate and entertain.

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WINTER’S FIRE will blaze on April 7th.

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No. 1 Bestseller!

We’re excited to say that Golden Lion has so far been No. 1 in the UK, Australia and South Africa. Meanwhile, Giles has delivered his next book, WINTER’S FIRE. Cover reveal coming soon.

God of Vengeance – out in paperback

Have you had your VENGEANCE yet?

THE TERROR: Exclusive Short Story

Have a Kindle? Download Giles Kristian’s brand new Viking story, THE TERROR. Available on Amazon WORLDWIDE! To Pre order yours now….

Viking Adventures & Chasing the Muse

A packed programme for BBC History Weekend is kicking off in Malmsbury Thursday 16th – 19th October 2014, and I’ll be taking the stage for a talk entitled “Viking Adventures & Chasing the Muse”. Hope to see you there! I’ll be revealing more from behind the scenes of my latest novel, God of Vengeance.

History Live!

I am taking part in History Live 2014 Saturday 19th – Sunday 20th July 2014 – come and join us! 

I will be talking about how I wrote my recent book, God of Vengeance, including my research trip to Norway where I got to row ‘the largest replica Viking ship built in modern times.

Be fantastic to see you there!

See the History Live Site for more detail!

History Live

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Back With A Vengeance

So I’ve jumped back aboard my longship. After a two-book sojourn in the 17th century, amongst Roundheads and Cavaliers, flashing blades, flaring muskets, horseflesh and the carnage of set-piece battles, I’ve packed my sea chest and turned my bristles into the salt spray once more – God Of Vengeance is now available in Hardback via Transworld/Bantam.

Here’s where I tell you the whale’s road was whispering to me like water across the bows. That the wonder-lust (plunder-lust?) was just too bright to ignore. And that’s all true. They do say a criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. But there was also some good old-fashioned Viking opportunism behind my decision to go dark (Ages) again. You see, the Vikings are coming.

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Read My New Interview with BBC’s History Revealed

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After the success of his Raven trilogy, Giles Kristian has returned to the Viking era with his new novel, God of Vengeance. The author has always been interested in the Vikings, thanks in part to having a Norwiegan mum and spending a lot of time in the fjords of Norway. We ask him about his new book, whether the Vikings deserved their fierce reputation and why he would want Harald Hardrada over to dinner…

What is your new book about?

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