Back With A Vengeance

So I’ve jumped back aboard my longship. After a two-book sojourn in the 17th century, amongst Roundheads and Cavaliers, flashing blades, flaring muskets, horseflesh and the carnage of set-piece battles, I’ve packed my sea chest and turned my bristles into the salt spray once more – God Of Vengeance is published on April 24 via Transworld/Bantam.

Here’s where I tell you the whale’s road was whispering to me like water across the bows. That the wonder-lust (plunder-lust?) was just too bright to ignore. And that’s all true. They do say a criminal always returns to the scene of the crime. But there was also some good old-fashioned Viking opportunism behind my decision to go dark (Ages) again. You see, the Vikings are coming.

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God of Vengeance tells the saga of a young Sigurd and his quest to avenge his family who lost their lives in a heinous, cowardly and bloody act of betrayal. Through native cunning and courage he must defeat Jarl Randver and draw brave young men to his own banner. His ultimate ambition is to kill King Gorm himself and honour his dead father whom he believes must be sitting in Valhöl, the All-Father’s hall of the slain. Embarking on this bloody mission Sigurd will begin to forge his reputation as a Viking warrior favoured by Odin and a man of great destiny

Simply think of a Viking name that would fit well in the tale, tell us a bit about them, their personality and appearance, and the winner will get a chance to sit down with Giles, discuss the character and how the norns will weave them into the next adventure, God of Vengeance, due for publication next May. 

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